How to send files over 8mb on discord without nitro ?

Whenever you try to upload a video of size more than 8 megabytes then you are prompted with the error that your video is too powerful in discord. Every time whenever you try to upload a longer video length then there is a usual error of this file size. So in this article, I am going to describe in detail how to send files over 8 megabytes on discord without a nitro plugin installed. 

Steps to send files over 8mb on Discord

So to upload a file size of more than 8 megabytes on discord, you have to go to the Imgur site and from there you have to follow the steps that I am going to mention down blue.

On the side, you will pop up for creating an account so head on over to create a free account on this website and then you can follow the other steps. 

When you have created an account at this site, then you will click on the create post option on the home page of this site. You will pop up with the DropBox of ‘drop images here’ so click on drop image photos and videos.

Upload the photo from your required path from the computer. 

After that, there is a usual question that will ask if we want to keep the audio of the video file or you want to remove it. If there is gameplay then you can choose to remove the audio part but if you want to keep the audio fault just click on keep the audio file and it will save the audio along with your video.

When you are selected the save option then it will generate and optimize the video feed in a URL form. Then it will ask you for entering a title in the box you can choose any title for your required video and then on the right-hand side there will be an option of posting it to the community post.

When you have posted the video to the community your video has been generated into a URL that you can copy the URL from the community tab and then paste onto the discord will automatically generate the video field that the website had on its feed.

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