Top NFT Metaverse plays to earn Games – 2022

Metaverse is an online game that allows millions of players to interact with each other in a virtual world. Metaverse games will enable you to play at your own pace and develop your brand within your context.

In addition, many of these games include virtual NFTs, which are unique and virtual. After renaming Facebook, many companies turned their attention to Metavar for “meta.”Thus, it is reasonable to expect the best Metaverse games to come in the years. Despite its popularity, many people are unaware of the specific concept behind the Metaverse game.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular money-making games on Metawors, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. It is an online video game based on the Pokémon franchise created by the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis. NFT-based games support Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, or SLPs, as a payment method.

Users can earn money or SLP for their “axis,” the animals they breed, breed, and trade through this game. Interestingly, according to its website, people were playing to get NFTs as rewards, which they exchanged for higher profits. Over the past few years, the popularity of games like Axie Infinity has skyrocketed.


  • An action-packed game where you have to fight with imagination and collect valuable treasures for development. This will be useful when it comes to increasing your army.
  • Defending yourself in challenging PvP battles can make you great.
  • It is possible to cross its axis and create a new last child.



The Sandbox would be considered one of the most notable entries in the current Metaverse game. It offers a virtual world where you can grow, benefit, and take advantage of paid opportunities due to your gaming experience. The Sandbox based on the Ethereum blockchain is currently in the early stages of development.

On the other hand, Sandbox effectively attracts players due to its interesting design and fun gaming experience. Sandbox is one of the most popular blockchain games on the Metaverse, along with many well-crafted games such as Roblox and Minecraft.

Sandbox is unique because it gives real assets to creators in the form of non-fungal tokens, often referred to as NFTs. Athletes who actively participate in the sporting environment will be rewarded. Surprisingly, Sandbox is one of the most popular Metaverse games, with around 7% market share in the Metaverse market.


  • A platform that allows players to create their games on the Metaverse.
  • Smart contracts and blockchain technology allow users to create content efficiently while improving the gaming user experience.
  • The VoxEdit tool can be found in the Sandbox, and it allows anyone to build assets. VoxEdit will enable users to upload, publish, and even sell their built-in NFTs.



Sorare is undoubtedly one of the best Meteor games available online, thanks to its amazing ease of use. Anyone can create a free play account by entering their email address and starting playing right away.

Players can purchase Sorare NFT Card via credit or debit card and bank transfer. In addition, customers in more than 40 countries around the World can buy Sorare NFT cards with ease.

Surrey is an example of what it means to expand the game by offering new possibilities. It is a non-transferable (NFT) football game primarily based on the Ethereum blockchain. The most significant achievement is over 180 officially registered football clubs in Surrey, with new additions every week.

Each week, the teams with the highest scores will be allowed to draw new cards as prizes. In addition, Sorority is one of the best Meteor games to be announced in the B series, with an investment of approximately ₹80,680 million, making it the largest in the industry.


  • In Survival, players can pick up cards and use them to build their fantasy team.
  • Card players are real people, and the success of these players in real competitions can help cardholders win points.



It is an open-world role-playing game that originally originated in the Ethereum blockchain. The game’s main theme is the description of the large virtual environment involved. The main goal of the players in the game is to collect powerful creatures called “Illuvials,” which are very rare and difficult to obtain. Illuvium has a market capitalization of 1 billion.

In addition, the colorful environment of the Illuvium ecosystem, which comes to life, is a promising addition to the game. However, Illuvium may soon be considered one of the best Meteor games. However, the true gaming experience provided by Illuvium can work to its advantage, allowing it to attract a large number of players in the long run.


  • In Illuvium, players praised the exceptional quality of graphics and exciting gameplay.
  • With Illuvium, players can discover objects and creatures in the game’s open digital World, which can be used for various activities such as collecting, fighting and trading.



Alien Worlds is a seven-planet meteorite that produces a unique economy based on a digital imitation of Earth and the Trump Game Token (TLM). Alien Worlds is a free Steam game.

Players place bets on the planet to vote in the planet’s next election or to increase the planet’s prize pool. In addition, players can participate in Council Week elections, offer tips on distributing planetary assets, and even stand for Planet Council positions. In this game, players are given the option to buy and make NFTs.


  • You can rent a spaceship and find meteors here.
  • You can build your community on the Metaverse. Share missions or stories with fellow travelers on the Metaverse.

* You can also use this platform to produce art, music, games, and stories.



Splinterlands, a digital meteor game based on blockchain technology, allows players to win prizes digitally. It can be compared to games like Magic Collection and Hearthstone, requiring strategy and planning.

As in previous games, you collect a deck of cards with different attributes and powers and then use them to win points against other players in skill-based battles. Another reason Splendorland is better than Magic Gathering and Hearthstone is that it’s a game-making drama in Metaverse, making it a much more enjoyable experience.

Participants can easily buy, sell and trade their digital assets as long as they have physical cards in the region.


  • Splinterlands is all about assembling the most likely team by creating the most effective strategy to your advantage.
  • In Splinterlands, users can browse and view the history of each card and see how many different types of each card exist or will be available in the future.
  • Transfers to Splinterlands are rapid, and the associated costs are negligible.


Farmer’s World

Farmer’s World is a blockchain-based farming game similar to FarmVille in many ways. Users will be able to build their farms, take care of their plants, manage their animals and perform various agricultural tasks in the game.

Players can also compete in PvP game categories by viewing other players’ digital forms and competing for resources within the game. In addition, players can purchase additional in-game items such as farm equipment, virtual lands, and virtual lands in the game to help them start or expand their farms.


  • Farmers World is one of the largest online communities in the World, with over 150,000 people worldwide.
  • A very exciting game where players can build, grow and feed their animals and farm and gold mines farm whales. NFTs are available in various forms in Splinterlands. Fishing boats, fishing nets, axles, and many other items are fun.


Farming Tales

It is based on Metaverse Farming, and players can participate in and receive SEST tokens as currency in games. Farming games are among the most popular video games out there, and this game is no exception.

According to the game’s official website, the game has “a crypto form where NFTs represent the real thing in our core” This means that all your efforts in the game will be rewarded in real-time for the results you get. The Alliance is responsible for creating the game meta tag, and the game itself is built on the WAX ​​blockchain.

However, you should know that Farming Story is not a free game, and you must get NFTs before getting into the game.


  • The ability to share SSET tokens offers several additional benefits.
  • The CBIT token will be issued as part of the airdrop.
  • It is a relatively easy game to play and earn money.

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