Sundar Pichai’s Journey to Google

Sundar Pichai always had a good relationship with his father and his father used to talk to Sundar Pichai about his job and what are the works that were assigned to him in his job. Sundar Pichai’s father was an engineer Sundar was always interested in what he had to say. Sundar Pichai did not have any rich family background and there was no luxury in his life, his childhood was very much away from what we call a luxury lifestyle.  

Sundar Pichai even did not have the comfort that a middle-class family was able to enjoy such as television or the refrigerator and even sometimes Sundar had to sleep on the floor with his brother because the family was not able to afford a bed for all their family members.

 Sundar Pichai’s mother was a stenographer and Sundar Pichai loved to study in his spare time and he had an interest in reading various kinds of books. Also, Sundar Pichai loved playing cricket and he was a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar and also wanted to become a cricketer.

 Sundar Pichai was a very shy child in his school, few years after Sundar Pichai gain the frame for being as the CEO of  Google, a reporter interviewed his principal and asked how were Sundar Pichai in the school time and his principal responded that he was a very shy and quiet child and because of his less speaking, some people and doubted that even if Sundar Pichai studied in that school or not. Sundar Pichai was not a popular kid at all where he was the opposite, shy and quiet.

 Sundar Pichai’s house was very small and everyone had to adjust to that small house. Sundar Pichai used to spend a lot of time with his brother and did not have a lot of money in their pocket. And the neighborhood place where Sundar Pichai had their home were filled with tenants and due to this reason, there was not at all peace in the house. Sundar Pichai had anxiety attacks during his sleep and to date, Sundar Pichai always carries his bottle beside him in case he has a panic attack in the middle of the night.

Sometimes Sundar Pichai used to get frustrated because of the lack of any facilities such as that of refrigerator or TV, but when the telephone came for the first time in the house Sundar Pichai was amazed by how a telephone work and this amazement lead to more curiosity in the field of technology for Sundar Pichai. Sundar used to play with the telephone and sometimes even dial the wrong number to check if the telephone worked and how it worked and also Sunder used to Remember any phone number that he dialed and he would never forget those numbers.

Slowly by slowly, Sundar Pichai developed more curiosity in the working of Technology and he decided to move ahead in the field and make his career in technology. Sundar Pichai worked and studied very hard and cracked one of the toughest exams of India and that is of IITs.

Sundar Pichai opted for a metallurgical department as his major for study. When Sundar Pichai came to know about the finding of Shockley’s semiconductor he was amazed by what a materials scientist can do and due to this reason, we opted to study Material science and solid-state physics in the IIT. 

After thinking Sundar Pichai came into realization of this fact that if he has to make his career then he has to go to America for higher studies to complete his post-graduation. Sundar Pichai went to Stanford University for the pursuit of Higher Education also Sundar Pichai received a scholarship from Stanford to continue his higher education there, due to the scholarship his family also became ready to send Sundar Pichai to Stanford for Sundar Pichai has told many times that is parents did not compromise in his studies and they put all their money for Sundar Pichai education, all of their leftovers had gone in the graduation of Sundar Pichai also during the time of office job he completes his MBA from the Wharton University.

Sundar Pichai’s first job was as the product manager for Applied materialist. After this when he completed his MBA, Sundar Pichai joined Google in 2004 where he was headed by a different type of work and did it very successfully.

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