How to Disable Text to Speech (TTS) in Discord ?

The TTS ( Text to Speech ) Feature of Discord allows users to send messages that can be converted to Speech which can then be read aloud to other users on the discord server. This is a unique feature that discord offers as compared to other super apps. But these features are often misused, users can tag the TTS and type tons of stuff in there that can really annoy the other users on the server. 

The discord allows you to disable the text to speech feature and I will explain to you step by step how to turn off the text to speech on the discord. 

  1. Go over to your user settings in the bottom left corner and click on your user settings.
  2. Under app settings you’ll see an option for text and images 
  3. Click on the text and images option 
  4. Under there you want to scroll down until you see text to speech option
  5. Then just click the disable command
  6. From there you can change a lot more things

How to Disable Text to Speech (TTS) in Discord With Images






How To Disable TTS for Everyone in a Discord Server

  1. To disable the text to speech for everyone you will require administrative permission on the server.
  2. Select the name of the server and click on the server setting on the discord.
  3. Then select the role option on the left sidebar in the server setting, you will find it just under the overview option. 
  4. This step is very important to disable the text to speech to make sure @everyone role is selected. Now from here we have to repeat the steps that we performed above. 
  5. Scroll down the page until you find the text permission section and in this section click on the green switch where the Send TTS Messages is written.

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