How to Create, Mint & Buy Multiple NFT on OpenSea [Ultimate Guide]

Minting is a digital asset as NFT is a way for artists to monetize their work. NFT stands for A Non-Fungible type of token with a digital certificate built on a blockchain. OpenSea is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto goods such as game items, collectibles, and other assets. 

This is a guide for bulk minting and buying NFT. In this guide, we have explained the methods to 

  1. Minting Multiple NFTs with automation and NFT utility tools.
  2. Creating multiple copies of the same NFT.
  3. Buying NFTs in Bulk with NFT Utility tools.

The topics we have covered are based on the demand of our community. If you want us to cover some specific topic or have some questions then type them in the comments, and we will get to you ASAP.

Let’s understand more about OpenSea before we dive into our topics.

OpenSea marketplace

The OpenSea marketplace is similar to another platform which has 𝚜electing, organizing, and looking after the items in digital arts. It is the oldest and most widely appreciated online marketplace with excessive pride and self-satisfaction.

The OpenSea marketplace runs with the Ethereum smart contracts and records transactions on the blockchain. Here, the users do not need to sign up before using the marketplace.

The OpenSea is free for minting, buying, and selling NFTs. However, it charges for clever and indirect methods to achieve service fees, usually between 2.5%-3%, when you sell your crypto art on its marketplace.

Advantages of using OpenSea

  • The OpenSea is secured by smart contracts, Making fraudulent transactions impossible.
  • It charges the lowest commission fees for buying and selling NFT.
  • Here you can quickly start your NFT collection without knowing blockchain or coding.
  • The high-profile digital artist mints multi-edition of his artwork.

 Disadvantages of using OpenSea

  • The Open-sea allows royalties up to 10% for artists.
  • You may note that secondary sellers can keep more profit for themselves.
  • The majority of crypto arts and the multi-edition are unoriginal.
  • The selling point for low-profile artists looking to increase profit margins in the OpenSea.


How to Mint Multiple NFT on OpenSea at Once

When you are trying to mint say 10,000 NFTs at once then you will find it difficult to do it manually. Also, OpenSea does not like when you bulk upload NFTs as most of the time the artwork might be automated. And as OpenSea has mentioned on their Twitter handle bulk upload leads to misuse of their creator tools.

OpenSea is putting effort to stop people from bulk uploading by giving ReCaptcha for verification. Around 27 Jan. 2022, OpenSea had limited the number of items in a collection and the number of collections a creator can open. Previously for some time, OpenSea only supported the creation of up to 5 collections and 50 items per collection. OpenSea will throw you this error whenever you try to exceed the limit – “You have reached the max number of items in this collection OpenSea”.

But as OpenSea received a huge backlash from its community for imposing the limit, it reversed its decision the next day. There was a heated debate on the same topic on this Reddit thread, if interested check it out.

The point that I tried to present is that OpenSea is trying to actively fight off plagiarized works, fake collections, and spam. And in that process, OpenSea is trying to make bulk minting with automation impossible.


How people used Mint Multiple NFTs with Automation

As I had done my research I would like to share it with you about the earlier tactics. The common tactic that people took to mint 10,000 or more NFT is automation.

Although I have discussed this tactic it’s only for your information purpose.

First of all, people generated an insane number of images for their NFT collections by using Hash Lips Git Code. They created like 4-5 layers for the image and each layer had say 10-15 variations. In the code editor people could set the weight or frequency for the variation to occur, making some images unique and others common. Then they ran the code on some code editor like Visual Studio Code and produced like 10,000 or more NFTs in some minutes.

Now comes the uploading part, for automating the upload there exists a mouse activity recorder like Mini Mouse Macro. People used to record their single NFT upload activity and then set a repeat loop for the other 9,999.

People also found a solution by using Selenium which is an Open Source project that contains tools and libraries for web browser automation.

This was the way it was done.

Now it has become difficult to work with the same tactic for bulk minting with automated tools. Read More as we dive into the solution for the same problem.


How can you mint Multiple Multiple NFT with Third Party

The automation technology has been becoming redundant because of the ReCaptcha validation. However, some external websites help you to mint multiple NFTs on OpenSea.

You can bulk mint NFT with the help of Nifty Mints. However, Nifty Mints is a paid solution where you can only mint 30 NFT for free, and then for each NFT to mint, you will require to pay 0.2 USD. 

The way the Nifty Mint works is that it creates a smart contract for each of your collections and assigns you as the owner of that contract, unlike the minting contract on OpenSea which is owned by OpenSea.

Additionally, whenever you mint your NFTs through Nifty Mints it directly goes on the polygon chain. That means assets and the metadata both go to decentralized file storage which is IPFS

Whenever you lazy mint on OpenSea the metadata does not go onto the blockchain, which means your images might be stored on a centralized server like GCP and not on decentralized servers until you freeze the metadata which will again require Gas fees.

If you are trying to bulk mint NFT with Nifty Mints, you can watch this tutorial by Refactored.

Also, there is one other NFT utility tool that can help you to bulk list NFT on OpenSea, but for that, you will require to have NFT in your wallet to bulk list on OpenSea.

We are still looking for free solutions to the bulk minting problem. So, If you have found the solution then do mention it in the comments, we will be more than happy to update this article with a free solution.


How to create multiple copies of an NFT on OpenSea

You can mint a single copy of an NFT, and set the price high. Or you can mint several copies and call it a “limited edition.”

Here we will guide you on How to mint multiple copies of the same NFT in simple to-do steps.

Steps to create multiple copies of the same NFT on OpenSea

As we write this article, OpenSea’s “create” page only lets you mint one copy of your NFT. If you want to sell more than one copy of the same NFT on OpenSea, then you need to add this additional address to the “create” page of OpenSea:


Or just click this direct link to mint multiple copies of an NFT on OpenSea:

The supply column will become available for you to change the single figure to any number of NFT copies you wanted to create (from 1 to 100 depending).

Now you will only have to follow the normal steps that you do to mint any NFT.


I found this video tutorial by David very helpful while figuring out how to create multiple NFT. If you are stuck then you must watch the tutorial.


How to buy multiple NFTs on OpenSea at Once

Similar to minting multiple NFTs at Once, OpenSea does not provide any facility to buy multiple NFTs at once. 

But we have found a solution to this problem. is an NFT utility tool that aggregates NFT from various marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible. It offers an option to buy multiple NFTs in a single transaction. The bulk Buying Benefit is that it lowers the gas fees by 15-20 percent as compared to buying them individually. has a simple interface to buy multiple NFTs at once with Genie, you will need to 

  1. Search the NFT or collection name containing the NFT on Genie.
  2. Simply Select all the NFTs that you want to purchase. You can select from multiple NFT collections. All of them will be added to your bag.
  3. To purchase the NFT, click on the top right Bag Icon and Select Pay.
  4. Connect your wallet and then buy the selected NFTs.


What are NFT multi-editions? How does it differ from a single edition?

The NFT single edition, 𝚑as another option is known as a special edition or limited edition is under normal condition or a rare or original piece of crypto art directly from an artist.

The OpenSea marketplace allows the mint multiple copies of NFTs. If you’re new to the concept of Multi-editions may be somewhat complicated.

NFT multiple editions, multi-editions, or artist’s multiple made up of series without being identical to a certified digital artwork or signed by an artist, usually for sales purposes.

Most digital artists produce multiple editions of artwork to increase their value by selling copies of them in the marketplace. Multi-editions are easy for collectors to buy quality artwork conveniently or support financially on the market.

Single Editions of an art piece are similar to an artwork made by an artist with some of the additional benefits or restrictions to a region of distribution, marketplace, price range, etc.

You don’t want to expect to make a fortune creating your own NFTs, as most NFTs that celebrities or accredited artists don’t drive without selling and ending up.


Selling multi-editions on the OpenSea marketplace

Preview on minted art piece clicks on sale.

The OpenSea directs you to the results page to confirm your listed details.

You have to enter “1” on the quantity column because entering the right to buy on ten will give you all the editions at once.

The take-up price of the art piece says “0.1 ETH”.

You choose the “your schedule listing” or use the “privacy” command to sell for a specific or private buyer.

Click on “post your listing” to sign the transaction on meta-mask and repeat the process for the remaining number of NFTs entered before listing.

You might view the listed NFT in your history below or visit the collection section.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is OpenSea a good Marketplace?

The users can buy and sell NFT on the secondary marketplace and create their NFT collection to sell on the primary market in the OpenSea. Here, it is easy to navigate with a filter feature to help find NFT.

How can I trust open-sea?

The marketplace for NFTs domain names, virtual land music, etc., is in the OpenSea. The OpenSea is safe, but you should be aware of some scams. Here NFT tokens cannot be reproduced. The problems are complicated in NFT.

How do we promote on the OpenSea?

One can start to promote NFT by first opening a page on the OpenSea website. You need to sign up with the marketplace and start uploading the information with the validated minting digital tokens. Finally, head to the public asset page for items ten presses sell.

 How does OpenSea work?

We are getting started with the OpenSea plugs in a web three wallet-like meta-mask and the browser tab listing free charge and items sold successfully. The OpenSea will charge 2.5% for the free final sale price for the final sale.

Can you make money on OpenSea?

The OpenSea market can make money on every sale of an NFT, and the NFT has an instant need for potential buyers. Hence, the new players can learn about the NFT ecosystem.


Final Thoughts

We hope the above piece of information will be helpful for your reference. To get more information on the open-sea marketplace, check our website as this article focuses on the concepts of creating, minting, buying, and selling multiple NFTs on OpenSea.

We have mentioned a ton of resources that we came across in our research for minting multiple NFTs on OpenSea. Now it’s your turn to act and mint those images.

If you find this article helpful or have any questions regarding the same do mention them in the comments.

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