How to play Axie Infinity For Beginners

Every gamer player’s ambition is to make money by playing video games, but only professionals can achieve this in the primary sector. However, things move quickly in cryptocurrencies, and the preceding is achievable mainly due to the P2E (Play to Earn) business model.

The use of blockchain technology and (NFTs) in video games allow crypto fans and gamers to earn money by winning against other players or simply by playing against the environment. 

Axie Infinity stands out from other games as it was designed based on play-to-earn experience, with players able to sell items (such as the Axies they breed, Lands, and various accessories such as barrels and flowers) through the game’s NFT 

Axie is the central character of Axie Infinity. It’s difficult to ignore the charm and power once you get to know them. The in-game Marketplace is the best place to buy Axie pools, or you can breed and create the new epic one to fight against other players.

Getting started with Axie Infinity

Items needed before entering the domain of Axie Infinity

  1. NFT
  2. Axie Binance Account 
  3. Ronin Wallet 
  4. Metamask Account
  5. ETH coins

Body parts of Axie

Eyes, ears, a horn, a mouth, a back, and a tail are the six body components of an axie. The Mouth, Tail, Horn, and Back are the body components responsible for the Axie’s skill cards. Depending on which class a body part belongs to, it shows varied supplementary stats.


Setting up Axie infinity account

Move ETH coins to MetaMask

Then transfer ETH coins from Metamask to your Ronin Wallet to start playing Axie Infinity by setting an account.

 Access the Axie Marketplace, choose the Axie you want, and click “Buy now.” Moving of Axies to inventories (at least 3 Axies are required to engage in game modes).

Then download the game on PC, Android, or iOS and begin your game at Axie Infinity.


Buying Axie

The price of buying Axies is in the form of Ethereum. New players should purchase (or borrow) at least 3 Axies. Axies with desired bodily parts, abilities, or skills are usually more expensive, which can be a significant barrier to admission for new players. As a player, things get more manageable if you are fully aware of all factors to be considered before purchasing your first Axies.

The first thing you should do is research and figure out the Axie you want.

Now visit the Marketplace & adjust all of the filters to your specifications.

To discover more about any of the listed Axies, click on it. You can check pricing, stats, body parts, sale history, about, abilities, and parent details on the screen. Click the “Buy Now” button once you’ve finished reviewing the material.

A Ronin wallet will popup now to examine the information and if everything looks good, click Confirm.

A second popup will display, indicating the completion of the purchase successfully. Close the popup to dismiss it, or click “Go to My Activity” to return to your current activity.


Guidelines to play axie infinity

Step 1: To begin playing the game, you must set up a Ronin wallet and create an account. Once you’ve set up your Ronin wallet, the signup process is fairly simple. You have to provide an email address and then confirm your account.

Step 2: Obtaining and Installing Ronin

Your account is now active, but you must first download the game for iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows to play it.

To get started, go to and select “Getting Started.”

Step 3: Open your Ronin wallet and make it an extension for your browser or mobile device.

Step 4: Purchase your first Axies and assemble your team. Now you will use them in Adventure and Arena mode throughout the game. One can find a connection to the Axie Infinity Marketplace on the screen. Select it by clicking on it.

Step 5: Go to the upper left side of the screen and select “Marketplace.”You’ll be visiting the auction website. All of the Axies found here are currently for sale.

Step 6: Before you purchase any Axies, you must first learn the fundamentals of each creature.

The nine Axies classes — Reptile, Plant, Dusk, Aquatic, Bird, Dawn, Beast, and Bug – will be used to set your triangle. Each Axie has six different features, each adding four points to the overall score. The overall stats of all Axies can reach a maximum of 165 points.

Step 7: Start to play axie infinity

Axie Infinity is a game that you can play on your computer.

The Adventure and Arena modes, the leaderboards, battle log, your buddy list, and settings are all located on the right side of the main menu.

Your name appears in the top left corner, along with everyday tasks and the quantity of strength you have. You need the energy to participate in an Adventure/Arena battle. It’s also required to acquire EXP (experience points) and awards in Adventure and Arena. The number of Axies you have determines your most incredible energy. Energy is replenished every day at midnight at UTC. 

Below Axies were found. Here, you may check your Axies’ stats, such as level, HP, speed, skills, morale, and their many parts – remember how the different sections of the Axie determine the cards available to that creature? The # also relates to Axie’s ID.

The modes Adventure and Arena make up the entire gameplay. In Adventure, you’re on a mission to battle and defeat various enemies distributed throughout 36 levels known as Ruins, earning roughly 50 SLP per day.

Farming, which is receiving prizes for doing daily activities such as surviving 10 battles in Adventure mode and 5 bouts in Arena mode, is one way to obtain SLP. Completing these objectives can earn you up to 25 SLP per day.

In all variants, opponents take turns planning and executing their assaults. A sequence of cards appears below, which you will utilize to form a combo and assault your opponent. To perform your attack, press “End Turn” after lined up your card combo. You can design various plans and assign different Axies to your team.

After completing your daily quests, you can reclaim your SLP under the Tasks area.  

In Arena mode, you fight against the Axies of other players, and each participant receives SLP based on their MMR (Matchmaking Rating).

The player with the higher MMR receives a significant portion, up to 21 SLPs, on each victory. Now get into the main menu and select Arena mode to begin the battle. It will pair you with an online player.

If you win, you’ll receive 15 to 20 trophies, whereas, if you lose, you’ll lose the same number.



Including its popularity, Axie Infinity has demonstrated that players may earn money while having fun. It has amassed millions of monthly active players, making it another very successful P2E Metaverse/NFT game in crypto history. The usage of blockchain technology provides the community with transparency and security, and when paired with NFTs, it promises a lively atmosphere where gaming and DLT go hand in hand.

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