What is Cloud Computing with Example

As the era of technology is facing exponential growth in the 21st century, we are now surrounded by technology that can deliver the result without being physically present at the moment, and one such term is cloud computing. 

As we are generating the same data in two days that we generated from the dawn of 2003, so the need for storing and processing this data becomes inevitable. Cloud technology can fulfill the need for storing huge amounts of data so that we can focus on better problems such as using this data to provide better service to the people.

The cloud technology dates back to the time when IBM has its mainframe computers. Their computers were huge as cloth drawers but these computers had a great processing speed. The processing speed of these computers was used to solve complex problems and companies contacted IBM to use their processing power to solve their problem and in return for their services there was a monetary profit, the same concept is what followed by cloud computing today has existed from the 1960s. Now let me connect to the concept and history, after IBM developed the mainframe that has processing power they came the Intel which was greatly able to compress these mainframe computers into small chips and to add the cherry on the top came the Microsoft which brought the best operating software to make our computer complete. The internet revolution was started by Microsoft but the real push was given by Cisco by bringing the standards for the internet world. From then on the Internet and computers were the growing technologies that led to cloud computing.

To completely understand cloud computing you have to understand what problems led to its development. So when a company like google will have to store its data such as the millions of websites that are now present on the internet and perform the ranking operation it would require thousands of servers and they kept all these servers in the same room called the data centers. All company was doing the same process when they require to store huge data they will create a server room in their office but the problem that was coming that they had to spend money on its maintenance of switches, cables, and plugs as well as they have to appoint people to guard the server room and sometimes the server room got heat up because the cooling system failed and all the data has to be recovered, so this gives you the idea of what was it like owning a server room. 

Now, the company started to provide the services which were able to rent the server rooms to other companies and individuals and these servers were called as the hosted servers. Here there was no responsibility for maintaining the server as it was all done by the server providing the company itself. Now comes the real difference which led to the uprising of cloud computing. These hosted servers were charging the company on a rental basis so if you took 10 GB of memory space and 10000 Hz processing power for 6 months then you will have to pay for these services even if the servers are left idle and they are not processing information and not have used all the data space, this gave the way for cloud computers.

Cloud computers unlike hosted servers are charging the users based on the amount that they have used instead of taking the rent for some time and charging users even if the servers are kept idle. This was way better than hosted servers as they were able to provide the user enough processing speed and data if on any event they required and also this way was an efficient way for using the servers. Also, the cloud services use the parallel processing computation that is a lot of time faster than normal processing techniques which provides the processing power at a lower cost. The users have to only pay for the amount of the data they have stored and the processing speed they have consumed and the bill will be generated at the end of the month that is similar to the metered electricity bill that we receive at the end of every month. For example, Netflix started with their servers and data center but they stated to migrate their data to the Amazon web services during 2006 when the Amazon launched their cloud computing services, and when the new movies released or Netflix released their original series on specifically their platform then there is 400-500% spike in the traffic on the first day of release here the cloud services of Amazon can handle these spikes in the traffic in such events and then they are billed for these surge in traffic at the end. If they would have used their servers either they have to increase their capacity and add more servers or their website would have gone down with such an increase in the traffic. Here the cloud computing plays the greatest advantage to the servers that they do not have to pay that extra rent to support those traffic spikes as they have to with their server rooms or some hosted servers.


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