Passport OneSource Login / OneSource Passport Health Login Portal

Passport One source is a web-based portal that allows all patients to access their health profiles. This standalone web portal will enable users to edit, view, update and maintain their health data without third-party interference. As it doesn’t have any interference, it is very secure and provides authorization for every piece of information provided. Users can access their health records, such as the tests they have taken and their claims, and send that information to any health provider. They can also track their recorded history in any case. 


Experian Health Services

Experian Health is one of the leading health care providers as they provide services to more than 60% of hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharma companies. They also provide travel health and wellness services. This company offers a patient engagement, revenue cycle, and care management system, linking the patient’s credit or debit card details and EMR integration to hospitals and health care service providers across the US. Now they have extended the services across the globe through their online web portal service “One Source Passport Health” Many of the clients benefited from their services. 

OneSource Eligibility Checking

Users should have concerned eligibility criteria to have an account with Passport OneSource. Here are some of the steps to checking eligibility

Step 1: Send a request to the Passport OneSource portal.

Step 2: Now select the payer’s identities to check for eligibility.

Step 3: The payment acknowledgment form will appear there.

Step 4: Fill out all the details required in the chosen option. 

Step 5: Now select the Coverage type you are looking for.

Step 6: Most users select the Health Benefit Plan Insurance as it gives maximum benefits among all other plans.

Step 7: If users look for some special advantage health care Benefits, physiotherapists can choose from the qualification coverage drop menu.


Account Registration

Registration with the Passport one Source portal is simple when you follow the steps given below. Registering in this portal allows one to access and share their health care details remotely with anyone at any time.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Choose the “new user request” option mentioned there.

Step 3: Now fill in your first name, last name, existing email Id, Contact number, address, and user name.

Step 4: Choose the Community Access level from the options given.

Step 5: You can go through the community explanations given below for your reference. 


Login into account

Login is the next step to registration. Users should know their username and password before logging in. The input of wrong passwords several times may suspend one’s account. So users should double-check the username and password they enter into the site.

Step 1: Go to the authorized passport health one source Website. 

Step 2: Enter your username registered on the site.

Step 3: Enter the password in the represented box.

Step 4: Then click login. You will be successfully logged in after completing this step.

Step 5: Click forget password hypertext given below if you are not remembering the password. 

You will be taken to the password regeneration site.

Step 6: If you can’t find your username, contact passport health service officers for further details.


Password Reset

Users can click the forget password hypertext, which can take them to the password reset page. No need to worry if they forget the password as this session is always available to retrieve their account. Users can follow the steps to retrieve their accounts. 

Step 1: After clicking the forget password, you will be navigated to the password reset page.

Step 2: Select the ” lost your password” option at the bottom of the login button.

Step 3: Click the previously initiated statements.

Step 4: Then fill in the username and click the start button.

Step 5: Now, answer all the questions correctly as you entered during the account setup.

Step 6: After answering all the questions exactly as you gave during sign-up, you will be taken to the password reset page. 

Step 7: Enter the new password you want to create.

Step 8: Re-type the password in the other field to confirm.

Step 9: Click submit at the end of the page.

Step 10: Now login to the page with the existing username and new password created. 

Step 11: Then, you can get access to your account.



  • Access to all Health care information at the same time.
  • Easy Sharing of profiles to the health care providers.
  • Tracking of records and tests taken. 
  • Contact doctors online.
  • Easy to fix appointments with health care providers.
  • Check Claims and Insurance status on the go.
  • Easy to edit and update information anytime.
  • Manage payments systems.
  • Refer your billing data anytime.



A common technical issue that every user are 

  • Error while login, 
  • Network Connection Issues,
  • Web Browser update problems, 
  • Server issues.


Here we discuss the issues and how to handle them.

  • Users should update their web browsers to the latest version available on the app.
  • Users should use secured web browsers to avoid unwanted cookies that slow their browses.
  • Users should use proper devices for their access. 
  • Users’ Devices should allow access to all kinds of sites.
  • Users should be careful about filling up the fields such as their name, username, password, contact number, and other details. Because many users often choose auto-filling, this may cause some errors as the information in one site differs from others. So users should once check all the Information provided before they submit.
  • Users should accept CAPTCHA if their browsers ask them for security purposes.
  • Users should be careful in filling the CAPTCHA. If they fill the captcha wrong, they can use RECAPTCHA options.
  • Ensure your browser is free from cache files so the browser can easily find them from their search history.
  • Users should use good network providers for high-speed transfer of information.
  • Users should check whether their antivirus and firewall security systems are not blocking the site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access Passport One source WebPortal?

Patients who have created their account with the Experian Health care Service online can access their web portal.


How does Passport OneSource help patients?

It helps patients to access and track their medical conditions anywhere, anytime.

It helps them to make appointments and contact doctors online easily.


Can users make transactions with the Passport OneSource portal?

Yes, users can make transactions using various payment methods like credit/ debit card, NEFT, and others available online.



With this article, I just covered the important topics like benefits, application, account registration, login, and password reset of the Passport OneSource web portal. We hope it will be useful and informational who are using Experian Health Services to maintain their health care.

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