How to make an AFK channel in discord 2021 ?

I’m gonna be showing you how to create a custom AFK channel in discord. This is gonna be a nice quick and easy tutorial. I’m gonna show you step-by-step how to do everything. Let’s jump right into this. 

Step-by-Step Approach to create an AFK channel in DISCORD

So the first thing you need to do is open up Discord and of course be logged into your discord account. From this point what we’re gonna be doing is coming over to the left side of our channel and we’re gonna be selecting which channel we would like to use as our AFK channel. 

In this case, I’m going to be using the carrot talk channel as an example. You need to remember the name of this channel as we’re gonna need to locate it in one moment from this point. 

We’re gonna be clicking on our server name on the top left now and we’re gonna be looking for the server settings right here from this point. We will then be brought to the server overview and just below this, we can see our AFK information right here. 

We have two options to play around with one is the AFK channel which you can drop down and select any channel in your discord. In this case, I’ll be choosing the carrot-top channel as we mentioned previously and the second thing you can do is experiment with AFK time out time. 

So here you can choose how much time you want for a person to be inactive to be brought to this channel so now that you have the character channel selected. You didn’t have to click Save Changes on the pop-up that comes up here.


Now the carrot all channel is gonna be our AFK channel you can move it to whatever position you would like as well it’s not limited to be at the very bottom as this discord channel is by default so you can experiment and create this exactly how you want. You can even give it your category if you wish.

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