Best Free Text to Speech Apps 2022 [iOS, Android]

Text to speech is an emerging technology that is gaining popularity in the modern world. It helps people both in their personal and professional life. This kind of technology is very useful to people with physical disabilities like blind. Text-to-speech technology reduces the usage of phone screens and increases output.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best text-to-speech programs that help people in their everyday work like learning, typing, and other digital interfaces. For Android and iPhone users, there is no need to use third-party apps as they are available in them as a built-in feature.

Here we have given the list of the 10 best free text-to-speech app

Best Free Text to Speech Apps [iOS, Android]


iTranslate works on both Android and iOS platforms. iTranslate was initially used as a  translation app. Then it was updated as a text-to-speech app. If you give the text to speech will read that text aloud. The choices of voice like a male, female, child, or any other voice can be chosen. Many people across the world like this text-to-speech app as it supports hundreds of languages. iTranslate also has a built-in dictionary which makes it read the word and translate as fast as it can.

The free version is only limited but for more features like offline translation, voice-to-voice conversation, lens mode translation, and others one should use the Pro version.

Google Text to Speech

Google Text to Speech, reads any text and converts it into speech. It is an excellent tool for book readers. It also helps with how to pronounce a word. 30 languages are available on Google Text to Speech.


Text to Speech

Text to speech was developed by Gwyn Durbridge. Text to Speech is one of the most popular apps among other apps on the play store. Available for both iOS and Android.

It contains 96 natural sounds with 38 types of languages. Users can go for settings in their phone and choose a general option that selects accessibility rather than speech and after that select voices for more voice accessibility. Voice parameters like rate and pitch can be adjusted in this.

The most interesting feature of this app is that it can be accessed even offline. Users can export the recorded audio after it was converted from text to speech. In iOS 13 it always highlights the text when you speak. 

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is an online application developed by NaturalSoft Ltd. It is available on the chrome browser, play store, and iOS store. It is one of the best apps for students as they reduce their time by reading more materials.

It has various features such as natural sounds, natural voices, a website reader ( it makes the website talk to the user), OCR technology ( reading text in the images), 

MS word reader. 

It contains over 170 voices and 27 languages. But all the features are available only in the paid version. It is one of the best cloud-based readers, so users can access and use it from anywhere. It supports cloud-based apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.



Pocket is one of the text-to-speech apps that has offered functionality for a long time. It has bookmarking facilities so users can save PDFs, articles, files, and e-books. These can be bookmarked and read later. It reads the text from the document. The features of pockets are moreover to audiobooks. Only the free version, not the more paid version. Available on both Android and iOS.



This is a basic text-to-speech app available on iOS. It supports only text, not other documents like ebooks, PDFs, Google documents, etc. However, it works on it when you copy and paste it. As it provides uncluttered speech so it would be a good choice for many.

It provides a wide variety of options for rate, voice, and pitch. These features are available only on the pro version where access is limited in the free version. it is free to download. You can also change its volume and put it on repeat mode to hear the text.


Speech Central

It is one of the best voice narration apps. It allows the user to hear text from the web pages, headlines, and other contents. 

Users can also hear it through Bluetooth headphones. It is specially designed for visually impaired persons as it supports DAISY books, dyslexia-supporting fonts, and keyboard shortcuts for typing comments. 

Users can create MP3 audio files by importing the articles and other knowledge-based files. It helps users in reading books which makes them feel that they have a personal assistant. It reduces screen time. Available on both Android and iOS. Only a few features are available on the free version whereas others are available on the paid version only.


Voice Dreamer

Voice Dreamer is one of the all-in-one text-to-speech apps. It provides text-to-speech ( read), speech-to-text (write), and text scanners. Available on both Android and iOS platforms. It includes approximately 186 nuanced voices across 30 languages. It allows users to access articles and documents anywhere but provides cloud-based services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One note, etc.

It allows the users to highlight the text or any other important things in documents. Voice Dreamer provides a full screen along with auto-scrolling. Dictation is good. More features will be available on the pro version than on the free one.

KNFB Reader

It is an excellent tool for visually impaired persons. It converts text to speech and also to Braille. It allows users to read or listen without looking for a Braille copy. Users can take a picture of the text they want to read and upload it. Now select either Braille or read aloud. It saves and shares documents. This smart app converts any text from images into speech. No wifi is required. Tilt guidance, the field of view, and other advanced features make it top among other apps. It supports cloud-based services. It contains multi-language. 

Available on both Android and iOS.


CaptiVoice is one of the best apps for educational purposes. It helps the students to read the class notes and other documents they want. It helps teachers and students to personalize their work and limit language restrictions.

Users can read documents both online and offline. Available both on Android and iOS. Integrated with cloud-based services.



In this article, we have seen the best text-to-speech iOS apps. I hope this provides a better idea about every app. Google’s text-to-speech app is the basic one that all can use. While Voice Dreamer is the best app that supports Braille.

The best thing about the app is e-learning. It encourages many people to read books. Mostly helpful to the students and visually impaired persons. This app acts like an assistant to those people. 

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