Top 10 Best discord servers for Roblox 2022

Roblox, a viral online gaming platform, has one of the most prominent player bases within the online gaming globe. The popularity has led to the emergence of numerous Roblox-committed network servers on Discord that let you meet one-of-a-kind Roblox players and engage with them 1-1 and in teams.

But the wide variety of server options on the internet additionally makes it overwhelming; you may seem to determine which server is for you!

However, we took the freedom to list down a number of the high-quality ROBLOX servers on Discord for you. Go beforehand and read all their features so you recognize which one has the sort of network you’re searching out.


Looking For Group – LFG GLOBAL

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First up, we have the LFG GLOBAL Discord server, that’s a developing community of Roblox fanatics. This server is in our’ pinnacle ten listing’ due to the fact it’s miles one of the most nicely-organized, nicely-controlled, and well-positioned-together servers out there.

Upon joining the server, you’ll be precipitated to finish a critical step earlier than you may begin messaging or collaborating in the server – To study the SERVER RULES. 

Once you’ve completed that step and ticked executed, the chat is offered to you. 


Roblox Developers

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The modern server depends for this server is set at three,248 members. The server uses a Xela bot to rely on the number of participants.

So if you’re a ROBLOX developer and you want to choose up handy pointers and tricks in sports development, that is for you! The server has a whole community of servers with whom you could interact and are looking for answers to all your questions.

Overall, it is a pleasant network of people, always there to help each other out!


W//Z & SB2 Wiki

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The W//Z & SB2 Wiki is a massive Roblox community. This is more of fandom because this subject-based server revolves around Swordburst 2 and World//Zero on Roblox. 

Upon becoming a server member, you don’t see a lot taking place. The server seems dull, and there aren’t any voice/text channels in there; however, how is a raging fandom of 10,000 human beings this quiet?


After Change

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After Change is a buying and selling and widespread server. Games on the Roblox platform that have a sturdy player base on this server are MM2, Royale High, Adopt Me, Robux. 

After Change is your cross-to server if you’re interested in server activities, day-by-day drops, giveaways, and different fun activities. 

Being the maximum populated server in this list, guidelines are strict. Admins require that new users complete a verification step if they want to gain access to the server and its functions. 

There are constantly lots on this Discord server, from activities and movie nights inside the voice channel to trading and meme sharing. This server has it all! 


Blox Global

Invite link:

Blox Global is some other massive community server with over 20,000 individuals!

It is popularly recognized for frequently web hosting giveaways for Robux, Discord activities, the Discord nitro upload-on, buying and selling, and much more significant!

Nitro boosters get special perks if they enhance this server. Some of them include the ability to alternate your very own nickname, get the right of entry to the restrained “boosters” chat, and many more excellent perks.


Celestial Traders

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Welcome to Celestial Traders! This server is a dual-purpose server that is Roblox-primarily based and is also a trading server at an identical time. You can discover like-minded players of Adopt Me! MM2, Robux, and extra right here. 

They also do daily drops and host occasions and giveaways to keep their audience engaged. 

This is an excellent server if you are looking to trade or are searching out a Roblox community that you may join or interact with.

VendexX Clan

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By the server’s description, VendexX Clan is a small but growing network; this is honest in its practices and does not discriminate on the idea of race, caste, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or tradition. They welcome all genres of humans.

At best, 262 members; this might be the small network server on our list. However, that’s what makes it so unique! Its contributors, admins, and mods are extremely pleasant and can provide all of their members’ interests concerning any trouble they might have. 


Invite link:

The subsequent server on our listing is Imperia.

Imperia has around 844 total participants. And just like some of the opposite servers cited above, the server has a Roblox player base and a Minecraft player base. 

The network may be amicable, a laugh, and welcoming to all styles of folks who are part of the server. 



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This next server on our listing hosts one of the first-rate gaming communities available. 

The server isn’t as fancy or as heavily embellished as compared to different larger network servers. However, it has a welcoming environment, not like another, in which you could loosen up and play Roblox with some strangers (that 

might emerge as turning into your friends!)



Invite link:

This server is well worth checking out in case you’re trying to change, locating Roblox gamers with the identical gameplay as you, or searching to participate in fun competitions, game shows, and so on. 

Their admins work tirelessly to ensure that the server’s public voice channels are safe for each member and that everybody can socialize and engage with each other in a maximum respectful manner.



So finally, we have explained the top 10 Discord servers dedicatedly made for the Roblox game. Are you fascinated by that game? Then you can find numerous tips and tricks useful for your gameplay. All the discord servers are well-maintained by their respective admins and try to make the server active by a giveaway. Also, we are happy to know your recommendations on discord servers made for Roblox in the comment section below. 

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