How to delete a discord server 2021 [ PC and Mobile ]

Discord servers are one of the widely trending communities of people where users all around the world come together to form a community of people with similar interests. Also, the admins of these servers the people who created these servers are the ones forming these communities, attracting people from all over the world, and making discord a wide platform to gather an audience in the virtual mode. Thus, as a beginner of being an admin of a discord server, a lot of users face many problems in handling or managing a server. The main reason being that discord is a kind of platform that needs to be given some time to explore and understand. Thus, it has been often a scenario where users have no idea what to do next in the discord server and how to carry out their needed task. Well, to be honest, creating a discord is not much of a job, but where most users get stuck is the part of how to delete a discord server. With certain updates and the aim of making the discord community much more secure, discord has also added certain new features and authentications while deleting a server. Thus, in this blog, you will get a complete idea of how to delete a discord server in every possible manner available. Let’s get started with the first one.


Deleting a discord server on PC

When it comes to normally delete a discord server, to be honest, it is not a big task, but new users often get confused to figure that where the delete option might be available. Well, let’s get started by deleting a server without any authentication.

  1.   On the top left corner of your desktop screen appears the name of your server with a drop-down arrow beside it.
  2.   Click on the drop-down arrow, a long menu bar opens up in front of you.
  3.   Choose the “Server Settings” options from the list.
  4.   Another long list of settings opens up in front of you.
  5.   At the bottom of the list, you will find the ‘Delete Server” option.
  6.   Now go to the “Delete Server” option.
  7.   A dialogue box opens up in front of you.
  8.   Inside the dialogue box, discord prompts you to enter the name of your server.
  9.   Fill in the correct name of the server you are deleting in the space given.
  10. Select the “Delete” option.


Hurray! Your discord server no longer exists. The server will no longer come in searches, exist or allow people to join in it. The server has been completely deleted from the discord platform as per your choice, it no longer exists anywhere. In this manner, one can remove a server from the discord platform. If you are still not able to delete your server, it might be due to the fact that two- factor authentication is enabled on your server. This brings us to our next point, that’s how to delete a server when two-factor authentication is enabled on it. Not to worry, this process only needs a bit of understanding as to what is two-factor authentication and how to delete a server even if the two-factor authentication is active. Before understanding the process let us first discuss what is two-factor authentication.


Two-factor authentication while deleting a discord server

Everyone today has a smartphone or a laptop. Since technology has advanced to a level where nothing is secure on the internet. In such a scenario, in order to make things a bit safe and secure and to ensure the identity of a person, digital platforms today say a website or app follow the two-factor authentication feature on their platforms. This two-factor authentication is generally based on Google’s identity verification of the user. The main purpose of this two-factor authentication is that it provides a double-check and ensures whether the person performing a particular action on a platform is the actual owner of it and not any third-party unwanted user. Though it is completely the choice of the owner of the discord server whether to enable or to disable the two-factor authentication on their server, if an owner has done so, google will cross verify the identity of the owner via a QR code scanning or OTP authentication before allowing any sensitive action to be carried out on the server. Thus, if a person has the two-factor authentication enabled on their server, they can still delete it with ease by just verifying a simple code or OTP.

So, follow the steps below to delete your discord server even if the two-factor authentication is enabled on it.

Deleting a discord server with two-factor authentication enabled

  1.   Deleting a Discord Server with two-factor authentication enabled
  2.   On the top left corner of your screen click on the drop-down icon which appears beside your server’s name.
  3.   From the list that opens up, choose the “Server Settings” option.
  4.   Another list opens up. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose the “Delete Server” option.
  5.   A dialogue box opens up prompting you to re-ensure whether you want to delete the server or not. Now choose the “Delete” option.
  6.   Another dialogue box opens up asking you to enter a six-digit code.
  7.   On your smartphone on which you have the same email id as that of the discord server, download the “Google Authenticator” app.
  8.   Google will now send a six-digit code on that app in order to verify your identity.
  9.   Enter the code in the dialogue box appearing on your desktop.
  10. Click on the “Verify” or “Delete” option appearing in the dialogue box.


That’s it, you have successfully deleted your discord server with two-factor authentication enabled. By entering the six-digit code you had successfully verified your identity to google and thus you were allowed to carry out the deletion process. Though the process was a bit longer than when you have to normally delete a discord server, yet it is always recommended to enable two-factor authentication on your discord server since it helps to secure a server from hackers who might attack your server and if the server is a large one, you might lose all the progress made in no time. Thus, these are two ways of deleting a server from discord.

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