15 BEST KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online for Free [2022]

You may watch your favourite cartoons online on one of the many websites that offer free anime streaming. There are several options and they come in high resolution quality. The website is simple to navigate and is run by KissAnime network. The website offers a huge selection of American animated films, cartoons, and animes.

Your favourite animated series may be streamed safely at kisscartoon.com in one convenient location. Regardless of the platform you select, the website is simple to visit.

15 BEST KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online for Free


The finest website to view cartoons and anime is probably KissAnime. Its user interface closely like Kisscartoon. All Japanese anime can be found here, as the name implies.


Secure website, HD video quality, no advertisements

Cost: Free


Your next best option after Kisscartoon is KimCartoon. The website’s UI is simple and attractive. The new programmes that are available to watch can be found easily. You can locate the cartoon you’re viewing with ease.

This website’s design is well-done, and it offers a wide selection of cartoons, from recent releases to timeless classics like The Tom and Jerry Show.


This website has a feature where you may read comics and watch HD videos.


Free; no signup necessary


ToonGet is a website similar to Kisscartoon that doesn’t frequently change domains. It has so far been around for a few years without changing its name or domain address, in contrast to many others who are constantly moving and relinking.

Each animated feature and TV show has an alphabetical index. Before clicking the link, you will also see a description of the episode you are seeing. In the event that one player is ineffective, it also provides other players.


Features include reading comics, watching popular Kdrama, and watching English-dubbed and subbed anime.


Free; no registration required


Toonova is a website that offers a simple interface and a great user experience, similar to KissCartoon. This service for streaming cartoons is easy to use for children as well.

As soon as you click the show’s name, a new page will open up with the review, ratings, premiere and ending dates, and genre information for the programme. It is an old website that streams cartoons, and new episodes are added periodically. There are numerous mirrors available for different episodes, so availability is not a problem.


Downloadable from the PlayStore, read manga, daily updates, safe for kids, no advertisements.

Cost: Free

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has been a part of everyone’s youth for more than 20 years and has continued to do so. Well, in addition to watching it on your TV, you may now do so online.

Is it secure enough for your kids to use? Yes! This website is secure and kid-friendly as compared to others that feature advertisements with graphic content. It is regarded as one of the top websites comparable to Kisscartoon for this very reason.

Features: Play games; HD video quality; Kids-protected website; no explicit material.

Cost: Free

Watch Series

WatchSeries doesn’t focus on any one genre, in contrast to other other streaming websites. Everything may be seen here. It’s one of the largest collections of movies, television shows, and, obviously, anime.

The website displays all the most recent additions and updates. In actuality, you get access to other movies as well. This website has links to numerous well-known video-sharing websites, including Kissasian, Dramacool, Dramanice, Fmovies, Putlocker, Onwatchseries, and many more.

Features: Daily updates, HD video quality, quick website loading.

Cost: Free


Nyaa is a Kisscartoon website that doesn’t require registration, so you can watch and download any anime series or movies you want. It is a Japanese-language BitTorrent website. Importing Japanese computer games, anime, cartoons, TV shows, and songs is beneficial.


Download your preferred anime and cartoons, with quick download times.

Cost: Free


This website is a great alternative to Kisscartoon and one of the most popular websites out there. The website includes a list of anime TV shows and movies. It has some of the best video quality and effectiveness.

Furthermore, this hasn’t been established for a long. It is still using the same domain website after a very long time.


Features include the ability to read manga and watch HD videos.

Price: $7.99/month with a 14-day trial period.


By browsing the website, you can tell that it’s one of the best animation websites for kids. Although this website doesn’t have an anime theme, it is still a great Kisscatoon alternative because it is kid-friendly. You can download your preferred cartoons as well.


Website for kids is safe, cost-free, and simple to use.

Price: Free


Nickelodeon is the greatest choice if you want to legally view cartoons online. The service provides visitors with a fantastic option to view their preferred animated programmes online.

It can be accessible through the official app, TV, or online. They offer high-quality unique material on both the web and television.

Features: HD video quality, original material, playable games, and child-safe environments.

Cost: Free


If you like to view anime without English subtitles, Funimation is the website you need to visit. It is an American company that is well known for posting subtitled content on its platform.

It also makes available PS apps, which entails a variety of anime episodes. You will encounter advertisements when watching your favourite anime, which is a drawback.

Features: Dubbed foreign content, simple navigation.

Price: The monthly premium plan costs $5.

Disney Now

One of the best websites for watching classic cartoons is Disney Now. It’s a website that most youngsters would appreciate because it features well-known cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Additionally, this website allows you to watch well-known Disney movies and TV episodes. The platform is free of ads and has a fantastic user interface.

Feature: HD video quality, no ads, and new episodes are added periodically.

Cost: A subscription to a TV provider is required.

Cartoons On

One of the most popular websites for watching cartoons online is Cartoons On. Additionally, this is the best website available for watching free cartoons or anime online. It may be used on a variety of gadgets, including iPads, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

It provides you with a broad variety of cartoons and perfect anime, including Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and others.


No advertisements, HD video quality is available.

Cost: Free


It is among the top KissCartoon substitutes for watching anime online.

One of the top websites for anime fans worldwide is AnimeDao. They favour how smoothly it displays content and how little bandwidth it uses. It ranks among the best in terms of video quality, usability, load times, content accessibility, and dependability.

Additionally, they offer both the original and translated language versions of both classic and contemporary anime programmes and movies.

Features: continuous streaming, HD video quality, and anime dubbing.

Cost: Free

Anime Toon

It is one of the most well-known websites with a tonne of online cartoon series and anime that has been dub. They actually provide you with a wide range of animation genres, like comedy, romance, crime, and so forth.

Features: Read comics; watch Korean drama; watch in HD; simple user interface.

Cost: Free


Frequently asked questions 


What has happened to KissCartoon?

KissCartoon operated well for several years before abruptly ceasing operations in 2017. As a result, there are numerous websites where you can view websites online.

Do we pay for watch cartoons online?

You may use a KissCartoon substitute website for free, get a trial pack, or pay a monthly subscription fee. The majority of the websites on the list, nevertheless, are free to use.



Cartoons are a favourite pastime of many people, especially kids, as they are uplifting and comforting, which is quite different. These were the top 15 Kisscartoon substitutes for online cartoon viewing.

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