The Story of Pixar Studio

Today we all are very familiar with the Pixar industry and the Revolutionary technology of animation that they have brought into use today from The Toy Story to Finding Nemo and cars all have been a Great Success. today, we are going to talk about how Pixar has gone from bankruptcy to becoming the studio that it is today along with how Steve Jobs saved Pixar from the verge of bankruptcy.

The Pixar was started in the year 1979 and the goal of the studio was to create a 90-minute film purely based on animation, they named their first project as ‘the work’ and planned to release in the early 1980 but there was a major setback because of the technological problem, that computer did not have enough computing power that the required to produce the full-featured animation film, When the calculation was made about how much time it will take to render a full-featured animation film it was coming about 70 years for each frame to be perfectly rendered. 

The powerful hardware and software were coming into the industry of computing but it was not able to fulfill the processing power that was required for the first 3D animation film to be ready for mass production, therefore ‘the works’ that had been thought to be released in 1986 was dropped completely and the idea was abandoned.

By the time Pixar has abandoned the idea of creating the first 3D animation film ‘the works’, they have already had worked on 1/10 of the project and from this problem onward created the Pixar industry that as we know it today.

How to solve the problem of the hardware of slow processing computers the Pixar Studio thought to create their computers and therefore from this problem the Image Pixar computer came out, with the price of $220,000. The image pixel computer has greatly increased the speed for creating the animation character that would have taken a normal processing computer about 15 minutes. The same can be done with the Image Pixar Computer in  30 seconds, which has the capability of 50 times after processing speed that any conventional computer. 

The Pixar studio may have solved the problem of their technological drawbacks but to produce the film for a mass media they required financial support from the investors the person who can believe in what they do and can put money behind them to produce the first 3D animation film, during the same time Steve Jobs has been fired from Apple and he loved the idea of combining art and Technology, Steve Job invested about 10 million dollars into the Pixar studio and by this investment, Steve Jobs will become one of its largest shareholder of the studio and would have a Stake of 70% in the Pixar studio. 

Despite the change in ownership of the Pixar studio the goal of the Pixar studio was to create the Fully animated computer-generated film. Along with this Pixar sold some of its image Pixar computer to Disney studio as Disney was oriented to produce the animated film with the help of sketches and with the help of their computer animation production system or CAPS as they called that converted the sketches into animations with the help of computers the sketchy process which took the artist a lot of time to create the animation was computer-assisted with 2D animation. The sketches can now be Produce with the help of the Disney CAPS with the help of this technology Disney produce the first fully 2D animated video in 1990 was the first feature film that was completely assisted by the computers after that Aladdin in 1992 and The Lion King in 1994, which all were a popular hit during their release.

Because of the limited selling of the Pixar image computer and there was no cash flow in the studio, therefore, the financial trouble was coming and Steve realized it, Steve thought to release the Pixar image computer into the market that can be used by the geologist Engineers and for the medical field. 

John Lasseter, one of the members of the Pixar studio was able to animate the short CGI films and one of the first Famous CGI videos was the Pixar lamp which you can always see when the movie is going to start the animated lamp was originally designed by John Lasseter. John Lasseter was obsessed with giving life to the animated characters, Pixar Studio may have taken a technological leap but originally Pixar was a creative industry which had the goal of creating the first-ever computer-oriented 3D film, John Lasseter original was an employee in Disney Studio who was fired from the Disney when he showed them his created 3D film. But when Disney saw the potential in the CGI and computer-generated films they try to lure back John and also they offer John Lasseter a better position in the Disney studio, John Lasseter said that “I can go he can go to Disney and become a director or be here at Pixar and make history.” 

Though Image Pixar computer was able to produce short computer-generated 3D animated videos they were not able to sell their Image Pixar computer and on record, only 300 in a total of their computer were sold in the market. Pixar studio was lacking in cash and they had to do many kinds of work such as making CGI clippings for the commercial advertisements and selling software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. But Pixar Studio was not able to satisfy the needs of the companies and Pixar was going down in the financial troubles if things were to continue like this and they have to solve the financial trouble faster or their studio will go bankrupt. Steve Jobs was putting more and more money to save Pixar and was trying to pull Pixar Studio from bankruptcy. Steve Jobs in total has himself alone has invested up to 50 million dollars in the Pixar studio which increases the Steve Jobs stake in the studio. This investment gave Steve Jobs the entire control of the studio but this investment was also drowning Steve Jobs in 2000 into bankruptcy and Pixar was laying off their employees and selling off the hardware to save the studio from drowning and it was nearly the end of Pixar which started in 1980.

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