Top 10 Best Minecraft Discord servers to Join 2022

Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice video on text. Top chat hangs out and stays close with your friends and communities. Discord is a great talk chat app similar to Slack on Skype that allows users to chat in real-time using text voice or video initially created for video games to interact with each other. The direct messaging system is very clean and tidy. You can organize your specific servers or you can make multiple chat channels and call channels for one server. Jason Citron, CEO/Co-Founder of Discord Inc… This article will show you the top 10 Discord servers which are made for Minecraft players. With these servers, you can make new friends, get their in-game experience, and more. 


Official Minecraft Discord

This server was started by the officials of Minecraft, and it holds 8 lakhs, active members, making it the second-largest Discord server in existence. The official Discord server of Fortnite holds the first position having 27k+ members than the Minecraft server. You might ask, why the Minecraft server couldn’t lead its position to first? The answer is holding 8 lakh members in a single server is still hard as Discord is a newly grown platform. 

However, the moderators try to constantly purge inactive members every week. So the new players can join there if they are lucky to spot their place. 

Link to Join:



Mystic will be one of the best choices for gaining more ideas on Minecraft. It has 33k+ members and has a rating of 4.6, a really good one. They also provide awesome giveaways centered around Minecraft. While there are lots of servers available for Minecraft, you can see the best active and welcoming community on this Discord server. 

The members of this server are active 24×7 to share their gameplay, ideas, access Minecraft mods, and more. Moreover, Mystic provides giveaways for Anime games. 

Link to Join:


Purple Prison

Purple Prison is another Discord server in our list that consists of both experienced and newbies to the Minecraft game. This server is popularly known for its 24×7 active chats about Minecraft and giveaways they provide for the Discord Nitro premium subscription. 

This server has many bots, which keep you safe against spammers and unwanted posts. So you can expect a clean space to chat with people all over the world and get new ideas on the gameplay. Finally, the Purple Prison is the best server for Minecraft to try.

Link to Join:


Cosmic Craft

This server has been voted as the best Minecraft server among lots of choices in Discord. The moderators of this server are active and offer lots of features to make the server an active and friendly community for the members. In addition to that, they provide daily giveaways for Discord’s premium Nitro subscription, which is super rare to find on other Minecraft servers on Discord. 

Link to Join:



Hypixel suits all types of game players, and mainly concentrates on Minecraft players. With this server, you can make friends easily and organize a meeting to share your ideas on gameplay. Apart from Minecraft players, Sky Wars and Murder Mystery gameplayers can also join up here to share their gameplay experience. 

You’re not to be the best gamer, to make your position on this server. The point is, even the beginners can join here to make conversation and express their love for games. 

Link to Join:


Minecraft SMP

Minecraft SMP is another best Discord server for Minecraft, which provides the best support to its members. The members of this server are super-chill and always ready to help you out. It is also one of the largest servers for Minecraft with over 63k members. Apart from discussing the Minecraft game, people here also discuss Among Us, and Valheim. 

Link to Join:


The Vent

The Vent is not as popular as the other Discord server for Minecraft in our list. This is the newest server which got really good reviews from the users. With this server, you can create a group for yourself and can set a host of rules to govern your group. No bots or the server admins will moderate your group which makes this server unique. No other server on this list will offer this feature. 

Here you can get lots of tools to use and can interact with anyone in the community.  

Link to Join:


Skyblock Simplified

As the name suggests, this Discord server is specially made for Hypixel skyblock game mode. In this server, you are allowed to trade their skyblock items with other players in this server. Moreover, you can learn tips and tricks about this mode or simply chat with like-minded people about the Minecraft game.

Link to Join:


Cosmic MC

This server holds 9k plus members. This will be a hub to Minecraft offering you multiplayer game modes. It provides regular giveaways to its members and also frequent Discord nitro giveaways. There is no limit to your level to join here. 

Link to Join:


Midnight Oasis

The last and best server for Minecraft on our list is Midnight Oasis. This server is also famous for the giveaways and rewards they provide to the members. If you are searching for a clean environment and people with game minded, then you have to join this server right now. 

Ultimately this server has bots that provide you with technical knowledge about the Minecraft game and Discord. The members of this server are active all around the clock and used to share their tips, information on maps, experience, and more. 

Link to Join:



Finally, we have seen the top 10 discord servers used for Minecraft gameplay. Apart from this game, these servers will provide active support to other famous games available. They are helpful to change your game style and kind to help you at any time. You never find any kind of toxicity in those mentioned servers. 

Kindly let us know if we have missed any important server which will be useful for the Minecraft game in the comment section below. 

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