How to send unlimited bulk whatsapp messages for Free

WhatsApp bulk messages are a popular way for businesses to reach leads and establish customer loyalty. Bulk message campaigns can use videos and photos, as well as an endless number of characters to express their message. Sending bulk WhatsApp Messages to your target audience saves time and work while efficiently marketing your products and services. It’s difficult to find a dependable bulk WhatsApp sender because most of them are unofficial.

You will learn how to send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages for free in this article. So, if you’re searching for a simple way to send personal invitations to any event or share a critical message with your WhatsApp friends, then you have reached the best platform.

Please avoid spamming people and sending mass messages to unknown contacts because WhatsApp has severe laws against spamming and spreading fake news. WhatsApp will block your number if it detects that you are spamming people. I usually recommend using a Google Chrome extension to send bulk WhatsApp messages for free. You can send an infinite number of messages to your connections using the bulk WhatsApp message sender explained in this post. The main drawback is that the free edition does not allow you to personalize messages. You must purchase the pro version of WhatsApp to send bulk customized messages.


Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing by sending unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages

Customer Interaction

Customer engagement grows as a result of the application’s ability to reach a huge group of people.

Positioning your brand

You may expand your customer base by boosting your brand’s market position, showing your goods more visible.

CRM Administration

Improving sales requires managing customer interactions to make your brand more customer pleasant.

Building a Team

Create a strong team that is engaging, dynamic, and always coming up with new ideas by using the platform.

Tracking a Person

Do share your business’s location, in order to make it easier for the customers and clients to get the destination. The easier it is for customers to contact you, the higher your business potential.


It is essential for determining whether or not a client or customer has read a certain message.

Bulk Distribution of Catalogs, Brochures, and Ebooks 

The WhatsApp sender program makes it simple to deliver information about promotional events, pamphlets, activities, and brochures to clients.


Steps to send unlimited WhatsApp messages to your contacts 

Now, let’s look at how to send mass WhatsApp messages:

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for WSender, then click the Add to Chrome button, as shown in the screenshot below.

The WSender Chrome extension will launch the WhatsApp site instantly after you install it.

Step 2: Now you must link your WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp online accounts. If you already know how to connect to WhatsApp via the web, you may skip this step.

Open the app and tap the + icon to connect your mobile account to the WhatsApp web. Scanning the QR code that appears on your desktop screen is the next step. Your WhatsApp site is now operational, and you can send bulk messages using it.

Step 3: On the Chrome toolbar, click the WS Chrome extension icon to begin sending mass messages on the WhatsApp web. Now you’ll see a dialogue box where you may specify WhatsApp numbers to whom you wish to send bulk messages and the message’s content. 

The nicest thing is that you can also import your contacts as a CSV file. Another feature I loved about WSender is that it has text formatting options. As a result, you can utilize these formatting tools to make text bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough to make your message more readable.

After you’ve entered the numbers and message you’d like to send, select the Send Message button, and the WSender Chrome extension will begin sending messages one by one. You can also define a time delay between sending messages in the pro version.


Pro version features

  1. Can customize the name in the message with the WSender Chrome Extension.
  2. Can send image, video, and audio attachments in bulk.
  3. Can use an Excel sheet to filter WhatsApp numbers.
  4. Easy to Make a template of your messages.
  5. Get contact information from groups and more.

If you spend huge amounts of bulk messages, WhatsApp may block your number, as indicated before in this lesson. 


To lessen your chances of being blocked by WhatsApp, follow these measures

  • Don’t send messages from your main company phone number.
  • Always Send mass WhatsApp messages using the mobile internet. 
  • Use WiFi cautiously.
  • Sending bulk messages to unknown WhatsApp contacts is not recommended since they may report your number as spam.
  • Don’t send more than 50 texts in one message.
  • In a single day, don’t send more than 500 messages.

Even if you take these safeguards, your number may be restricted, so carefully consider when and how you send mass WhatsApp messages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we send bulk WhatsApp messages?

Of course, why not? You can easily and precisely send bulk messages on the WhatsApp platform. Many WhatsApp business users utilize this strategy to share files for company processes with their staff during challenging times. Depending on your demands, you can send mass communications in any format, such as a word file or an excel spreadsheet.

The WhatsApp bulk message sender has different limitations depending on whatever tier you are in. You can send 1K messages to your consumers per day if you are on the first tier. The next tier allows 10K messages per day, while the next tier allows 100K messages per day. Your professional WhatsApp account will be promoted to a higher tier after a certain period. Because the tier update process is automated, manual changes are not feasible.

Is sending WhatsApp messages in bulk legal?

Sending bulk messages on the WhatsApp platform is against the app’s terms and conditions.

In a recent notification, WhatsApp declared that the usage of the automated mass messaging feature is severely prohibited by law. Because of the bogus forwards circulating among the users, this limitation was imposed. Some accounts bypass this app’s machine learning method by sending unlawful bulk messages. All activities that violate their terms and conditions are prohibited. When using WhatsApp’s built-in features, you must follow these regulations.

Is it advisable to use WhatsApp to develop bulk message campaigns?

We do not recommend using WhatsApp’s bulk messaging feature because WhatsApp is designed to be a private messaging network and does not encourage the sending of bulk messages. Even though WhatsApp has this feature, it does not imply that we can use it to send bulk messages regularly.

As a result, we must exercise caution when using this function. WhatsApp prohibits SPAM messages, product or service marketing, or bulk sales because they can be intrusive and bothersome to app users, and we do not suggest using it for this reason.

Furthermore, if you choose to utilize this feature, you risk receiving reports from people who regard your messages as SPAM, resulting in the termination of your account and the barring of your phone number, both of which are critical for any business. It’s also worth noting that if you employ a multi-agent service provider in the WhatsApp Business API, the bulk messaging function may be prohibitively expensive, and you may only be able to send predetermined message templates with no ability to edit them.


I just revealed a method for sending bulk WhatsApp Messages for free in this article. The method will allow you to send birthday, wedding, and business event invitations, as well as any other informational message, to your friends and family on WhatsApp.

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