List of Best Top 10 NFT Discord Servers for Collectors

An NFT means Non-Fungible Tokens, used to buy and sell digital assets like music, video, art, and real-world content. NFTs are becoming more popular nowadays. People earn a lot of money using this NFT. You should have enough resources to learn to get more knowledge on one thing. For this purpose, the Discord servers will help you a lot. 

In this article, I listed the top 10 best and free Discord groups to learn more on NFT and also the links to join there. There are many NFT Discord groups and projects, and finally, you came to know why we explained these 10 Discord servers. To avoid being scammed, I recommend you turn off DMs in Discord. 


NFT Community

This server is part of the NFT subreddit. If you visited their official page, you might have already known about this server. This is the most prominent place that helps beginners to learn and earn more. The NFT subreddit alone has more than 201k members, and the discord server has 75k+ members. 

It is an excellent server to know about NFT in the real-time world, and you can promote your own NFT project. If you just started with NFT, then the NFT community could be the best place to begin your process. 

Link To Join:


It is the first and largest marketplace for NFTs, holding more than 300k+ users with 34 Million+ NFTs. It does a total transaction of 4 billion+ dollars. OpenSea is the largest marketplace where you can buy and sell digital assets with NFTs. 

It has its Discord server, and it has more than 145k+ members. In addition to that, they have specific channels made for dedicated purposes like news, resources, and also opensea-support to get support from the team. 

Link to Join:



NFT Now helps you to know the trending news, curation, and analysis on artists, collectors, and technologies that boost the economy. It regularly updates you with information, podcasts, videos, newsletters, and guides. It has more than 25k+ members. 

Link to Join:



It is the world’s first NFT marketplace to own a community for securing digital collections. It works with blockchain technology. It is moving to run as an autonomous platform carrying a community governance model. It is the safest marketplace to create, sell or collect digital content. It runs its own server, which has more than 40k+ members. This server has variable channels made for different dedicated purposes ranging from memes, general to support.

Link to Join:


GM Capital

GM Capital was created by Beanie, who has a lot of experience and understanding of crypto and the NFT markets. This server gives you as it has more investors. But actually, they will share their opinions and perspective of them in playing games to earn, NFT, and various token projects. Beanie divided the groups into diverse, dedicated perspectives. Luckily all those groups were free to use for all. Having paid discord servers in the market, this server helps you to learn more about NFT for a beginner. 

Link to Join:



VeeFriends is another best and active server that holds 160k+ members. It has a dedicated channel called scam-alert, helpful for newcomers to avoid losing their NFTs. By joining this server, it will give positive and kind vibes to NFTs. It was created by Gary V, who has 20 years of experience in building business. He used to communicate in this community and share his experience with the newcomers. 

Link to Join:



Enter focuses on NFT, particularly in Art, Finance. It is a strong community of musicians, artists, and blockchain developers. So having those together makes it a unique NFT Platform that uses Binance Smart Chain. Enter was built on cutting-edge technology that provides you sustainable ecosystems for both creators and users. This discord server consists of brilliant members, bringing a next-gen innovative trading platform. It will be carried out with low transaction fees and simplified solutions.  

Link to Join:


Official NFT Discord

The NFT’s official platform of Discord and Instagram is beneficial if you start with NFT. Its Discord has 20k members, and its Instagram has 500k+ followers. The latest news on the NFT world is shared 24/7 here, making it a unique and wonderful place to remain informed. If you’re an artist, there is a dedicated channel named “IG Feature” is used to put your project. You can promote your work and network with other experienced artists in the “Project” channel. 

Link to Join:



This is one of the most popular NFTs in 2021. MekaVerse has more than 230k+ members. Even if you don’t want to purchase “Meka,” you can join here to earn experience and inspiration on others projects. 

Link to Join:


NFT Hideout

It is a private server made for several purposes like learning NFT and Crypto collectors, learners, investors, and creators. Even though this is a small channel, it will be helpful for individuals who don’t want to get lost. 

Members of this server can cast their artwork, review NFT topics and discuss the custom NFT projects like other members do in the NFT Discord server. 

Link to Join:


How is the Discord server basically used?

According to the firm, Discord will hold 140 million-plus active users at the end of 2020. These users may be Podcasters, YouTubers, live broadcasters, and other online promoters. They often use the Discord server for advertising and growing their online communities. 

Once you establish the NFT Discord community, you can join various specialty communities to develop your projects. The things to do once you start your own server:

Be a member of your server and share your experience. On a regular basis, keep in touch with your Discord members. Form a set of guidelines for the server members to follow. Allow your community to ask anything they want to you as well as with others. 



NFT plays an essential role in the digital market for earning money. It has several marketplaces to make the purchase. There are many articles that help to understand the NFT, and Discord servers give you more additional support for becoming professional. Even beginners can join these Discord servers and start their learning. These Discord servers are unique in their features and have active members to make the group and channels useful. 

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