Quantum Computer Technology

There exist two types of computer one is the classical computer that you use daily in your life which can be easily found in the home and offices, as well as a supercomputer higher category of the classical computers. When we talk about the quantum computer they are completely different specs and do not follow the classical rule of Physics for the electricity they are working on sub-atomic particles which do not follow the normal rules of Physics that’s why the classical computer is different from the quantum computer based on the classical and the quantum physics.

Normally in the classical computers we use the smallest data as the bit, in normal terms it can be in the state of 0 or 1 or you can say like in a transistor it can be on or off. Generally, classical computers process the data in the form of bits and which are transferred from one computer to another when there is a communication step between the network either you play the game or you are browsing your websites these bits are in constant motion. 

You may be wondering how switching on and off the transistor can receive and send the information, then you will be surprised to know that this technique has been effective even when the transistor for any electronic communication was not present. During the time of 16th century, people try to communicate at a far distance with the help of signals, one person may stand one place, and the other person who wants to send the information let’s say they stand on the Lighthouse and use the torch to signal and try to communicate the person whom may be far away from covering and lighting up the object for example when the person needed to communicate a particular word to the receiver he may flash the light two times in a row and the receiver will decode with the help of the pre-existing standards and compare the message these regular interval flashes of the light communicated the message to the faraway visitor. The same tactics have been continued but taken the form of wires and bits and also the rate of these with the transmission is millions of time faster than the person who was communicating with the flash, when you see the website you are scrolling right now you may be receiving a countless number of bits in your system to make the communication even possible.

Also, you may have heard that computer specification must be 32 bit and processor 64 Megabytes of Ram and 2.1 gigabits hard drive and this actual specification from some computer which used to exist A decade ago. Now when we talk about the classical computer the more number of bits and bytes that a computer can process the faster it is safe and the supercomputers which are used by the satellites processor and performing a more complicated task in can process a lot of lot more than the classical computers that we find in our home but this does not differentiate the supercomputer from the classical computer supercomputers are just many times improvement of the home classical computers.

The classical computers the bits can be either in the state of zero or in the state of one it can be on or it can be off. But in the Quantum computer, the cubit is present in a state of superposition. The state of superposition is what makes the quantum computer and gives its properties to it. The superposition principle states that until the event has occurred it can be in the state of existence and non-existence at the same time it is the probability which gives how much percent particular state exists in reality. 

The biggest impact of the development of the quantum computer will be in the field of artificial intelligence. Because artificial intelligence is lacking due to the processing speed of a computer, machine learning algorithms take a great amount of time to process and to learn there is generation after generation machine learning algorithms that receive the input data and then perform deep learning to recognize and become useful. Quantum computers will increase the processing speed helping the machine learning algorithm.

Now let’s talk about Supremacy. Computer manufacturers are trying to compete in the industry of Quantum computers and they are trying to develop a practical application of Quantum computers. Quantum Supremacy was a term that was coined by the physics professor at California Institute of Technology. 

Quantum computer can help in building Complex molecular structures which were earlier impossible to think of because of their structural complexity and it took men over thousands of hours to discover that structure but with the help of quantum computers we can find that structural pattern and test its validity in a virtual environment, and this medicine can be then prepared for the mass production. Sometimes it becomes hard to model out the data for the classical computer because either there is a less amount of data present to model the pattern or the complexity for finding the pattern is impossible for the classical computers. A quantum computer with a great and enormous amount of processing power figures out these patterns and crafts a better model like Stock Analysis in the financial world and gives a great model out of conceiving the patterns of the day trading.  The property of quantum computers to solve complicated problems and do pattern analysis will greatly change the way we look at the world. 


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