How to promote your NFT art on Rarible?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, which are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin is fungible, you can trade your bitcoin for others’ bitcoin, but the value and quality won’t change. Whereas these NFTs can be sold for other cards, it will be completely different. NFTs can be anything that can be converted into digital. It may be your drawings, videos, pictures, selfies, and even your tweet can be listed out as NFT. 

NFTs are going rapidly daily all over the world, as it paves the way to show your digital assets and sell with profit. To list out your NFTs and for buying others, NFT marketplaces are used. Rarible is one of those famous marketplaces available. 


Why should we promote our NFTs on Rarible?

The main three reasons on which artists or creators focus are; 

  1. To make money
  2. To gain more attention on their art
  3. To maintain the trend

By promoting your art, you can increase the attraction of many people to your content. Many beginners used to mint the NFTs and skipped the promotion. There the lag on their earnings starts, and it leads to quitting their interest. 

On promoting your own creations, also have a chance of making a brand on yourself apart from the profit. 

In addition to increasing the attraction of your creations among other creators, it also attracts other artists. In this way, you may have a chance to collaborate with them in future projects. Now you may know the importance of promoting your NFTs. To make your promotions easy, we suggest the top ideas to follow. 


How to promote your NFT art on Rarible

Add your drop to the NFT Calendar

NFT Calendar is the best way to buy the greatest releases across all Marketplace available. It reduces the action of switching from one platform to another. On this Calendar, the best NFT got placed from various markets. 

Follow the below details to drop your favorite creation to the NFT Calendar. 

  1. Start with adding a title of your NFT called “Event Title.”
  2. Describe the content you’re gonna place there in the Calendar.
  3. Add the start and end dates with time of your listing items on marketplace
  4. State the Marketplace where your NFT actually placed.
  5. Also include the link to your creation.

Once you click submit, your creation will be listed on NFT Calendar after a quick review by the team. All this process is absolutely free to do.

Social Media

All the creators will have their own social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit are the most popular platforms to list and describe your creations. It is recommended to prepare yourselves for advertising on various social media sites before posting your creation. 

It is recommended that to tell the following details on the social media:

  1. How did you create the art, and which tool did you use for it?
  2. The main idea and context of the content creation.
  3. Challenges you faced while creating the content.

Keep in mind that some people used to note all the details about a particular NFT before investing in it. In addition to that, prepare some posts where you explain what NFT is and why your customers want to buy it.

Create an attractive Teaser for your creation.

Creating an attractive teaser for your creation will give an elaborative idea and provide a chance for purchasing it. This way of advertising brings potential followers, analyzes your details, and stays tuned for the release date. Also, releasing the created Teasers on social media brings more buyers as well. 


From the Featured drops on the Marketplace

This type of promotion is directly linked with marketplaces. Some of the creators have separate web pages with famous drops. The best examples are given below;

  1.  KnownOrigin, for every week, they create a page with 4-5 featured drops, and it begins with a countdown for release. 
  2. Makersplace also creates a page with descriptions, images, teasers, and countdowns of famous creations. 
  3. Nifty Gateway, apart from creating a page they used to post an upcoming schedule on their website and official Twitter. 

If your NFT is becoming more popular and getting featured drops, many marketplaces will also come forward to promote your NFTs on their social media.


Paid ways of promoting your NFTs

So far, we have seen the absolute free ways to promote your NFTs. In case you are serious about NFTs and want more attraction and earnings, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. 

 Paid promotions on the Social media

You can check various communities on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that provide you with various ways to promote your NFT art. Looking into Instagram, they provide us to promote our NFTs through posts. If the viewers click on the post, we can redirect them to our profile or to the link we provide to the NFT. Apart from that, they can also feed our posts in Instagram stories. The rates depend on several factors. Like the total customers, the number of days, and so on. Personally, I have used Instagram for my promotions, and it’s really worth it. 

By the Influencers

Influencers are the best to create awareness collaborations for your NFTs. They are marketing-minded people and have lots of experience. These influencers have a connection with many local communities. With those, they provide promotions for your NFTs. In return, they expect you to pay them the payment in crypto, other currency, or even in the form of NFT art. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the simplest ways to promote NFTs?

Creating a conversation and collaborating with other artists is the best way of promoting your NFTs. Join active communities in Twitter, Discord, and more media. Always try to remain active and provide active and healthy chats with the community members. 

How much does Rarible charge to create an NFT?

There is no pre-payment for creating your own unique NFTs on Rarible. However, Rarible charges a 2.5% fee for each transaction to both buyers and sellers. 

Who has to pay gas fees on Rarible?

When compared with other marketplaces, Rarible charges are slightly higher, and also both parties ( buyers and sellers ) have to pay during every transaction. However, the owner of the creation/seller has to pay the entire cost equal to 5% front the final listed price. 



Promotions are recommended and followed by every producer in the world in various ways and platforms. The main motto of this idea is to bring your customer’s attention and make them buy your products. In the same way, digital assets like NFT can also be promoted in various platforms and ways to increase your profits. To do the same, we have provided some promoting ways in both free and paid options. We also like to know your favorite and best way to promote your business or NFTs in our comment section below. 

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