25 Free Online Romance Books to read online [2022]

Are you looking for the best romantic books to read? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of 25 romantic books to read online for free without spending coins. Romantic novel readers can also find romantic books worth reading on this list. We compile this list by considering all the popular subgenres of utopian novels, from free classic romantic stories to free online historical romance novels and other romance subgenres.

In this article, we will not only give you a free romantic book to read online but also a link so you can read and download books. So without further ado, let’s start!

25 Free Online Romance Books to read online

Me before you

Author: Jojo Moyes, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: January 5, 2012.

Before you tell the story of Louisa Clark, who unfortunately lost his job in a cafe after the owner announced that he had closed the shop, he took a necessary job from Will Traynor, paralyzed after a motorcycle accident.

Book link: https://archive.org/details/MeBeforeYouJojoMoyes_201804

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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

Author: Sarah Maclean, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: March 30, 2010.

This novel tells the story of Lady Calpurnia Hartnell, a woman who is tired of following the rules and decides to break all the rules and start living a lost life. To do this, Callie will need a partner, and this is when Gabriel St. John, Marquess of Ralston, was introduced to the story.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/nine-rules-to-break-when-romancing-a-rake-e195582360.html


Vision in White

Author: Nora Roberts, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: April 28, 2009.

Vision in White is the Bride Quartet series book, followed by Bed of Roses. The Bride Quartet series is centred around the wedding planning company owned by four childhood friends. Vision on White tells the love story of Machine “Mac” Elliot, a wedding photographer, and Carter Maguire, an English professor.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/vision-in-white-e191326094.html


A walk to remember

Author: Nicholas Sparks, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: October 1999.

A walk to remember is about the romantic relationship between two teenagers, Landon Carter, who are middle school rebels, and Jamie Sullivan, a priest’s daughter. This novel is one of the novels that will make you cry.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/download-a-walk-to-remember-by-nicholas-sparks/


Bared to you

Author: Sylvia Day, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Romantic Eroticics, Publication Date: April 3, 2012.

Daling to you centred around Eva Tramell, a twenty-four-year-old woman who experienced sexual harassment in her childhood. Eva finds it difficult to forget her past.

He finally fell in love with Gideon Cross, a young billionaire who also survived the sexual harassment of childhood. Both lovers must find ways to heal each other to build healthy relationships. Bared to You is the first book in the Crossfire series, followed by “Reflected in You”, published in October 2012.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/bared-to-you-e185931012.html


The Duchess War

Author: Courtney Milan, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: December 6, 2012.

The Duchess War is the first book in the Brother sinister series. This novel tells the love story of Robert Blaisdell, North Duke Claremont, a man who is determined to correct the mistakes made by his father, and Wilhelmina “Minne” Pursuing, a woman who has a dark secret.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-duchess-war-e189851880.html


Dark lover

Author: J.R. Ward, Sub Genre: Paranormal Romance, Publication Date: February 19, 2005.

This novel revolves around the romantic relationship between Wrath, the only pure vampire left on this planet, and Beth Randell, a half-child unaware of his inheritance. Dark Lover is the first book in the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/dark-lover-e156882461.html


The Time Traveller’s Wife

Author: Audrey Niffenegger, Sub Genre: romantic fiction, scientific, Publication Date: 2003.

The Time Traveller’s Wife tells the story of Henry De Tambe, a man with genetic disorders that allow him to travel through time unconsciously, and his wife, Clare Abshire, who must overcome his chaos.

This novel has received several nominations and won two awards: Exclusive Book Boeke Prize and British Book Award.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-time-travelers-wife-e42948666.html



Author: Diana Gabaldon, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: June 1, 1991.

Outlander, located around the time of the second world war, centred on Claire Beauchamp, a former weapons nurse who travelled up to 1743 during the second honeymoon with her husband. During the trip, Claire met and fell in love with Jamie Fraser.

Outlander is the first novel in the Outlander series. This novel won Romance Writers of America’s Rita Award for the Best Romance of 1991.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/dgabaldon-1-outlander-e37679948.html


The Fault in our stars

Author: John Green, Sub Genre: Romantic Adult Young, Realistic Fiction, Publication Date: January 10, 2012.

The Fault in Our Stars tells the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old girl with thyroid cancer that spreads in her lungs. Hazel attended the cancer support group where he met and fell in love with Augustus Waters, a 17 -year -old boy who was a survivor of Osteosarcoma.

Book link: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL25607762M/The_Fault_in_Our_Stars


The Truth about forever

Author: Sarah Dessen, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Young Adult Romantic, Publication Date: May 11, 2004.

The Truth about forever tells the story of a young woman, Mary Queen, who tried to recover from the loss of her father and suddenly said goodbye to her lover, Jason, who will go to the brain champion.

The author, Sarah Dessen, thinks “the truth about forever” is the most complicated book that has been written and indeed the most difficult.

Book link: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL15024566W/The_truth_about_forever


Along for the Ride

Author: Sarah Dessen, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Young Adult Romantic, Publication Date: June 16, 2009.

Along for the Ride is about Auden West, who just finished high school and decided to spend the summer before studying in the city of Colby Beach, where his father, his wife, and new baby lived.

Austen met with Eli, an attractive loner and fellow insomniac, and began to spend his night with him to redeem his lost childhood.

Book link: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL15024568W/Along_for_the_ride?edition=alongforridenove00dess


Bet me

Author: Jennifer Cruise, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: 2004

Bet me is about Minerva “Min” Dobbs, a 33 -year -old woman who was thrown away by her boyfriend, David, three weeks before her sister’s marriage. David ended their relationship because Min refused to have sex with him.

To return to Min, David bet Calvin “Cal” Morrisey $ 10,000 that he could not get Min to bed within a month. Fortunately, Min heard their conversation and decided to play together. My bet won the Romance Writers of America Rita award for the best contemporary single title in 2005.

Book link: https://archive.org/details/betme00jenn/page/n1/mode/2up



Author: Jane Austen, Sub Genre: Romantic History,Publication Date: December 1815.

This novel rotates around Emma Woodhouse, who decided to start an arranged marriage after her friend and former government, Miss Taylor, married Mr Westin, a wealthy widower. But unfortunately, his arranged marriage has many destructive effects. Emma is the fourth novel written by Jane Austen, published in three volumes.

Book link: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/158


What I did for a Duke

Author: Julie Anne Long, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: 2011.

This novel tells the love story of Genevieve Eversea and Alexander Moncrieffe, Duke of Falconbridge. Genevieve Eversea has fallen in love with Lord Harry Osborne for three years.

Henry has all the qualities that Genevie have sought in a man. Genevieve expects Harry to propose to him, but Harry tells him he has a plan to suggest to his best friend, Lady Millicent Blankenship. This makes Genevieve destroyed.

After Alexander caught Ian Eversea, Genevieve’s brother, in bed with his fiancée, he decided to take revenge by destroying Ian’s sister, Genevieve. What I do for Duke is the fifth book in the Pennyroyal series. If you like to read enemies into a romantic novel of lovers, then you will enjoy this novel.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/what-i-did-for-a-duke-pennyroyal-green-5-b8430098.html


Lord of Scoundrel

Author: Loretta Chase, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Romantic Regency, Publication Date: 1995.

This novel tells the love story of Sebastian Ballister, Marquess of Dain, who is famous for being cruel, and Jessica Trent, a beautiful young woman who is determined to save her nitwit, Bertie, from Sebastian’s destructive influence.

Lord of scoundrels is volume 3 of the Scoundrels series. This novel won the Romance Writers of America Rita award for “Best Short Historical” in 1995.

Book link: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL15715384W/Lord_of_Scoundrels


The Hating game

Author: Sally Throne, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: August 9, 2016.

This novel is centred on the relationship of hatred (then changes love) between Lucy and Josh, who work for book publishing companies and office sharing.

Book link: https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-hating-game-e194618054.html


The Viscount who loves me

Author: Julia Quinn, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: December 5, 2000.

At the age of 29 years, Anthony Bridgerton decided it was time to get married and continue the family line. However, Anthony was afraid to fall in love because he believed he would die young like his father.

He plans to marry Edwina Sheffield, but his sister, Katherine “Kate” Sheffield, thinks she is not good enough for her sister and will not let her marry her. Anthony and Kate hated each other, but finally, Kate fell in love with Anthony.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/the-viscount-who-loved-me/


The Notebook

Author: Nicholas Sparks, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: October 1, 1996.

Allie, a woman with Alzheimer’s disease, could not remember Noah, her lover. So daily, Noah comes to read from an old notebook to him. The notebook contains their love story. Noah read it, hoping that one day he would remember it.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/download-the-notebook-by-nicholas-sparks/


The Kiss Quotient

Author: Helen Hoang, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: June 5, 2018.

The Kiss Quotient is about Stella Lane, an autistic woman who hires a bodyguard, Michael Plan, to practice intimacy with others.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/the-kiss-quotient-pdf/


The Bridal test

Author: Helen Hoang, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: May 7, 2019.

The bridal test is about Esme Tran, a hotel servant, and Khai Diep, an autistic man who believes he can’t love. So when looking for a better life for himself and his daughter, Esme agreed to marry Khai Diep.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/the-bride-test/


The Wedding date

Author: Jasmine Guillory, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: January 30, 2018.

The wedding date is the first series in the wedding date series, followed by a proposal. This novel tells story of Alexa and Drew. Although Alex and Drew were trapped in the elevator, before they were released, he agreed to pretend to be a fake girlfriend in his ex -marriage.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/the-wedding-date-by-jasmine-guillory-pdf/


It ends with us

Author: Colleen Hoover, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: August 2, 2016.

It ended with us telling the story of Lily, a young college graduate who lives in Boston. Lily meets Ryle Kincaid, a population surgeon. When he developed feelings for Ryle, Atlas, his first love, reappeared and challenged the relationship between Lily and Ryle.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/it-ends-with-us-by-colleen-hoover-pdf/


The Love hypothesis

Author: Ali Hazelwood, Sub Genre: Contemporary Romantic, Publication Date: September 14, 2021.

The love hypothesis is about Olive, PhD. Students who want to convince his best friend that he has moved and he is dating. He kissed Dr Adam Carlsen, a famous Professor of Hotshot, and a donkey to prove this.

After the kiss, Adam and Olive agreed to falsify a relationship to prove to his friend that he was happy to date her. The Love Hypothesis has received many positive reviews from Entertainment Weekly, Sadel Awareness, and weekly publishers. That’s called Amazon’s best romantic novel in 2021.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/the-love-hypothesis-by-ali-hazelwood-pdf/


The Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid, Sub Genre: Romantic History, Publication Date: June 13, 2007.

Monique Grant, an unknown magazine reporter, was chosen by Evelyn Hugo, an Old Hollywood film icon, to write a biography of her life that will contain all the truths about her glamorous and shameful life and, of course, about her seven husbands.

Monique did not know why he was chosen, but he was determined to use the opportunity to start his career. But it is not known to him that his life tragically intersects with Evelyn and cannot be changed.

Book link: https://booktree.ng/download/the-seven-husbands-of-evelyn-hugo-by-taylor-pdf/



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