10 best sites like Putlocker to watch movies online free

In the UK, Putlocker is a popular website for watching free movies and TV series online. It gained popularity quickly after being first spotted in 2012 and only took a short while. Putlocker was introduced as a free streaming service due to the popularity of online streaming of movies and TV shows. It quickly became the most popular website at that time thanks to the abundance of engaging content that drew millions of visitors in a short period.

The website contains a vast selection of movies and TV shows, both new and old. Despite being prohibited at the moment, you could still come across websites with the Putlocker name on them (Those are duplicated sites). Generally speaking, it was one of the most popular free movie streaming websites at the time.

Since then, we have only seen cloned Putlocker websites. According to a court ruling, the original Putlocker website was permanently shut down. But for fans of Putlocker, there are still free streaming services available. But it doesn’t have the access as before so there came alternatives for Putlocker. Here we have mentioned some of the best alternatives for Putlocker.

10 best sites like Putlocker to watch movies online free

123 Movies

There are a tonne of streaming services like Putlocker available, but only a select few are likely to be trusted and reliable. A well-known streaming service with a focus on entertainment, user convenience, and security is 123Movies.

Does this website offer the newest films and television shows? This is what, one can reasonably expect from an excellent streaming platform, I suppose. It is well renowned for providing a big index list of movies and TV shows.

It also has sections with clear categories where you can easily seek fresh material. You can limit your search depending on several factors, such as recent additions, the year of release, and the number of views.


YoMovies has been the target of complaints and prohibitions, as their domains have been blocked for understandable reasons. YoMovies.Sh is their newest website.

The best Putlocker alternatives are available, therefore this is one of them. Utilizing the button provided on the movie website, you may also download films like Cinderella, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Matrix Resurrection, etc.

For any movie that can be seen online, there are numerous servers. The player’s features also allow you to choose various video qualities. Additionally, the servers showcase the caliber of their products.

Popcorn Time

One of the most well-known and well-liked streaming services, alongside Netflix and Prime Video, is Popcorn Time. On this website, you may view movies and TV episodes. You might even download your preferred movies with it.

Popcorn Time is one of the greatest Putlocker options for watching free movies and TV series, even though it differs slightly from Putlocker in terms of the overall experience. You must download the Popcorn Time software to watch movies with it. The software is really easy to install on a variety of devices. Once the app is loaded, you can search for and watch your favorite movie.



The popular genres covered by Tubi’s dependable streaming service include Indian films, action, anime, classics, comedy, documentaries, sci-fi & fantasy, horror, drama, kid’s shows, and more. Even if you spend all day watching content on our site, you will always find something interesting to watch. There are thousands of pieces of high-quality content available in each category.

Since it is widespread, you can use it on any gadget. It has a legitimate app for mobile devices that is accessible through App stores. You must register on the Tubi website to stream content for free indefinitely, but doing so is also cost-free. After registering, you can use the platform’s material without any problem. One of the top Putlocker alternatives is probably Tubi if you’re seeking a reliable streaming site.



The ability to choose between two different homepage themes is GoMovies’ finest feature. The default selection has a good lookup feature and is currently clutter-free.

There is a button that will return you to the previous version of the website. It is best to surf when you haven’t made up your mind about what you want to see. By trending, most popular, and IMDb rating, you may rapidly sort movies.

The nighttime mode is another outstanding feature of GoMovies. This changes the website into a dark-color layout that is perfect for late-night movie screenings.


As long as the device can stream videos from the internet, its streaming software is compatible with all sorts of hardware. Finding content on SolarMovie is similarly simple; just type in a title in the site’s native search box, and the site will display items that match your search term. Compared to its rivals, its search results are more accurate. All in all, SolarMovie offers high-quality streaming of a variety of films, and the greatest thing is that it is all free. If you’re seeking the greatest Putlocker alternatives, this website is an excellent option.


Another fantastic website for fans of movies is Fmovies. It offers a distinctive user interface and a straightforward design. The homepage has a straightforward, minimalistic look that is ideal for those of us who are easily overwhelmed by busy screens.

The nicest thing about Fmovies is its fantastic search engine, which makes it a terrific choice if you’re looking for a specific movie. Fmovies has the same sorting options as the majority of the websites on this list. With that it’s possible to discover what you’re looking for. Movies can be viewed by category, most recently uploaded, and most popular.

On this website, We encountered several advertisements, but they didn’t bother us a lot because they appeared rarely.



A website called PrimeWire offers free streaming of movies and TV shows. This website is well-known for enabling buffer-free, high-quality streaming. Additionally, it is one of those websites that upload the newest films a day or two after their debut. You can search for movie and television series titles by genre on the website. The Filtering tool on PrimeWire allows users to search for a specific kind of content.

Once you select the Filtering option, a list of content possibilities will appear for you to choose from. The content will then be pulled based on the types you select. That is a neat and fresh feature that PrimeWire provides.

Instead of spending hours browsing through categories to discover the correct kind of content, we think this filtering feature is preferable. However, its categories can always be used to find movies. To summarise, PrimeWire is unquestionably advised because it is actually among the top Putlocker substitutes.



To assist you in finding your preferred movies and TV shows, MoviesJoy offers a functional search bar at the top of its webpage. The website has fresh hits added frequently, plus it has fewer commercials than most free streaming websites.

On this website, you won’t find many foreign films or dramas, but MoviesJoy makes up for it with a huge selection of US entertainment. You’ll undoubtedly find it here if that’s what you’re looking for.MoviesJoy features an aesthetically pleasing layout that is simple to use and functions fairly well on mobile.



Megashare is the next greatest Putlocker-like website on the list. On Megashare, which is similar to Putlocker Premium, you may watch entire movies. Megashare not only offers movies but also in-depth articles. The Megastore UI’s user-friendliness and aesthetic impact serve as the cherry on the cake.



Any of the above-mentioned alternatives to Putlocker can be used when the server is busy or if it is down. Before adding them to the list, we tested these best and free Putlocker alternatives. We advise using a VPN service to access these websites for a more satisfying experience and to ensure a secure connection. Any VPN service—free or paid—can be used. Additionally, if at all feasible, install an adblocker to prevent being directed to an advertisement every time you click on a website. This will prevent the unique distraction of pop-up advertisements.

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