How to get verified on OpenSea ?

OpenSea is the place to go if you want to sell and discover rare digital goods that are protected by blockchain technology. Your account or collection will need to be approved by the platform before you can begin making money on the site. Applying for verification is the only way to receive it. Your account will have to meet a number of standards before it can be accepted for verification. When cryptocurrencies and blockchains became popular, people fell into two camps: those opposed to this form of selling and sharing of material and those looking to capitalise on the opportunity. OpenSea is a vast venue for this type of activities, no matter what your concept is. In order to sell your items on the site, you must first be confirmed. Specifically, your personal information. Even if the steps are straightforward, the account verification process can take some time because of the requirements that must be met before the account can be verified. Here, you may learn about the prerequisites for launching a business on OpenSea.


How to Get Verified

OpenSea verifies accounts and collections with a blue checkmark. To put it another way, OpenSea has verified that the account or collection in question is real. This is to aid in the tracking down of missing or misplaced funds. Next, we’ll talk about what qualifies you for a blue stamp.


Eligible Accounts

OpenSea has exclusive authority over account verification. In order to be considered, your account must first meet the following requirements:

  • Be active . You must have purchased or sold at least one NFT in the past three months.
  • You should have a profile picture and an email address set up.
  • Have no previous restrictions for infringing OpenSea’s terms of service.

According to OpenSea, accounts in the following four categories are expedited in the review suitability process:

  • Entertainment
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • News
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Activism
  • Accounts with unusually rare technical, artistic, or social inventions or value
  • Accounts with a pressing and exceptionally severe risk of being imitated for commercial gain
  • Accounts already verified via established social media platforms


Ineligible Accounts

Some accounts will be unsuitable for verification evaluation. Here are some account types that will not be considered:

  • Participants or those who indicate a readiness to participate in dishonest purchasing, selling, bidding, purchasing, and offering practises.
  • Unlicensed trademark and copyright infringement accounts that produce collections.
  • Accounts that make use of content that is infringing on someone else’s publicity rights
  • Accounts that are often accessed by a minor.

Even if an account does not fulfil the ineligible conditions given above, it may still be rejected for verification. In addition, OpenSea retains the right to modify the list of individuals who are not eligible at any moment.


How to Apply for OpenSea Verification

To get verified on OpenSea, use this URL  and fill out the verification form.You must include your contact information and a link to a social media post in the application form.”Hello @opensea” should be followed by your wallet address in your social media post.

When you log in to your OpenSea account, you can copy your wallet address.You can find your wallet address by clicking on your username.It can take up to five days for your application to be assessed after you submit it.You can apply for verification if your collection or account meets all of the positive criteria listed above. You’ll have to wait at least five business days for OpenSea to examine your request once you submit it. Your OpenSea collection or profile will have a blue checkmark next to it if you are successful. This is dependent on the verification type that you requested.


How to Make Money on OpenSea

First, you’ll need to create a collection. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to and login in with your credentials.
  • Create a new profile by clicking on your profile icon and then selecting “Create.”
  • On the creation page, you can upload your NFT file and give a description. The approved NFT file types can be found by visiting this page.
  • It’s possible to further modify your NFT after you’ve finished the fields. Additions such as new properties, stats, levels, and unlockable content are all excellent examples of this. Additionally, you have the option of minting your NFT on a certain blockchain.
  • Once you’ve finished customising your NFT, click the “Create” button.


How to Sell an NFT

  • Go to and log in with your username and password.
  • To edit your profile, go to “Profile” by clicking on your profile image in the upper right corner.
  • Select the NFT you want to sell from your wallet.
  • To go to the postings, click the “Sell” button at the top right. Selecting the type of sale and pricing is available on this page. No matter how long the deal is, it’s a “Fixed Price”.
  • There is a time limit on the trade. Use the calendar to select one of the pre-selected days or to create a new time period.
  • Alternatively, you can reserve an item for a specific buyer by pasting their address into the text box beneath “Reserve for a specific buyer.”
  • You’ll be asked to sign a contract to finalise the transaction.


You must first initialise your wallet if you are selling for the first time on OpenSea.

Additional verification and a signature may be required to allow OpenSea to trade the item on your behalf in the event that the item was not minted on OpenSea.A confirmation notice will appear as soon as your listing is complete. The transaction “List” will be attached to your newly listed item. Click on the “Activity” tab to get a list of your items.


Finding Your Way in OpenSeas

It’s easy to buy and sell digital collectibles with OpenSea. At the time of this writing, the marketplace had 1.8 million active users and was growing rapidly. Having a blue-stamped account is a terrific method to stand out in a sea of sellers because of the large sums of money involved and the perfect opportunity for cyber-crime. Proof that your account or collection is worthy of recognition. Simply clicking on a link will begin the verification procedure. To be eligible, you must meet a number of severe requirements.

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