How To Use The Internet Without A Personal Computer

There are few things that beat the internet when it comes to the growth of influence of a specific phenomenon on the human race. As per Internet World Stats –  a statistics research firm based in Pennsylvania, about five billion people in the world use the internet. Comparing that to the total population of the world, you will find out that two out of every three citizens of Earth use the internet! Want to hear something even more impressive about the growth of the internet? Strategy Analytics – a well-known market statistics company based in Newton, Massachusetts – reports that, by the end of the first quarter of the twenty-first century, there will be approximately thirty-five billion devices connected to the internet. Putting things into perspective, that figure is more than a hundred times higher than the total number of people residing in the United States of America. 

Even if we do not think about the actual benefits of the internet, just hearing that so many fellow humans in the world find value in this increasingly influential global network makes us want to use it as well. Here’s something that is a cause for concern: many people, especially old ones, believe that the internet is only accessible through personal computers and very few young fellows volunteer to let them know that this is not the case. Indeed, the internet can be accessed through your mere voice as in the case of Alexa and many other smart devices. Our frustration at how inaccessible some think the internet is has brought us to write an entire piece on the devices you can use to get connected to the rest of the world.


Smart Televisions

Not many realize how common smart televisions have become these days. In fact, the TV you use at home, which you always thought was a traditional television, may very well be a smart TV. We state this with so much surety knowing that many televisions being manufactured these days are smart as the technology has become so widespread. These electronics get connected to the WiFi network at your home or workplace directly. While making your television perform all the functions listed below, just make sure you are getting good internet speeds like the ones offered to users of Xfinity internet.

Once you connect them, you can watch your preferred artist’s recently released music video through YouTube or your favorite shows on Netflix. In addition to that, you can video call your family members as well as friends using apps such as Google Duo without even having to connect your television to a computer! This goes without saying that a webcam needs to be attached to the television which can be easily done through the USB ports present in all modern smart televisions. Companies like Logitech make high-quality webcams that get the job done nicely. In the future, we can expect smart televisions to be equipped with built-in webcams as well. 


Smart Home Devices

Guess what works really well with a smart television? A Google Home device! After saying two words – OK Google – you can tell the device to play anything on your smart television and your favorite video will start playing without you even having to press a single button! Show that to any young one and they will bear witness to the fact that you are keeping up with the times. Alongside, home automation devices such as Alexa do not even need to be connected to a television to read out the news to you, tell you about the weather, or play you your favorite tunes on Spotify. In fact, you can even dictate your shopping list to it so you can open it up on your mobile in the grocery store. Furthermore, smart home devices can also be used for video chatting with friends and family. Many of them are equipped with webcams that autozoom so they can give a clearer picture of you to the person you are talking to. 



Perhaps, people nowadays use more internet on their smartphones than their personal computers. People utilize the internet during their commute for directions. While in the office, they use different online messaging apps to talk to loved ones at home. People also use smartphones at gyms to play their favorite music on apps like Spotify.


Online Gaming Consoles

Are you a gaming fan but none of your other family members are? Well, that is no issue at all during this internet age. Gaming consoles connect directly to the internet so you can play with or against gamers thousands of miles away. The other gamers may be your close friends or even complete strangers – many claim to have met their life partners through gaming!



This is it for now. We hope this article helps you realize you can use the internet over many devices other than personal computers. 

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