The History of Future Operating Systems: iOS vs. Android

There has always been a long battle between iOS and Android, one side offers simplicity and ease of use and was the creator of all the smartphone generations, Another side offers advancements and customizations. The rivalry between these operating systems has been a personal choice to the users of the smartphone for one of the most used devices of the earth.

Let’s dive down into the history of the operating system, these personal devices which will help us to understand the philosophy of each company and its development process. 

In 2005 when Steve Jobs released the iPod before releasing the iPhone Steve Jobs had the option of either pursuing the project of the iPod and making it a bigger version, which can be used as the phones. Or it may have the option of scaling down the Mac operating system and trying to fit it in the size of the phones. And during that time iPod was one of the best selling products of Apple and it was thought that the enlargement of the iPod was the best option.

Steve Job came And set up two different teams for pursuing the projects one team was set up to pursue creating the miniature version of the Mac operating system of the Apple computers and that team created the Apple iOS which later became the major operating system for the smartphones of Apple, and the other team was set for pursuing scale-up of the iPod and these two different teams work not allowed to interact with each other. These teams cannot see the hardware or the software and cannot use their resources of the other team for completing their project and this created a great lot of stress on the project workers as many of their jobs were on the line for creating their projects.

Ultimately scaling down the Mac project was the ultimate winner and Steve Jobs ultimately selected the miniature version of the Mac OS to be representing the new Smartphones of Apple computers. 

There are many reasons that he opted for selecting Mac OS as a miniature version have their ultimate project because Mac OS was already prepared and had the required animations and the built-in power consumption software for its applications which greatly reduce the work of the iOS operating system to be built upon it and came out to be more perfect and within a short period. And second of all Steve Job had originally invented the Mac OS from the bottom scratch and he knew very well how Mac OS  was functioning Steve Jobs knew the operating system from in and out and as the founder of that operating system it was clear that optimizing the operating system into a small miniature packet was possible. So how did Steve Jobs Knew Mac Technology so well? it was because when Steve Jobs was removed from Apple company in 1985 he started his own company as he developed the operating system developed as the NeXT which was brought by apple to be integrated into the Apple Macintosh operating system which was then performing poorly in the market, Steve Jobs on returning to Company as the CEO, revamped the system from the core and created a new version of Mac OS and the same version has been into the Android iOS which helped Steve Jobs for knowing its function quite well.

Soon you will be amazed to know that the world wide web was built on the foundation of Apple’s NeXT computers by research people. So in a simpler version, Steve Jobs developed NeXT which was bought by Apple to bring Steve Jobs back which was then integrated into Mac OS and the Mac was simplified into Android iOS. Android iOS did not fall from the sky it has a great history and which can be traced back from 1986, And that was the reason why  Apple Ios was so successful when it was launched then being an experimental release as the Android was. 

Android was released in the year 2003 and was supposedly digital camera software, it became clear that the market for the digital camera software was ultimately very small therefore they had to increase their market and stepped in creating an operating system. They were making Operating System that could be integrated into the Nokia operating system and the Microsoft smartphone, In 2005 Google bought Android And provided the capital of  50 million dollars to be for the development of the smartphones, And android started the development of the particular prototype for devices came in the form of keypads like those of BlackBerry mobile phones. Later, It was released and to keep up with the technology of the smart touchscreen that was brought by Apple IOS a new operating system for smartphones was integrated into the industry. And after that a big step was taken by the industry, When all the manufacturers and the software developers companies came together to form the international standards for the mobile development because at that time it was becoming clear that the smartphone industry was growing bigger and cannot fulfill the requirement of the consumer based on a particular company so every part has to be distributed for the development for mass production but when the standards were developed then only the major changes were able to follow in the Smartphone and the technology advanced from there.

And the new feature was integrated into the Android smartphone such as a Gmail integration and the pull-down menu option which became one of the most popular used features of the mobile operating system that was setting Android apart from its predecessors and iOS. And the lagging of the smartphone devices also started to reduce because Lagging was a great problem that created a negative perception in the mind of the consumers and that’s why they were skeptical to use the smartphones when it was launched by any other smartphone company, but when the international standards were maintained than the slowness start to decrease and better advancement of the technology started. And due to this reason, Android has also suffered great Brand damage.

But as the year progressed Android started to become more refined and less malfunctioning and overall a better picture was painted for Android. 

Android advancement was not only limited only in Android smartphones but iOS also has brought a great lot of development changes in their operating system but many iOS features who were born or out of the Android Operating systems also. 

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