Services provided by operating system

There are various services that are offered by the operating system to the end-users as well as to the application program which in turn provide service to the user. Let’s talk about the services that are provided by the operating system in more detail.


Program execution

The purpose of the operating system to exist is to provide an environment for the application software and program to run on the computer system. The operating system is itself a program that is loaded by the bootloader during the booting of the computer. The operating system works by utilizing the resources of the hardware and providing these resources to the application software to which the end-user is interacting. Therefore to provide an environment for the execution of the program is one of the main services that is provided by the operating system.


I/O operation

The input and output operations are also the services that are provided by the operating system. It may seem very easy to plug and play the devices on the computer system but it is equally complicated to handle these operations. The I/O operations are used by various applications as an input for execution, during this execution the operating system goes on to interrupt the processing of the CPU and then attend to the signals that are coming from the I/O devices and after attending them the operating system again give back the control to the CPU and the CPU continues its execution of the program. 


File operation

There are various techniques that the operating system utilizes in order to handle the file operation. The right method of handling the file operation increases the memory capacity and also an efficient memory increases the speed of execution of the program. When some file is stored in the memory it is the responsibility of the operating system to how to store that file in the memory in an efficient method. There exist various methods for storage of files such as contiguous file allocation and non-contiguous file allocation. Depending on the need of the operating system either uses one of the methods of file allocation or uses both of them. Therefore the file operation is one of the services that are provided by the operating system.


Resource allocation

If some program requires access to the hardware resource of the computer then in that case the operating system will help the program to use the hardware resources such as CPU, memory, I/O devices, etc. The operating system maintains the process in a queue to be executed by the CPU so once the process enters the CPU then it starts its execution and when some other process of higher authority requires to be executed by then the operating system takes the control of the CPU for some time and halt the previous process for the execution of the current process in this way the resource allocation occurs with the help of the operating system.



Communication between processes is required for the execution of various programs. The program is divided into various processes and these processes increase the speed of the execution of the program. The process is working for the same program so they share the same goal and also they require to share the memory to communicate to each for the execution of the instructions, the operating system takes care whether the process is able to communicate with each other and apply various methods such as message parsing and shared memory for establishing communication between the various process.

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