Natural Language Processing and its Application

NLP or natural language processing is one of the applications of artificial intelligence in which we can process the natural language with the help of the neural networks as we can process languages that we speak. 

We tend to listen to a language which can contain different types of words and process the words in our brain and respond to that particular words, this is a form of a complete communication which the human brain can do without much thinking but the same task to repeat in the computer is not easy and it is only possible with the help of artificial neural networks and this full way communication of understanding the words and appropriately responding to them is what known as Natural Language Processing.

We are trying to replicate the form of communication in which two human beings can communicate with each other with the help of natural language processing.

One of the most used applications of the NLP is speech recognition today every IT company can provide its assistant whether it is Alexa or Google Assistant or Siri each company is trying to make their virtual assistant and this can only be possible with the help of speech recognition, that is taking the process of natural language processing this field has been one of the most research fields and we are trying to continuously make it better. The natural language processing takes your speech as an Input and then analyses the speech and depending upon the keywords that you have provided it can provide a valid reply. 

Sentiment analysis is also a valid application of natural language processing in which when the text is provided to the artificial intelligence can act upon it and interpret the text that whether it is a positive-negative or neutral in emotion, this can be greatly used in the business world that it can provide a kind of analysis report of particular brand or service which can work as a feedback for improving the particular product. Today in the digital age when people are more on the internet than ever, with the feedback that businesses receive from the survey of the responses on social media. The big businesses can analyze what their customer desires and tailor their product and services to satisfy the consumer needs for example with the help of the analysis you can review 4000 comments on a particular product and can determine if the consumer that has used their product is happy with the services or not.

Machine translation is another application of natural language processing, machine translation can be used to translate a complete webpage which is written in one kind of language, for example, English which can be converted into completely another language such as your native language which may be Spanish or Portuguese. The machine translation has removed the use of the interpreter earlier if when we traveled from one country to another then there was a requirement of knowing the language of that particular country but today with the help of machine translation which is happening due to natural language processing this task is becoming more efficient as more input are being provided to the neural networks and they are becoming more and more accurate in their responses.

Chatbots are also great examples of natural language processing, earlier the chatbots were humans to human communication, the consumer worked towards the question on the web portals and some employees were sitting in the company which was replying to those particular questions and giving their answers. But today with the help of the natural language processing the task of replying the answer has becoming automated because the neural network is trained to process this language and reply to those particular questions with a previously provided data sets and this has greatly helped build the business world for reaching out to more consumer and solving their queries and therefore providing better consumer services.

The Other example of Natural Language Processing may include in the ads that you see on a particular website which is provided to you based on your particular history and the products in which you are particularly interested also this spelling check is also an example of natural language processing in which the whole document is scanned and matched with a previous data set to provide the accurate words replacements and for checking the error.

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