how to screen share on discord Chromebook ?

The Chromebook laptop that has been provided to you by the schools or you have purchased you might be wondering how to screen share on the discord with through this Chromebook because that is called does not support the screen sharing option that the other laptop on the mobiles have usually to screen share but in the chromic, you are faced with the error so I am going to explain you my methods also sharing the screen on the Chromebook laptop.

the problem that you are facing that you are unable to share the screen with the help of the Chromebook and there are many chances that you have downloaded the application from the Play Store of Google and used all the discord app into your Chromebook and desktop so the Chromebook desktop does not allow to screen share the solution is very simple you have to go to the browser and look for the discount URL.

Hit on the head is called URL and then it will ask you for logging in to the ETA through its homepage then you can enter your ID and password and you can enter into the discount chat from there you will be able to screen share by when you enter to a call then you can screen share without any difficulty.

You search for other blogs on the website then you might be saying they might provide you the solution of downloading a plugin or downloading a particular exe file then it can work but the solution is very simple you have to just go to your browser and search for Chromebook desktop this called homepage URL and just log in and you can easily share your screen from there. 

When you have entered your account from the Chromebook on this call then you can start a video call from the right-hand side of the option on the browser. 

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