Top 10 Best Discord Server For Emojis

Discord is a group chatting app initially created for gamers to play games with voice and chat commands. It is divided into servers, each made for dedicated purposes. Moreover, each server has its members, topics, rules, and channels. For example, one channel is used to do video chat, another channel for sharing social content, and another for general chats and more. It is compatible with all the platforms like Android, iOS, and windows. 

If you’re in search of the best discord servers for emojis online, then you’re in the right place. We have collected the top servers for emojis and presented you with their features.


The Feature of Discord platform:

Discord is actually made for gamers to chat to make their gameplay lively. It’s absolutely free and the perfect platform for chatting and streaming. 

Some of the main features are given below:

  1. Voice chat: To join the voice channels and chat with the group people.
  2. Real-time messaging: To share all your chat.
  3. Push Notifications: To enable notifications when any message is received to the channels you joined before.
  4. Multiple Server Support: To handle game chat groups is a popular website, and it has its own official Discord server. It has an amazing variety of custom emojis to take a look at. If you need to use those emojis on another server, you have to join them and provide them with Nitro. In addition to the sharing, you can also use them in your direct message conversation. It also has an active community channel to share all your emojis. 


Cute and Aesthetic Emoji

Want cute and aesthetic-related emojis? Then join here. It has a fantastic range of super cute emojis. It has emojis used to express all your kind of thoughts, feelings and to embellish your conversation. Indeed, you will find all your needs here. 

It also has decent active members and helps you spend your free time with people worldwide. 


Outer Space Server

If you want to find emojis related to outer-space themes, then check them out here. It has excellent collections perfect for sharing your reactions and feelings with emojis to your friends. To say it clear, many fun emotes filled here, including the famously used custom emojis.



NitroMoji is the Discord server, consisting of the highest collection of custom emojis, which is expanding daily. This is the best place to get the trending and newest emotes nowhere. 

NitroMoji has several servers, as there is an emoji limit to specific servers. Make sure you join after searching the correct spelling of “nitro emojis” in the Dashboard.


Nine Clouds

Nitro Clouds is an excellent server with a friendly community, where you can hang out with strangers and get access to lots of ultra-cute emojis. It has a superb range of emojis, used to share all your expressions only with emojis. 

If you want a wide range of aesthetic fonts, too, Nine Clouds is ready to provide you with that. I liked this server so much, as it consolidates many necessary features into one server. 


Blue’s Community

Unlike other servers in our recommended list, Blue’s Community has been built with over 30 bots as well as more than 200 emotes to have a look at. This server has active members, making it a friendly community, and it’s great to have fun with the bots. Moreover, it is allowed to use those bots in your server. Blue’s Community gives us some Nitro giveaways, which is helpful. 


Milk and Mocha Emotes

The server name itself expresses that this is made for emotes related to super cute Milk and Mocha emotes. These emoji are super cute and are so adorable to use. If you need to add an aesthetic dimension to your chats, then try to join this server. They are an advantageous server to add more expression to your conversation. 


Nitro Emojis

Nitro Emojis is a great server that lists over 200 customers’ emotes and emojis. So you can choose the best from the collection. If you are looking for some unique emojis on the Discord server, then Nitro Emojis is my recommendation.



The following recommendation on our list is Utopia. Over 30K members actively participate in the group to chat about anything they want. This offers you 65 unique emotes. Utopia has the best chats and fun games, making the members stay active and the server popular.

They will ban the users who try to troll or do illegal activities. So by this, Utopia makes their server as best and provides a productive environment as possible. Finally, you can choose this server to get emotes and make a general conversation. 



The final Discard server in our list is about Melancholy. It helps you to relieve your stress in your free time. Melancholy is a friendly community having 10,000 members. It has 100 sad egg yolk emotes and written words at the top to show various feelings. The members are really friendly and help each other to fight their depression. So there is no concern about joining this server. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum age to use Discord?

The users must have an age of minimum 13 to use this Discord for any purpose. However, there is no restriction on the website with respect to age for signing up for the account. 


Can you join in all channels of a server?

Certainly not; specific servers limited some channels, requiring some predefined level to unreleased those channels and joined there. 


Will your Discord admin see your IP?

Definitely not; no one will see your IP, even your Discord server’s admin. Only the people who work at Discord can see your IP, and however, they will not share that with anyone. 


What do the colors mean on Discord?

I have mentioned its corresponding mean with colors:

Green – Online

Yellow – Idle

Red – Do Not Disturb

Purple – Streaming 



Thanks very much for reading our article! We hope that we have made an interesting article which helps you get the best discord server for getting emojis. Also, check our other articles to get more information on Discord servers made for specific purposes like gaming, memes, chatting, etc. Do we miss any best servers for emojis? We are happy to get a response from you in the comment section. 


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