Uses of Computer in Different Fields

In the past three decades, the computer has changed the world, unlike anything. The invention of personal computers and the introduction of the internet have completely changed society and culture. There is no field left in the world where computers are not increasing productivity and improving the quality of life. There are various uses of computer in every field.

Let’s discuss the various fields where computers are used in more detail. 


The computer has influenced the way that trading is done and how people invest their money in the economy. Before computers were there, trading and investment were done with the help of brokers and physical contracts. This made the investment process much more lengthy and therefore time taking and there was also the possibility of fraud. But when the computer came, the investment was done by an online broker which served many customers and there was no bias and possibility of fraud. Also, the investor became more aware of where they should invest with the transparency and easy access to the information of the economy and market. Without computers, it would have been a difficult task for the common people to participate in the market and that might have slowed down the progress of economic growth in the country.


The communication was changed when the computer got access to the internet. Mobile communication before the advent of the internet was only able to communicate with voice calls which were in analog format and that transferred over the wired cable. When the internet came people got access to data which enabled them for various services such as text messages, videos sharing, image sharing facility and these services became part of the users. Therefore the mobile technology has to adopt these services and therefore they added data service along with the voice calls and the internet flourished and so the services of the internet and the technology.


Medicine has really gone through a serious transition and is one of the developing fields that is heavily utilizing computers. Medicine has even come up with specialized fields for computer subjects such as bioinformatics and nanotechnology which can change the world on its own. Besides these subjects there are various technologies that use computers in medicals such as various scan machines such as MRI scan, PET scan, Xray, etc there are countless machines that have increased the productivity of the doctors and even surgeons. The surgeons can prepare the exact three dimensional model of the body parts of the patient and perform a practice surgery. 


Robotics is a combination of mechanics, electronics along artificial intelligence that is now becoming a vital player. You can ask where the computer is more than I would have answered, look more closely, the electronics are the hardware which runs the application program created by the computer, and now with the integration of AI, the electronics have to be upgraded to use the complete computer functionality for deep learning and neural networks. Computers are an integral part of robotics, and businesses are using robotics to automate their work. Amazon is preparing for a drone-based delivery mechanism, the uber is working for self-driving air transportation and this cannot be done without the help of computers.


The most visible change can be seen in the way the entertainment industry has gone through. First when there were no computer people used books and radios and then came television now computer come which fuels the animation industry leading to companies such as Disney and Pixar which replaced books with movies and shows with series and now the internet boom which has taken social interaction to online platform and books and videos are available to everyone at any time. 


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