Should I use Polygon on OpenSea [ Polygon Vs Ethereum ]

An Ethereum-compatible blockchain network can be built with Polygon and connected through its protocol and framework. It will be a good replacement for Ethereum. There are a few problems with Ethereum, including high gas fees, no sovereignty, and a lack of scalability. By using sidechains, Polygon addresses these issues. The sidechain almost always has better performance and lower costs than Ethereum transactions.

If you’re planning to sell your NFTs at an affordable price and your audience is immersed in the NFT space, then it’s best to use your Polygon on OpenSea. In the same way, we have presented all details related to the Polygon, which provides you with a better idea.


How can you transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon?

  • To convert your Ethereum currencies to Polygon, you must bridge them from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network. Polygon provides scalable, secure, instant transactions with Ethereum currencies, including ETH, USDC, and DAI.
  • This guide aims to explain how to transfer currencies from Ethereum to the Polygon (PoS) network.


Is it possible to use Polygon on OpenSea?

  • OpenSea requires that you bridge Ethereum (ETH) onto Polygon (PoS) before using OpenSea ETH.
  • To get into your wallet, look on the top-right of the OpenSea website. To do so, you should have some ETH in your account. How you can purchase ETH will be explained later.
  • Click on the three circles in your wallet to access the Bridge to Polygon button. After you have ETH in your wallet, click on the button.
  • Upon clicking it, a pop-up window will appear asking you how much ETH you want to bridge onto Polygon.
  • When you sign a transaction in your crypto wallet, you will be prompted.
  • If you’ve signed the transaction and it has been completed, you should receive a confirmation email.
  • It takes approximately seven minutes for Ethereum to bridge to Polygon. You will see a purple ETH icon on Polygon (PoS) once your bridged Ethereum is successful.
  • If you wish to find further information on your bridged funds, you can visit Token Transfers on Polygon scan, which functions as Ether scan, specifically for the Polygon Network.


Where can I purchase Ethereum (ETH)?

  • An excellent way to remember Ethereum is by its ticker symbol, ETH, which is its native currency. When you interact with the blockchain and buy items, you need ETH to pay.

          By using OpenSea, ETH can be added

  • From the top-right corner of the OpenSea website, select the wallet icon to add ETH. Pressing the “Add Funds” button will add ETH to your account.

You will notice that a pop-up window appears with two options:

  • Deposit via an exchange

The best place to purchase crypto is on a reputable crypto exchange, like Coinbase or Binance, which offers cash-based purchases.


You can send cryptocurrency from your exchange to your wallet by clicking the “copy” button using the same address.

  • Purchase with a credit card
  • For some localities, you can’t purchase directly with a credit card.
  • There may be additional charges associated with using a credit card, depending on who you purchase from. There are additional charges on using a credit card, and it depends on who you are buying from. The crypto amount may not be received entirely at the time of purchase.


  • Through your wallet, you can add ETH 
  • It is also possible to receive ETH directly into your wallet, depending on your wallet provider. You may purchase ETH via MetaMask by following the instructions below.
  • Be aware that all transactions conducted on the Ethereum blockchain will be charged gas fees. In addition to the gas fee associated with the transaction, you will need enough ETH to complete your OpenSea transaction.


Is it possible to purchase NFTs on Polygon?

In addition to facilitating instant, secure and scalable transactions involving Ethereum currencies like ETH, USDC, and DAI, Polygon is also built on the Polygon blockchain.

We will examine a few advantages of buying NFTs on Polygon in this guide:

Initialization fees for wallets are no longer charged. Gas is not required to sell or buy NFTs. In Polygon, the gas fee is only charged when ETH funds are transferred.

For Polygon, you can only buy an NFT using Polygon ETH. For Ethereum currencies to be spent on Polygon, you need to bridge them to the Polygon blockchain.


Polygon’s NFT buying instructions

  1. When viewing NFT items on the left panel, check “Polygon” under the “Chains” section.
  2. On the lower-left corner of every NFT item is a purple hexagon which serves as Polygon’s logo.
  3. On Polygon, buying NFTs is the same as buying NFTs on the Ethereum main net. Click the “Buy Now” button if you find an item you’re interested in.
  4. Then you are requested to unlock Polygon trading in your wallet if this is your first purchase on Polygon. This process is requested to do only once.
  5. You should be able to purchase your NFT once you have completed the unlocking transactions!
  6. Well done! Your first NFT has just been purchased on Polygon.


Where can you see your funds on Polygon?

When using Polygon, you have two options for viewing your funds.

  • Polygon ETH is the only cryptocurrency supported by OpenSea. OpenSea features a wallet icon in the top-right corner of the page, where you can view your Polygon ETH balance. A purple logo represents Polygon ETH.
  • 5If your OpenSea balance has not updated after completing a Polygon transaction (there is a delay across blockchains updating), just log in to your wallet on the to view the correct balance.
  • Alternatively, you can log in to your OpenSea account. Click on the “Refresh funds” tool from the dropdown menu next to your account name. A blockchain transaction history will be updated to reflect your account balance.


The Polygon Scan Interface

  • As simple as using Etherscan, Polygon Scan is also! Using Polygon Scan, you can view transactions and addresses on the mainnet of Polygon (PoS).
  • All you need to do is go to and use the same Ethereum wallet address you use for Ethereum. In order to do this, you can copy and paste the address at the top of the MetaMask extension into the Polygon Scan search field if you use MetaMask.
  • The address view will then appear, where you can view the balances for the various tokens on Polygon (PoS).
  • ETH balances can be viewed by simply clicking on the “Token” field. To record your ERC-20 token transactions, click on the “ERC-20 Token Transactions” tab.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which should I use, Polygon or Ethereum?

To compare these two, the Polygon is on top of Ethereum. However, the Polygon is slow and expensive; it is becoming popular. As of December 2021, The Ethereum tool access fourteen transactions per second. On each transaction they cost 25 dollars. 

Is Polygon a cryptocurrency?

The Polygon is an Ethereum blockchain with its crypto called MATIC. This is used to pay fees, particularly on the Polygon. It’s also possible to purchase this MATIC via coinbase. 

Is it possible to Mint NFT through Polygon?

Yes, you can do it in very few steps, and it is accessible from starting an account to setting up your Polygon wallet. 

Can I Polygon for free on OpenSea?

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest marketplace and the first platform to provide cross-blockchain support. It gives the free gas on the Polygon blockchain. 



With this article, we provided all the related information about the Polygon. So, is it easy for you to decide whether you should use Polygon or not? We like to receive your favorite tools and experience on this Polygon by our comment section. 

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