How to search for Discord Servers 2021 [ Find Discord Servers ]

Discord community is one the fastest growing ones that connects people from all over the world. As the boost of discord came into being, people from all over the world related to different niches started forming communities and servers in order to share ideas and thoughts and connect with new people with the same domain. The process continues to date where new users present worldwide continuously look for discord servers to join where they can expand their knowledge, showcase their talent, or learn from people experienced in the field same as theirs. But one of the major problems that are generally faced by new members of the discord community is that users find it difficult to search for new servers related to their interests. The main reason for this problem is because the name of the servers is not always the same and is related to the topic on which the server is based. Thus, any random search by the name of a niche might not take the user to the server where they want to reach. Thus to solve this problem of searching servers in discord there are certain methods that one can follow. Firstly discord itself has some options to search for servers, and other than that there also are certain third-party websites that are known to search for discord servers all across the world. 


How to Search for servers in Discord to join?

In order to find servers related to your field of interest, discord has provided two major features to solve this problem. Let’s get started with the first one.

  1.   Create an account on discord if you don’t have one already. Else, log in to your existing account from the discord app or website.
  2.   On the left side appears a bar, which might seem to be empty if haven’t yet joined any discord servers. Look for a ‘+’ icon on that bar. 
  3.   Click on the ‘+’ icon.
  4.   If you already have a discord server joining link you go to the “Join a server” option that appears at the bottom of the dialogue box which appeared after clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
  5.   Enter the invite link and join the server you wish to join


 Now, if you don’t have an invite link and want to search for random servers all across the world and join them, then you need to follow the steps below. 

  1.   After signing up or login into your discord account, go to the left sidebar.
  2.   At the bottom left corner of your screen on the left side, a bar appears a compass-like icon. This icon is known as the “explore public servers” icon. 
  3.   Click on the compass icon.
  4.   A window opens up on the screen with two partitions and on the left side you can find the categories of the types of servers listed and on the right side appears a section with a search bar that says “Find your community on Discord”
  5.   Now, you may select your area of interest for which you want to join a discord server from the left side of the window. 
  6.   After selecting your preferred category, on the right side where the search bar appears, enter the field for which you want to find servers. For example, choose “Gaming” as the category and in the search bar you can look for “Clash of clans”. 
  7.   A list with all the servers related to your search will appear on the screen.
  8.   Join any of the servers you find interesting or wish o join. 


Thus in this manner, you can search for servers inside the discord app or website related to your interest and join them and meet a community of people sharing the same interest as yours. But one of the major flaws that this search system has is that when your search via the above method, discord only shows servers that are publicly open to all. This means a lot of other servers which might be of the same interest as yours but aren’t public won’t even pop up in the list. Thus one cannot reach the list of all the servers of their interest when searching inside discord. So, the question arises that how can a person find all the other servers whether private or public related to their interest. The answer here is that we cannot find these servers inside discord. Since discord only filters out the servers that are public and can be directly joined, it is not possible to find all the servers inside discord.


Searching Discord servers to join in discord via third party websites

In order to look for all the servers available worldwide, one needs to take the help of some amazing third-party websites that help you find discord servers as per your interest. So, in order to find almost any server related to your interest, you can google “Disboard” or “Discord me”. Click on the first link of the website that appears, you are redirected to a website where a search bar appears similar to the one that appeared inside the discord. You can now look for servers by searching your interests in the search bar and join any server appearing in the list. Disboard is a pretty famous website that is known for finding discord servers and can thus help you find the best servers for your interests.



 A lot of new users joining discord each day find it difficult to search for servers to join. If one already has an invite link they can just join the server directly, but even if you don’t have one, you can follow the above methods to look for servers matching your area of interest and can thereby enjoy a community of people from all over the world, make new friends, showcase your talent or learn from some of the most experienced people in your field of interest. You can also compare servers by searching for them constantly and can thus join the best that suits you. Thus in this manner, one can easily find servers in discord to join.

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