What is Anypoint Studio?

The Anypoint platform is one of Mulesoft’s products. The Anypoint platform contains – Anypoint Studio, Mule ESB, and many more. 

The Anypoint platform serves as a bridge between multiple systems so that they are able to communicate without changing them. A simple connector in Java is able to connect the Anypoint Platform through it.

The Anypoint platform can be accessed through the Anypoint PLatform’s online access point or it can be installed with the help of Mule ESB. 


Why do you use Anypoint Platform

When you use a system that is integrated with the existing software infrastructure. 

You can also integrate with new systems and platforms such as the social media notification when you cannot replace them completely.

You are using an application but don’t have the option to touch the code to integrate with another application.


What is Anypoint Studio

Anypoint Studio is a graphical interface for creating and editing connections and data flows between applications. 

It’s built with the Eclipse IDE and is designed for the non programmers. It can be used for various tasks such as developing connectors.

Installation of the Mulesoft site is pretty simple, you can extract it and then run Anypoint Studio binary from the root folder.

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