Some Recommendation of Best Earphones Under 500

Earphones still become popular choices when people want to listen to music from their mobile devices or even PC. Although now there are ear buds and TWS with its wireless technology, some people are still more interested in earphones. Of course, there are still many choices of earphones. Many brands still compete tightly to provide the best earphones with good features and sound performances. In case you are also looking for the earphone yet you only have limited budget, you can check the recommendation of the earphones under 500. You may also check the website of Own the music to get more information about the devices.

With your limited amount of fund, you are still able to get good earphones. You do not need to worry about the products since there are some options that will be able to make you satisfied once you have tried the product. Of course, you cannot expect too much with your current budget since you may not be able to get the flagship earphones. However, when you only need its good functions, 500 are enough. As for the recommendation of products, these are some of them.

First product is Infinity. This product is manufactured by JBL. You surely know this brand since it is one of the best brand in term of earphones and audio system. The name of the earphone model is Infinity Zip 20. It has its own specialty, and it is about its bass sound. It is quite interesting since sometimes it is not easy to get good earphones that can provide you with good bass sound. That is why this also becomes one of the recommended earphones under 500 that you can consider. As for the material, you still can get the plastic material. You cannot expect high-quality of material for the limited budget. Even so, it is proven that the plastic material still provides good durability so the earphones can last long and it still can work well after some years.

In term of sound quality, JBL never fails to impress the users. It also happens in the Infinity Zip 20. It can provide good clarity in term of the instruments used in the music. Although it has more emphasis on the bass sound, other aspects still can be heard clearly. That is why it can become good partner for jogging and running. You can hear the songs in high beats and the sounds are delivered well. When you want to relax with music, it still can also deliver good sound in low tempo and beat.

Second choice is Realme Earbuds 2. Realme is not only manufacturers of earphone. In fact, it firstly becomes manufacturer of smartphone and it focuses on the more affordable mobile devices that still can give good performance. That is why its earphones are also great in term of quality although its price is affordable. Based the review, it is said that the earphone of Realme Earbuds 2 can provide high-end sound quality. This has been proven and many people agree with the claim. One of the main reasons is about its stereo driver installed in the earphone. The driver can manage the sound output so it will provide good balance between the treble and bass sound.

As for its built-quality, it is quite similar to the Infinity from JBL. Its built quality really shows why it is priced under 500. However, it does not mean that its built-quality can be underestimated. For its price, it is considered great. Even, the earbuds bring strong and thick wires so it will be more durable. On the ends of each ear bud, it has quite strong magnet so it will give easy access when you are not going to use the earphones. The two buds will be magnetized and attached one another. Other good news is its compatibility with the Google Assistant, Bixby, and also Siri. This is going to be useful since you do not need to use your mobile device and the assistance can be accessed directly from the earphone.

Third choice is BoAt BassHeads 152. The main attractive point about the product is its sound quality. The affordable earphone can provide exceptional sound quality. As for its power, it is loud enough but it still does not ignore its clarity. All elements still can be heard clearly with the crisp sounds. It is quite similar to the earphone from Realme where there is driver installed on the earphone. In this case, BoAt installs the 10mm dynamic drivers to produce good sound output from the earphone.

As for its built quality, it is quite different from the other two products. In fact, the earphone uses the metal material on the ear buds. This is something special for its price. Of course, having metal material will provide better durability since the buds will be sturdy enough. The microphone installed in the earphone is also good so it is convenient to make a call since the sound will still be clear even in the noisy surrounding. Its microphone has single button to answer and end calls but there is no access to control the volume or even move to the next track when you listen to songs.

These are some recommendations of good earphones with affordable price. Even when your budget is under 500, you are still able to get good products of earphone. You can get exceptional quality, especially in term of the sound quality. This is something special that you will get although these are earphones under 500.  Best Earphones Under 500 will surely give you solution when you need the best earphones with good quality and affordable price.

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