How to Use Notion as a Note Taker & Planner for Students

Notion is an enhanced online workspace, where you can write, plan, manage projects, add tasks and more. With the available features,  you can create your own layout and customize it. It allows you to collaborate with your team, so you can assign tasks, reminder to your mates.

 It can be used by people as well as professionals. Notion is compatible in most of the platforms like, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web. With this article, we let you know all about Notion and its uniqueness when compared with its competitors. 


How Does Notion Work and Used ?

As mentioned above, Notion is a powerful tool for making your plans and tasks easier to organize. It is most widely used by the Team leader of projects and their team members for:

    • Assign and track tasks
    • Create calendars
    • Create Kanban boards
  • Analyze the flow of the project in time.

Notion is just a combination of various online tools like Google’s G-Suite, Microsoft. It eliminates the need of multiple tools, it’s simply a single application where you expect everything. Even if you want to organize your daily goals, to-do lists, and plans, you can use this. It’s not that you want to be a project manager. 

Main Features of Notion’s

We have given enough positive points on Notion. Apart from that it does have a few notable features. We have mentioned it below, which is offered by Notion to their users. 


Notion Wikis

Notion Wikis is used to create document directories. So that your team members can know all the details about your company and the current project. You may also add company policies, goals, your crew member’s contact info and more in one common location. It contains tools like, text-formatting, lists, images, videos, etc. It allows you to connect pages infinitely, to save all your documents. 


Tasks and Projects

The major problem in industry is misunderstanding between the manager and workers, on the projects and tasks assigned to them. Here the Notion comes to help you with this. You can assign tasks to your mates and it is stored on a Kanban Board. Later, based on their situation, the tasks status can be altered as pending, in-progress, completed etc. 

It motivates the workers to complete their work on time. Moreover, you can group your notes by creating different folders, making notifications to keep updated on your upcoming projects steps. 


Notes and Docs

Notion offers its users to create content in various formats as docs, notes, to a complete book. It’s editor allows you to customize the structure of the content. Moreover, to make it attractive and useful you can add images, videos, bookmarks, embed, code and more to do your best work. 

It also has options to provide the assessing  ability to others who you want. You can add comments, so your mates can understand the context more. It has a drag and drop option, and is able to share to the world in a few clicks.


Multiple Views

Here in Notion its database provides you with multiple views. You can drag and drop Kanban board interface, making it to give your mates a clear idea what the upcoming tasks are. Moreover, you can view your project tasks in format like calendar view, gallery view. It helps you to cover your whole plan/tasks easily. 


What can be improved?

Although Notion is a great tool for your workspace, it needs some more improvements or recommended features. I have mentioned it below, 

  • Mobile app experience
  • Built-in automation 
  • More features in free version

If these things are updated on Notion, it will be at the top in workspace platforms. 


  • Notion is user-friendly. Anyhow, in the beginning it may be tough to handle but it is easy to hang onto things easily. The technical support team will reach us at all times. 
  • You don’t need to switch between multiple tabs for a single work. All of that work will be done with Notion. It’s all-in-one software to make your work organized.
  • It’s a real-time collaboration tool. You can make comments anywhere in the project content and database. As a leader, you can notify your mates by using @ followed by his/her name in the comment.  
  • Since it provides you with a wide range of project templates, you don’t need to put in hard work. 
  • Notion can be accessed on most popular platforms lile, iOS, Android, desktop and also a chrome extension.
  • The user interface is made clean and simple to handle. It’s Spreadsheet and Databases makes it easy to organize your files easily. 


  • Initially, setting up things takes time and the mobile app is not effective as in the desktop version. 
  • Notion is customizable, and at the same time this feature makes their users face problems. 
  • Notion is suitable to use within a small team. It’s not better to use with greater team members. 
  • Notifications are another drawback which lead to confusion. In order to avoid this chaos, you can turn off email notifications, but it stops to notify all notifications. 
  • In a free version you can get only limited features. To get more features, you have to pay for that. 


In addition to the free version, it has two major divisions of plans, which is mentioned below.

Personal pro plan – 4$ per month per user:

  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • Unlimited guests
  • Version history

Team plan – 8$ per month per user:

  • All features of Pro Plan 
  • Unlimited Team members
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Admin tools
  • Advanced workspace

It offers you limited features in all pricing plans. As a project manager, you will require more features to make you work effectively. So if you need more features, you have to pay for that. It makes it highly invested in software, which cannot be afforded by startup companies. 



With all the information provided on Notion, you may have an idea to utilize its features. It is highly customizable and so you can keep things as you wish. We also added its pros and cons to make you clear. In the market, we have many similar platforms like Notion. Its user-friendly user interface and easy ways of sharing makes it popular and maintains more active members.

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