How to set up PancakeSwap with Trust Wallet

On PancakeSwap, you can earn CAKE. Using the Trust Wallet app

PancakeSwap has become one of the most popular yield farms in the DeFi market and one of the most popular DApps on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To start earning CAKE tokens on PancakeSwap, download Trust Wallet.


Accessing Pancakeswap through the Trust Wallet DApp Browser

The Trust Wallet DApp Browser allows users to participate in the PancakeSwap ecosystem simply and securely with just a few clicks in the app. Once you’ve “harvested” your tokens, you can effortlessly store all of your Binance Smart Chain assets, including CAKE, in your Trust Wallet, thanks to Trust Wallet’s native support for PancakeSwap. Furthermore, if you like, you may convert your CAKE tokens into other BEP20 assets directly in Trust Wallet.

Users may rapidly switch tokens with PancakeSwap, a user-friendly decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. Trust Wallet allows you to send, receive, and store bitcoin, NFTs, and a variety of other tokens, and its technology ensures that all transactions and withdrawals are secure. Linking the two will take the anxiety and stress out of your crypto enterprise, allowing you to concentrate fully on improving your game.

Whether you’re using a PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, this instruction will show you how to link Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap.


how do I connect my Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on PC?

You can quickly link your online wallet to PankaceSwap on a PC using your iPad. To connect your Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on your PC, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official PancakeSwap website using your desktop browser.
  2. Choose “Wallet Connect” from the list of supported wallets by tapping “Connect” in the top right corner. In a pop-up window on the screen, a QR code will display.
  3. Open the Trust Wallet app on your iOS or Android tablet.
  4. Select “Wallet Connect” from the “Settings” menu at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code.
  6. “PancakeSwap wants to connect to your wallet,” you’ll get a notification on your mobile app. Select “Connect” from the drop-down menu.
  7. Go back to the browser. Check the top right corner of the screen to see if the connection was successful.
  8. PancakeSwap on your PC should now be connected to your wallet.


How do I connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on iPhone?

WalletConnect is required to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on an iOS smartphone. Mobile Linking is a feature that allows a decentralized application (DApp) to interact with your cryptocurrency wallet. Dapp must be compatible with your wallet as they are built on blockchain, enabling you to access and trade cryptocurrency. Because the User recently withdrew the DApp browser from the Apple Store, WalletConnect is essential for iOS users.

On an iPhone, here’s how to use it to link Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap:

  1. Open the PancakeSwap website in your mobile browser.
  2. To access the “Connect to a wallet” menu, go to PancakeSwap and click the “Connect” button.
  3. “WalletConnect” should be selected.
  4. Scan the list for “Trust Wallet” and tap it. Then, to start it, click “Open.”
  5. The WalletConnect screen will now appear in your Trust Wallet app. To finish the wallet’s connection to PancakeSwap, select “Connect.”
  6. Return to your browser to verify your action.


 How do I connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap On iPad?

Despite the Apple Store’s removal of the DApp browser, you can still utilize the iOS version of Trust Wallet, thanks to WalletConnect’s Mobile Linking function. If you’ve ever used WalletConnect on an iPhone, you know how easy it is. Here’s how to go about it:

Use your mobile browser to access PankaceSwap.

In the top right corner of the screen, press “Connect” and then “WalletConnect” from the list of supported wallets.

Select “Open” after clicking “Trust.”

The WalletConnect screen will appear when you open the Trust Wallet App. Tap

Note: To stay in the mobile tab when using the Safari browser on your iPad, turn off the “Request Desktop Website” option. To open the mobile version of the site directly, use Google Chrome.

On an Android device, how do I connect my Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap?

On an Android tablet, you won’t be able to connect the wallet and PancakeSwap like you can on an iOS device. You will utilize the DApp browser rather than WalletConnect.


How to Use Trust Wallet’s DApp Browser With an Android device

Select the “Settings” option in the Trust Wallet app.

Select “Preferences” and then “DApp Browser.”

The wallet will open a new tab in your browser. Tap “Enable DApp Browser” here.

Return to the app’s dashboard to confirm that the DApp Browser is enabled.

The second step will allow you to access your wallet on your tablet via PancakeSwap’s website. Follow the steps below:

Click the “DApps” button at the bottom of the screen after opening the Trust Wallet app.

Select “PancakeSwap” from the “Popular” section. It’s also sometimes found under the “Exchanges” option.

The browser will redirect a new page with the PancakeSwap logo. Click the “Connect” button here.

The browser will take you to the PancakeSwap site. Select “Trust Wallet” from the list of supported options after tapping “Connect” in the top-right corner of the screen.


Frequently Asked Question

Is PancakeSwap designed with a wallet?

PancakeSwap allows you to make a wallet. To begin using PancakeSwap, you’ll need first to create a wallet that enables BNB Smart Chain (BSC). On both desktop computers and smartphone devices, wallets are accessible. You must select the wallet that best meets your requirements.

Is it possible to utilize the Coinbase wallet with PancakeSwap?

You may link Coinbase Wallet to PancakeSwap using the Coinbase Wallet extension or the Coinbase Wallet mobile app. You may swap or stake your crypto tokens on PancakeSwap when you’ve established a link.

Is it wise to invest in PancakeSwap?

Is it wise to invest in PancakeSwap? When compared to the current PancakeSwap pricing, it is clear that there has been significant growth, and it is an excellent investment based on its token worth.



PancakeSwap, for example, is significantly quicker and less expensive to use than Uniswap, with equal levels of liquidity. The main issue is that if you want to trade ERC-20 tokens, you’ll have to utilize the Binance Bridge to go in and out of Ethereum, which might be expensive for some depending on gas costs.

As a result, people who already own BEP-20 tokens and want to retain their operations on Binance Smart Chain will have the most incredible experience with PancakeSwap. It shouldn’t be difficult, though, given BSC’s current expansion rate.

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