3 Best Free Online Limerick Poem Generator Websites [2022]

A limerick is a five-line, usually funny poem. Limericks have three lines that rhyme: first, second, and fifth. The rhymes in the third and fourth lines are different. Limerick poems rhyme in the AABBA pattern. A limerick’s subject matter is usually whimsical and funny. Limericks have entertained audiences for nearly two centuries, from folk ballads to nursery rhymes.

Limerick poetry is thought to have originated in England in the early eighteenth century. Limericks are said to have obtained their rhyme and rhythm structure from a parlor game in which the refrain was always present.

Although they have been around for a shorter time than the Shakespeare sonnet, limericks are a popular genre of poetry for a wide range of audiences. Edward Lear, an English poet, is credited with popularising limericks in the nineteenth century. 

Online limerick generators appear to be divided into two types: those that guide you through the process of making your own and others that jumble together rewritten lines. These are a lot of fun, although they’re a little limited. For your input, our automatic limerick generator seeks up rhymes on the fly. So, if you want to write about someone with a specific name, interest, or origin, you can type it in and we’ll try to come up with phrases that rhyme. The outcomes are occasionally surprising, but they are always a great place to start when writing your limericks.


The defining characteristics of a Limerick

Limericks have a distinct structure and pattern that distinguishes them from other forms of poetry and makes them easy to recognize.

  • A limerick is composed of five lines grouped in a single verse.
  • The first, second, and fifth lines all end with rhymed words.
  • The poem’s third and fourth lines should rhyme.
  • In a limerick, an anapestic rhythm occurs when two unstressed syllables are followed by a third stressed syllable.


3 Best Free Online Limerick Poem Generator Websites

Poem Generator

It is a free website that allows you to create many types of poetry, including haiku, sonnets, love poems, acrostic poems, and your favorite limericks. This limerick generator is one of my favorites because it can generate hilarious limericks in under a minute.

Poem Generator makes it simple to generate poems. Just visit the website from the link above and enter the following details.

Who is the main character in your poem: an older man, a young woman, an old lass, or a young lass?

A past tense verb like ran, swam, ate, and so on. Something your character likes, such as cake or running.A location, such as England or Mars.

After you’ve entered these details, click the Write me a limerick button to see the limerick poem that has been generated.

Please keep in mind that Poem Generate saves your limerick poem on their servers for a set period. As a result, remember to save your limerick poetry.


Poetry Games

Poetry Games is another free limerick poem generator that allows you to make poems in a variety of formats. Poetry Machine is a feature on the website. Limericks, acrostics, haiku, quatrains, and a variety of other styles of poems can be composed. Make some silly poems, like a phone number poem, an animal poem, or an ABC poem. You can also write free poems using our online poetry generator.

Before you start writing your limerick poem, give it a title. You can use five words from your limerick in each line because the limerick is a five-line poem. Then, by hitting the button below, you may see your limerick.

In the next phase, you’ll see those five words you mentioned. If you like, you can alter the words. Then move on to the next step to see your new limerick poem in the generator.


Poem Of Quotes

The poem Of Quotes is a free limerick poem generator that you may use online. You can make Limericks, Haikus, Acrostic poems, and other types of poems with this site. You can even come up with your rhymes.

To write limerick poetry online, choose a topic such as a man, woman, mouse, magician, and so on. You can move on to the next step after selecting your poem’s primary character. You can now indicate what your character enjoys doing, such as dancing or jumping. After you’ve completed these two steps, click the Generate Poem button. The generator then creates your limerick poem in a matter of seconds.

First, click the Get Started button to begin the process of creating your limerick poem automatically.

Second Step: Choose the main character for your limerick, which could be a dog, a man, or a girl.

Third Phase: You must enter a base verb form in this step – what does the character in your limerick do? Anything is possible to specify. Here are some examples: eating apple pie, driving a car, and so on.

Last but not least, click the Generate Poem button, and this online tool will generate a hilarious limerick for you.


Limerick Writing Guidelines

Try composing your limerick if you’re feeling creative and have a funny idea in your thoughts. Apart from their core framework, Limerick subjects offer a lot of freedom. To write a witty limerick, use these six writing tips:

  1. Tell me a story, please

Other limericks, you’ll observe, have a narrative arc with a primary character, plot, and resolution. Treat a limerick as though it were a very short story when writing it.

  1. Start with your subject

The first line of your story should introduce your primary character and, if appropriate, set the scene. To come up with amusing limericks, start by putting down words that rhyme with your name.

  1. Make it outrageous

Limericks are designed to be absurd. To increase the humor, place your primary character in an unusual situation after you’ve introduced them.

  1. Add a twist to the end

A limerick’s final line is akin to a joke’s punch line. Add a plot twist to your limericks.

  1. Stick to your game plan

When it comes to limerick topics, the sky’s the limit, but you must stick to the AABBA rhyme scheme and anapestic rhythm pattern. If you’re stuck for rhymes, look through a rhyming dictionary for inspiration.

  1. Read your limerick aloud

Limericks are enjoyable to write and even more enjoyable to hear aloud. You can double-check your rhythm by reading them out loud as you write. Then, once you’ve finished, read it aloud to make yourself laugh.



Limerick’s poetry is entertaining to read. It’s more enjoyable to make them online using your wording. The limerick poetry generators listed above are fairly simple to use. They also present you with the output of the generated limerick poem in a matter of seconds.

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