Uses of Computer in School Education

The ways of delivering knowledge from generation were heavily dependent on scriptures and writing a century ago. Now since the computer has come and today we can store the same amount of text of books in the library in a small pen drive and carry about anywhere is absolutely revolutionary. Therefore this has also brought changes in the method for delivery of the knowledge with the help of better tools. The knowledge that is delivered in the schools is even more interactive and engaging with the computer. There are various ways the computer can be used in school education.

Access to information

Today in the world of the internet ruled by google there is absolutely nothing that cannot be found. Access to information has become much easier than it had ever been before. Gone are the times when we used to wait in lines for the releases of the new book and we were not able to find the books in the library itself and this would make people go new places in search. The computer can also help the student to access the information with the requirements of the heavy books and backpacks they can be replaced by digital devices.

Virtual classroom

The online method for conducting the classroom is much more in use now than it has ever been before. There are various benefits that a virtual classroom gives to its users. There are recorded lessons so even if the student misses some points he can rewind the video and also can revise at the time of exams. The virtual classroom also helps the students to learn the subject at their desired pace, there are sometimes a student can absorb more knowledge in the same time frame by reading or watching tutorials, therefore, the virtual classroom provides students to learn at their own self-pace. 

Rememberable content

There are some studies that show that students do not retain even half the information that they have been taught yesterday. So in order to deliver information in a way that the students can easily remember the computer can give us the solution to that. The delivery of the information can be in video content form which can be easily remembered by the students and showing them images more than reading text in the classroom will help them to remember more. The images and videos can say something that a text cannot and that is exactly what a computer can do. It can help the teacher to create more memorable content for the students which can be in the form of videos and images rather than reading chapters. 

Tracking system

The computer can be used for tracking the performance of the student and also for recommendations of the right course that the student needs to follow in order to achieve his goal. The computer system is now more able to provide a recommendation system on the basis of the records that have been provided to the computer as inputs. This tracking can greatly help the students to improve their performance.

Interactive software

There is various software that provides a simulation of the real-life environment in a virtual manner. This can involve experiments being performed in a virtual environment and then these virtual environment practices can be converted into real-life experiences in the laboratory. There is also other various interactive software such as MATLAB for mathematical modeling, blender for graphic designing, and various other software that can really improve the learning capacity of the Students.


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