How to use Laifu Bot Discord [ Laifu Bot Commands ]

Discord is a stimulating platform where one can hang out with friends and communities, stay connected by video, voice, text, and can create custom channels for the topic they love to surf. This application is quite favored among gamers as one can explore thousands of discord bots worldwide through a library of bots and add their favorite ones on their server making it easy to access. Not only this, but you can also see who’s hanging out and can join without having to call and organize any community with roles and permission, keeping the conversation going on via mobile and pc/laptop simultaneously. To add on you can also publish your bot on the app and stay up to date on the largest bot network. One of the largest and the most favored bots in this list is the LAIFU BOT.


Laifu Bot Discord Features

Laifu bot is a spectacular bot popular for collectible cards rooted around several anime characters where you have to collect their images, GIFs, or rare badges and then apply upgrades to them. Therefore, it always wins the heart of all anime lovers as the characters bring life to the animes through GIFs and maintain their enthusiasm by the craving of collecting all the images, cards, and badges of their favorite animes. This bot even has features that are quite simple to understand and play hence, people of every age find it super fascinating. To hold the interest of its players the bot has multiple versions of each character including GIFs with character reforming and badges. The main prodigious advantage of this bot is that it doesn’t matter if the player has recently joined or is an existing one it follows an impartial play for all the players, where every member gets the uniform possibility to prosper with rare cards and badges hence it is preferred by all. To add more fun this bot even has a community assembled database allowing members to add their most favorite images with the unique gacha mechanic system making it discrete from the other bots and increasing the level of competition among the players of the community.


Amazing Benefits by Laifu Discord Bot

Keeping in mind to maintain a global economy by fabricating its specialty with the growth of the established community and a friendly environment it even provides goodies every 12 hours if you vote for LAIFU BOT. Not only this, to add on you can even collect gacha stones every 23 hours and drop a case file which you can claim every 6 minutes this concludes that this bot has numerous players worldwide. Being user-friendly, it has leveled and gained stats with a unique arena PVP system among players where you can view your cooldowns and all other activities available out there. So hurry up and start trading today with a growing community of LAIFU BOT by building an empire of characters with the ultimate GIFs and bringing out life into the best of your most liked anime characters.


Laifu Bot Discord Commands

.profile – This allows you to view your profile information. This displays info such as: Total Character Numbers, Burn %, Level EXP, Arena Stats, etc.

.cds – This shows the player all of the command cooldowns.

.daily – A reactable message to deliver daily Lawstones. Cooldown is 23 Hours.

.vote – Displays a link to vote for the bot to reward the player with Lawstones. Cooldown is 12 Hours.

.drop – Shows a Drop code to type for Lawstone collection, 4 or 5 characters long, and lasts for 14 seconds. Gives 1-5 stones, a possibility of crit that gives double stones once one reaches a certain arena, and with over 50 nightmares, will consume 50 to give exp. to level up, and a chance of bloodlust, giving stats. Cooldown is 6 minutes.

.gacha – The Gacha command for rolling new characters using Lawstones, consumes up to 5 Lawstones, each rolling for a chance of 5 different rarities: Alpha, the most common from pity, Beta, 2nd most common, Gamma, the 3rd, Delta, the 4th, Epsilon, the 5th, Zeta, the 6th, and Ultra, the most rare. Zetas and Ultras are where cards start to get more expensive, especially high influence ones, but a high influence character is also very desirable, sometimes more so than a low influence high rarity.


Laifu Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Laifu Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.


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