Seven best Solana Wallets for NFT and Staking

This is the fastest-growing ecosystem in the crypto, with more than a thousand projects spanning Defi, NFTs, and Web3.

To navigate the Solana ecosystem, you need to have a safe and secure wallet. We have the best and most secure Solana Wallet based on security, availability, mobile app support, staking, NFT compatibility, etc.


What is a Wallet?

A crypto wallet is a device which stores a collection of keys and can be used to send, receive, or track ownership of cryptocurrencies. Wallets can take many forms. A wallet may be a directory or file in your computer’s file system, a piece of paper, or a specialized device called a hardware wallet. Many smartphone apps and computer programs provide a user-friendly way to create and manage wallets.

A key pair is a private key and its cryptographically-derived public key. At the same time, a private key and its corresponding public key are together known as a key pair. A wallet contains a collection of one or more key pairs and provides few means to interact with them.

The public key (commonly shortened to pub key) is known as the wallet’s receiving address or simply its address. You can share the wallet address freely without any fear.

The private key is needed to digitally sign any transactions to send cryptocurrencies to another address or change the wallet. Solana supports many types of wallets to choose the right balance of security and convenience.

Here is the list of the seven best Solana Wallets. These are –

  1. Phantom
  2. Solflare
  3. Slope
  4. Clover
  5. Math Wallet
  6. Ledger Nano X
  7. Exodus


Seven best Solana Wallets for NFT and Staking


This wallet is a native Solana wallet designed exclusively for the Solana ecosystem. Here you safeguard your assets and be your bank, and it works on known browsers such as Chrome, Brave (crypto-friendly with a Chrome base), and Microsoft Edge. The design is user-friendly, clean, and very simple.

Phantom is a crypto wallet which makes it safe & easy for you to store, send, receive, and swap tokens on the Solana blockchain. This is the only wallet you need to traverse the Solana ecosystem.

It is supported and invested by Andreessen Horowitz. It is available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. This is readily available on the IOS mobile application.

Currently, Phantom doesn’t support Android, and we expect the Phantom Android application sooner. Phantom is one of the best Solana Wallets for NFT and DEFI.


  • Phantom has never had access to any of your data or funds ever.
  • You can use our built-in DEX to swap tokens at the best prices, instantly safely.
  • We took special care to make sure your NFTs look great.
  • Ledger support: You can connect your hardware wallet.
  • Web3 Support and SOL stacking
  • Support on favourite browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.



This is a non-custodial wallet for Solana where you can store, swap, and send on Solana with Solflare. This is available on desktop, mobile, and on a browser extension. This is an all-in-one digital wallet solution for Solana.


  • Non-Custodial: It never has access to your data or funds.
  • NFT Compatible: It includes both visual and audio NFTs.
  • IN-Wallet Swap
  • Support on favourite browser
  • Has both Android and IOS App3



This is the first cross-platform and non-custodial wallet in Solana. It supports both Ethereum and Solana wallets very fast. This is the world’s best mobile decentralized exchange and wallet, and it is backed by world-class investors Like Solana Capital, Sequoia, Spartan, and NVC Venture.

It allows artist and creators to mint their own NFTs and launch self-hosted NFT storefronts. This is supported by both IOS and Android applications, and it is available as a Chrome extension.

The slope is the best cross-platform Solana wallet.


  • Cross-Platform
  • Access from multiple devices.
  • Non-Custodial: This has never access to any of your data or funds ever
  • DApps Support: It provides the simplest yet most secure way to connect to Solana DApps.
  • Token Swap
  • NFT & Collectibles.



Clover is a multichain, cross-chain, multi-asset wallet. Clover supports popular blockchains from Ethereum, Polka dot, Solana, Binance, Smart Chain, Phantom, Avalanche, Kusama, Edgeware, and many other blockchains. This is available on a chrome extension also.

This is supported as a Web app with social account login, and it is available on both Android and IOS. If you are looking for Solana’s best multichain and cross-chain wallet, then Clover is the best option.


  • Social account login
  • Multi-chain DApps interactive support for EVM networks, DOT/KSM + Parachains, Solana
  • Cross-chain, Multi-assets
  • Internal Swap
  • NFT Support



Math Wallet multichain wallet for Web3 supports 93+ popular public chains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana. With one-click access to the apps store. Users can use this browser so that they don’t need to install a lot of extension wallets. This keeps on supporting a lot of more main blockchains. This is backed by Fenbushi Capital, Binance Labs, and Multicoin Capital.


  • Math DApps Store to satisfy all the decentralized app needs and entry for all DApp users.
  • Math Vault: CeFI + DeFi + Stacking Aggregator
  • Math Chain: Layer 2 blockchain, which is based on Substrate.
  • Math Token: This can be used to redeem all Math Products
  • Math Giveaway: You can launch your own Twitter Giveaway in 2 mins
  • Math Gas: This is the first multichain gas tracker app.


Ledger Nano X

This is a Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet where you can securely manage and grow your crypto. It supports more than 5,500 coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Solana. This secures your crypto on the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, then manages and grows it with the Ledger Live app. This is the best hardware Solana Wallet currently available right now.


  • Ledger Nano X are USB storage wallets that let users keep cryptocurrency stored safely offline. It’s the best Bitcoin wallet and has millions of users.
  • It works with the Ledger Live mobile app, where investors can check crypto balances and make online transactions.
  • The Nano X has Bluetooth to connect very easily to your mobile phone, or you can use the included USB-C to USB-A cable.



Exodus is the multichain crypto wallet where you can send, receive and exchange 100+ cryptocurrencies. This Supports almost all modern operating systems from windows, mac, and Linux. Exodus has both Android and IOS apps. And if you are looking for desktop apps, departure is the best Solana Desktop app. These apps yield 5.88% APY on Stacking Solana.


  • In-built Exchange
  • Built-in Exchange
  • Supports 150+ Currently Assets
  • It supports both Mobile and Desktop Applications.



What is the most popular Solana NFT marketplace?

Ans. Opens. The biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea, has boosted the Solana after being added to the platform.

Is Meta Mask a good wallet?

Ans. Highlights. Being both a browser and mobile-based wallet.

Does Solana support NFT?

Ans. Following last week’s official teaser that support was coming, NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain network are now available to trade on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace by volume.

Can you lose money on NFTs?

Ans. It’s important to remember that, due to the costs of making NFTs, there is the possibility that you could lose money on your creation.



Thus, the best SOL NFT marketplaces to focus on right now are MagicEden, Solanart and Solea. You can say these are the digital assets that can take the form of GIFs. They are on a blockchain currency & give the buyer digital ownership rights.

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