Types of Machine Learning

There are various types of learning models in artificial intelligence. You can train the machine with the help of supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, and reinforcement learning. We are going to look into how each of them is important and what are the differences between all of them.

The main aim of artificial intelligence is to make the machine intelligent on its own and this is only possible when the machines can learn from their experience as a human can. There are various types of learning apart from these, but these three are the major classification of the learning model that has been implemented to date.

Supervised Machine Learning

Supervised learning as the name suggests restraints the model for working on the limited data and the data act as the training data and at the same time, it acts as the supervisor for our learning model. An example for this data training, it can be seen in predicting the voting of a person before even the actual voting has started virtual voting is taken and all the inputs are fed into the data sets, the data sets then train our model which can classify the particular data have come from and also classify category with the help of this previously taken data. We can predict our new winner with the help of supervised learning, we provide the input and output to the training data set. For example in a voting scenario, a particular data has been included and electing candidate has been included in the data set and based on this when the actual real data starts to come in or when the real voting poll takes place, we can place that if our output that any machine has generated is falling into which probability.

The algorithm that is used in supervised learning is the name base algorithm which determines the outcomes when both the input and the output have been provided and are classified categories that have been provided initially as input.

Other data that is provided in the supervised learning model is more refined and better data than any other learning model which helps to create a better model for determining the outcomes.

Unsupervised Machine Learning

In the Unsupervised learning model, no output is provided to the learning model, the particular classification like winning candidates and the possibility are then made based on our training data model has been provided in the supervised learning model. But in unsupervised learning, there is no particular kind of winning candidate and your outcome has to be classified based on the inputs that you are being generated by the machine itself.

Beyond supervised learning, the model is better at making the clustering of the data and based on these clusters when the new inputs are provided they either match the previous cluster that has been determined by its learning model or it has to make its cluster and it all happens with the help of K means algorithm. 

Unsupervised learning models the training data do not have Output and it moves towards the output as the data collection increases.

Supervised learning models are more common in making probability judgments in case of the previous history that we have for a particular output and the unsupervised learning model is more common when the computer is trying to learn on its own and determine the output.

Reinforcement Machine Learning

The next in the learning model is the reinforcement learning model. The reinforcement learning model follows a feedback loop mechanism where the action of the learning model has a consequence that it is rewarded for it is punished for its action. There may be a plus one for its action or there can be a minus one for its action. The machine learning algorithm can also learn from the state changes in the environment and this can be a sign that it either to use the same solution because it has received the reward award on the previous action or to make a new solution for receiving the reward because the earlier time it was punished for its action.

Reinforcement learning is very much applied to gaming. You can understand that the gaming environment you are rewarded with the points and the point increases for the reinforcement learning model can be trained in such a type of environment because the state is changed based on the action which revolves with the many more points. 

Training Model on Requirements

The machine learning model may start from the unsupervised learning because initially, we do not have any kind of data set and we have to generate our dataset which becomes a problem of its own, if you are starting something new and there is no existing data set that is provided in the open-world then you have to create something on your own, the unsupervised learning is beneficial in this method for accumulating your data clusters and making your data. When it has been trained for some time and also it can obtain the knowledge from other data said that are provided in the future by some other provider and when there is a good amount of data sets that have been accumulated then their supervised learning model can be acted based on the previous data clusters that are generated by the unsupervised learning method and this can help train the new model and to make a decision based on the previously generated data sets. 


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