How to use Microsoft text to speech [ 2022 ]

Text-to-speech is like converting text into human-like speech. The Microsoft application creates information while making information accessible conveniently to read. The combination of Microsoft with other software gives you an easy translation for the text-to-speech. Using Microsoft in text-to-speech can dramatically increase the audience of users. Here we see how to make use of it and the ways to customize it as users need. 


What is Text-to-speech?

Text-to-speech is a beneficial technology, which reads digital texts aloud. Text-to-speech works on every digital device like computers, smartphones, and tablets. The text-to-speech tool allows kids to see text and hear it simultaneously. Text-to-speech can provide a reading experience that combines seeing with hearing.

Benefits of Text-to-speech:

  • It shows content in a minimal reading view.
  • It will read your content aloud to you.
  • The pictures of common words are displayed.
  • It will highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
  • It quickly translates your content into another language.


How can text-to-speech help your child?

You can see the increase in paying attention and easy to remember information while reading.

It improves word recognition for your child.

Microsoft in Text-to-speech allows kids to focus on comprehension instead of sounding out words.

This tool will increase your child’s concentration for reading assignments.

It will help your child to fix the errors in their way.


Why do you need text-to-speech technology?

People are more selective about the websites they visit for daily information in today’s world. Text-to-speech is a technology exciting for people who address these challenges efficiently.

Here we have reasons why text-to-speech is an essential technology,

The Microsoft text-to-speech will access your content, which extends the content’s reach. It will be digital content that is easier for people without difficulties like learning and visioning.

The online content is audible that helps the online population to understand the text better. The accessibility of your content will be relevant when the reader reads and highlights it.

Text-to-speech has populations evolving in their language to read the digital contents. All the country languages will use in text-to-speech for your convenience.

A growing elderly population depends on text-to-speech technology to understand online content effectively. 


How to use Microsoft text-to-speech?

  • Microsoft text-to-speech is the ability of your computer to playback written text aloud. 
  • You can add the Speak command to your Quick Access Toolbar by doing the following in Microsoft.
  • Next, you will see the Quick Access Toolbar and click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Now you can click More Commands.
  • In the Choose commands from list, you have to select All Commands.
  • Then, you have to scroll down to the Speak Command and click Add to select it.
  • You may click the OK button.


How to change the Text To Speech Voice in Microsoft?

Follow the steps, to change Text-to-Speech in easy way,

  1. Click Start and get into the Control Panel, and then select Speech from listed options.
  2.  Under the Text-to-Speech tab, you will see the active voice in the Voice selection drop-down list.
  3. Click on the drop-down list, or click the arrow to display all available options of voices.
  4. Click a new voice to use further. 
  5. In the preview voice box, the newly selected voice will speak to check.
  6. If it is fine, click OK or apply to continue with a new voice. 


How to change Text To Speech Voice Rate?

 Follow the step given below to change the Text-to-Speech voice rate,:

  1. Click Start and get into the Control Panel, and then double click Speech.
  2. Click the Text-to-Speech tab.
  3. You can increase or decrease the rate of Text-to-Speech voice speed by sliding the Voice speed slider. By default it will be in normal.  
  4. Use the preview option to hear the currently changed setting. The words of the text are highlighted as they are spoken.


How to Change the Text-to-Speech Volume?

Note that some devices will not support this volume control feature. For others, whose devices are available, follow the instructions given below to change the volume of Text-to-Speech. 

  1. Click Start, get into the Control Panel and then into Speech settings.
  2. Go to the Text-to-Speech tab, and Audio Output then into the Volume option. 
  3. With the help of a volume control mixer displayed, do adjust the required device’s volume as needed. 


How to use Text-to-Speech with a Narrator?

Narrator – It is a Text-to-Speech utility for blind or impaired vision users in Microsoft. It reads whatever is displayed on the present screen. It includes text from the active window, menu options, or even the text we type. 

It works on most of the system applications, and it has customized options. Thus the way of learning screen can be changed as required.

Features available,

  • It can read menus, contents on the screen, and other texts present.
  • It can read typed characters aloud.
  • It can read items present over the mouse pointer on the screen. 
  • Moreover, you can adjust the speed, volume, and even pitch of the voice.
  • Narrator is available for only a few languages. It supports only the English version of Windows XP and Windows Vista.



  1. What is the benefit of using Neural voices?

It can add emphasis and emotions to speech patterns, reduce listening fatigue, and increase awareness of messages.


  1. Can you convert long bodies of text?

Yes. You can convert text into longer audio formats, such as audiobooks or Long Audio API articles.


  1. What is text-to-speech technology?

Text-to-speech technology can turn your text information into clear-sounding speech. You can download the text-to-speech for future references on your computer, mobile, iPods, or other automobile devices.


  1. Can we adjust the speed of the text-to-speech?

Yes. You can adjust the text-to-speech speed with the help of slowdown buttons. We set a reasonable default speed for the software using SaaS. 


  1. How do we know if the audience listens to my blog?

If you have an authorized website, you will have access to a dashboard with daily playlists. 



Microsoft provides many features to make people’s lives easier. Moreover they provide everything free of cost to us. This Text-to-Speech is one of them used by many people and in various situations. Here we give detailed information, how to make use of it?  In addition to that, we explained customizing options available for Text-to-Speech in easy steps. Anyone can read it and be able to use it. 

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