What software is required to create NFT art? Free Software to Use for NFT Art

Pandemic has helped people bring artists into them. Since the illness, the amount of time people spend online has increased dramatically. As more and more people become webcams, more and more technologies and ideas are born. And NFTs are no exception. Since its inception in 2021, the art of NFTs has gained much popularity and demand among crypto experts and has given rise to many artists who want to create their own NFTs. If you are one of them, you must be wondering what software to use for NFT art. Here is a comprehensive list of software that can help you create your artwork.


The Art and the Artist

The fact that a simple piece of art makes millions and billions of dollars drives people crazy, ultimately leading to the growth and development of the NFT market. Over time, more and more people join the NFT community as they get creative and trade their art. NFTs can be specialized digital art assets, including photographs, illustrations, videos, and catalogs. Previously, becoming an NFT trader was difficult as people did not have access to the same digital assets. But now, with the help of various software and applications, technology has made it easier for NFT enthusiasts, who can easily create unique and inspiring works of art that can be listed or sold as NFTs. If you wonder how to make NFT art without coding or using free apps, keep reading.


What software is used to create NFT art?


As one of the oldest digital art programs, Krita has been in the artist community since 2004 and is one of the best NFT art creation programs. Whether you are an expert or a hobbyist, the software is suitable for everyone as it supports a psychological interface that is easy to use and manageable. You can create custom workspaces by moving panels and storing objects to create your animations.

The software includes 100 professionally crafted pre-loaded brushes, including pencil, Paint, or watercolor, and nine specialized brush engines for color scents and shapes. You can expand your brush library by importing brushes from other artists, and it also comes with custom strokes that can be extended to provide real blending options and customization. Plus, the Warp tools help you create softer patterns and textures.

If we talk about pen pressure or painting speed, application software has the best answer. It is equipped with vector tools used to create comic panels. In addition, there are repair tools like dots and filters. By using the app, you can get a smooth drawing experience as the layout is well designed and gives easy results.

Krita effectively deals with PSD files which can be opened much more accessible than Photoshop, which it does. Considering these valuable features, Krita is the best performer ever. However, if you encounter any problems while running the application, go to the tutorial section, which contains solutions to your problems.



Inkscape is a free competitive version of Adobe Illustrator and a great way to create NFT art. The application, for example, InkSpace comes with equally useful vector manager tools and options. This software is the creator of digital art as it has everything that an artist needs. Its features, to name a few, Create things with clones, pencils, pens, calligraphy, etc.

In addition, the program effectively handles complex graphics made of complex objects, as they are created with an easy-to-use interface. The application fully supports the interpretation and arrangement of objects using the RunPot tool. It supports fill and stroke with the help of Pattern Fill, Color Selector, and Gradient Manager.

Text spacing, multi-line sentences, or stork text are also helpful. Several rendering options are provided with the app, including alpha transparency or glossy rendering as an open-source and cross-platform graphic is conveniently saved in SVG format for easy access for years to come. Other forms are also allowed, such as EPS, DXF, PNG, PDF, or sk1.



If you want to make NFT on mobile, then try Super Me. This application is specifically designed to create animated glyphs that can be formatted as NFT in various NFT markets. Avatar is in love with the NFT space these days, and many NFT buyers prefer to buy Avatar-style NFTs, so download the free app and create exclusive and marketable NFTs.

Super I have tools that enable creators to customize their avatars by changing their clothes, hair, and facial expressions. Additionally, this feature allows you to add custom backgrounds and speech bubbles. Once the creation process is complete, users can download and save avatars on their mobile phones, using the latest NFTs. With the NFT Builder app, you can add your Super Me avatar to your business card. Additionally, you can add it to other wallpaper applications.


Midbang Paint Pro

If you are wondering how to make NFT art for free, there is no better option than Medibang Paint Pro, which is one of the best applications for creating NFT art for several reasons. The software comes with 50 custom brushes, and the app is free, making it an excellent option for art lovers. In addition, the program is free from annoying advertisements that prevent the artist’s creativity from being expressed repeatedly.

This app allows brushes to be integrated with other apps, making your life easier and more creative. The app has an excellent, comprehensive, organized, and easy-to-use interface, which manages a lot of screen time and helps artists achieve their dreams.

For beginners and non-expert artists, the app includes a transparent guide that guides them through all the software’s features and functionality. This is one of the best apps for comic book illustrators because it has everything a comic book artist needs. For example, the level of humor, snap lines that draw curves, lines, and vision well. In addition, all the pages of a new project can be saved in one file, making it easier for artists to manage their portfolios.


Art Weaver – Paid

If you wonder how to make NFT art without any problems, try Art Weaver. The software utilizes the hardware to its full potential while the interface is intelligent and manageable, making it very comfortable for the artists to use.

The software comes with a robust set of brushes that artists can customize to suit their needs and add to their libraries based on themes that you can expand upon. For high quality, the software allows you to share your work or interact with multiple artists online to work together. Lastly, this advanced software enables you to restart the drawing process if you detect any problems or check your progress.



If you wonder how to create NFT art on Mac OS, we will bring you the most reliable and high-end option for artistic creativity in 2021. The mixer has a built-in Cycles rendering engine that provides the most realistic rendering:

  • real-time visualization
  • Support for PBR shader and HDR lighting
  • CPU and GPU identification
  • VR provisioning support

The software comes with specialized modeling tools that help you create, edit and edit models having the following features:

  • Edge pieces, interior fillings, grids, bridges, and more
  • Multi-precise and dynamic cutting
  • Python programming for traditional tools and plugins
  • Modern Sculpting Tools and Brushes
  • full N-Gon support
  • 3D Paint with built-in brushes and masks

You can also take benefits of the following features:

  • Combine 2D and 3D in the viewport.
  • Brushstrokes and basic 3D objects to sculpt
  • Adjust interface layout and colors
  • Build your tools and accessories



Whether it’s annoying tools, a versatile brush engine, or an easy-to-build brush system, MyPaint comes with anything you can’t develop without. In addition, the interface has been changed to full-screen mode, which allows the artist to expand his imagination by providing more space.



GIMP is the most used software among artists. It is packed with every useful tool and has hardware support, outstanding file format support, image enhancement, or digital recharging. Furthermore, the app allows users to upload everything directly to the platform with the help of third-party plugins.


How are these apps useful for beginners?

If you have recently entered the world of NFTs, you will be amazed at how people can create their own NFTs using such popular, highly efficient, and well-equipped applications. This software is an excellent option for beginners who don’t even know the basics of making art. Moreover, with highly advanced drawing and painting features, these apps are handpicked by the best art-makers known for their excellent and unique artistic skills. If you are wondering what software to use in NFT art, we hope this article will help you solve your question.


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