How to Post NFT on Rarible ?

If you’re able to create your own content digitally, then you can make money with that. A platform like Rarible, helps you to do it. Before beginning the process in Rarible, you will be required to create a wallet for you. After that, you’re free to open the account in rarible and start the posting process. Our article will help you to do it. 

What are the steps to create my first NFT on Rarible?

With Rarible, it takes less than five minutes to make NFTs out of your creations. Rarible’s homepage can be accessed via the Create link at the top right corner. All stolen art is delisted, so listing art that you do not possess leaves you paying gas and making nothing.

Let’s get down to business – you’re here to mint some NFTs, aren’t you?

You will need to configure the details of your future NFT as follows:

  • Your NFT will be minted on the blockchain of your choice.
  • It is possible to choose a single edition or multiple editions of the NFT. Single and Multiple options will allow you to create a unique piece or a series of the same piece.
  • Select the file you want to upload. You can use one of the following as mentioned from PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, and MP3. Please keep the file under 100 megabytes.
  • Your NFT collections act like folders – you can select one from the pre-made RARI collection (Rare Singles) or make your own to make finding them easier for your fans.
  • Be sure to write an intriguing title and a compelling description for your art, so people won’t be able to resist buying it!
  • Decide whether the auction will be a fixed price, open sale, or timed sale.
  • Choosing the royalties you want to receive from secondary sales (you receive these fees based on the total sale price every time your NFT is sold).
  • Include unlockable content like secret links, vector files, or other things (there is no requirement).
  • If desired, enable Free Minting to skip the gas fee.

You can now list your art on Rarible by clicking “Create item” and signing the transaction with your wallet!


How to post on rarible?

Now that is even more accessible, you can easily use it! With our newest feature, creating NFTs for free has never been easier. We don’t require any ETH to get started.

In addition to minimizing the barriers to entry, we’d like to make it possible for any NFT creator to showcase, sell, and monetize their work from any location and at no cost. is moving toward sustainability thanks to the new feature, which reduces the number of unnecessary Ethereum transactions associated with NFTs that aren’t being purchased.

The way it works:

NFTs created the “traditional” way are minted to the blockchain immediately once they are created. In Ethereum, there is a gas fee that you need to pay for the transaction to go through, which can be quite expensive nowadays.

As a result of our new “lazy minting” feature, your NFT is minted at the point of purchase rather than creation. It means when the item is purchased, the buyer is responsible for paying the gas fee. Until then, the NFT is listed on the marketplace, and the data is stored securely on IPFS (decentralized storage).

If you want to create an NFT using the lazy minting method, you will need to sign the “minting authorizations” with your wallet. Using it guarantees that you will always maintain control over your creations.


Step-by-step instructions

  1. You can connect your wallet by going to
  2. As usual, click “Create,” enter the necessary information related to your future NFT, and click “Done.”
  3. Choose “Free minting” as your coin distribution method.
  4. Create the item by clicking “create” and take the free authorizations with your wallet.
  5. The process is complete.

The NFT will be minted into your wallet and then automatically transferred to the new owner upon completion of the sale.

Please Note: Those who wish to burn the lazy minted NFTs must pay the same gas fee as they would for regular NFTs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it easy to use Rarible?

Rarible uses blockchain-based software, so you can expect the best trade experience and ownership. It doesn’t involve any middleman for commissions. It’s really easy to buy and sell NFTs on Rarible. Getting the RARI tokens may be difficult, but if you’re active, you can make it.

What is the time of mining on Rarible?

If you are ready with the content of your creation, that can be turned into NFT in Rarible within 5 minutes. Isn’t less time? Initially, have time to understand the procedure to avoid mistakes.

What is the process of bidding on Rarible? 

On the new bidding process on Rarible, its browsers provide you the price they are willing to pay for your NFT. If you’re a buyer, you can reserve and place a minimum bid amount on the required NFTs. And as a Seller, you will have a limited amount of time to make a decision. It’s your wish to accept or reject the offer you receive. 

Is it an investment to buy a rarible NFT?

There is no denying the potential profit opportunities offered by NFTs, such as the $500,000 sale of “Disaster Girl.” However, Rarible is primarily a digital collector’s marketplace.

It’s difficult to describe all the NFTs available on the site in one paragraph. Some of the NFTs are cool, provocative, or interesting. Others are cute and fun. A few NFTs have long been bought and sold, but most are low-cost items made by lesser-known artists.

Investments such as stocks, businesses, and real estate are assets. However, NFTs are not assets in the same sense. The demand for that NFT entirely determines its value. Many people may want it, or you might be the only one.

Although some NFTs may appreciate it, not all items sold on Rarible will become valuable collector’s items. Be careful when you purchase and be proud of what you purchase. After all, you may own the item for many years.

Raribles: Are there any fees associated with them?

Each Rarible transaction carries a 2.5% fee for both the buyer and seller. Rarible says these fees do not belong to the platform itself; rather, they are used to pay the platform’s miners and cover the costs of processing the transaction.  


We hope that you are cleared with the concepts related to Rarible. With our instructions, you are able to post the created NFTs on the Rarible. It’s the most trustable platform, you can believe with their security and services they provide. Reach us for your doubts, in our comment section below. We will return you back soon with the answer. 

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