What is intelligent agent with example?

The main aim of artificial intelligence is how to build better intelligent agents. Any machine or robot or program which can receive the inputs from the environment with the help of sensors and actuators and thereby use their knowledge in the accomplishment of the goal and bring the required changes from the source where it has received the input in this case is an environment called the intelligent agent.

Various operations are performed by the intelligent agents, but first, it starts from receiving the input from the environment. They have to perceive the changes that may happen in their environment with the help of sensors. Such is the same case with human beings that they can use their various senses to tell what are the changes that occurred in the environment in the same way these machines may have artificially designed sensors like photoreceptors or motion detectors that can sense the changes that go in the environment.

Now when the agent has sensed the changes in the environment it has to map the knowledge on basis of its category. There may be two types of knowledge mapping one is based on the current knowledge which has never existed before in the memory then this type of information has to be kept in a separate category and the other type of knowledge is the historical knowledge category in which there have been some changes in the environment that had occurred in the past and it has already defined an existing category and now there are same or near same changes that occurred in the environment again so this will be then mapped in that category only. The same case will follow with human behavior when we have sensed something that has already occurred in the past we will be storing the current sense changes from the environment in the same corner or concerning that corner in our brain, this same approach is followed by the machines in determining where to place their memory whether it would go in the old place or it has to assign a completely new space.

When the information from the sensor has been received by the intelligent agents then it will act and bring the changes to the environment. Now the question is how they can perform these actions? The answer is these agents have a predefined program that if they can map the senses to current or historic data then based on this knowledge designation they will be able to make decisions and perform the action. These actions are also called actuators and they are done with the help of effectors. The effectors are the part of the machine that can interact with the environment in such a manner such that they can bring changes in the complete environment, when we tend to compare the same phenomenon with a human than on sensing the changes from the environment we can calculate such decisions to bring some changes in the environment and with how can we do it with the help of our hands, or legs and these are it agents termed as the effectors.

Now if we want to sum up the above content than we can see the agent’s percept the changes from the environment with the help of the receptors and make decisions with the agent programs that map out the current or the history data and then on making the decision they can bring change to the same environment with the help of the effectors.

When we compare the same model with the way human interact with the environment, say for such example that a perform started his journey from his home to his workplace, and soon as he stepped outside his house he can sense the humidity and clouds in the environment based on this he decides the programs can make the decisions for the machine the same case many programs are running in the human brain, so he makes the decision for taking an umbrella and uses his effectors that is hands to grab the umbrella so that he can carry the umbrella in that environment. These all things happen in the environment itself and the same mechanism we are applying to train the machine.

Now let’s talk about some main factors of the intelligent agents. The main factors that directly influence intelligent agents are performance, environment, actions, and sensors. They are so commonly referred to that there exist an acronym performance environment action sensors as PEAS. For example, let’s take the example of self-driving autonomous cars that let’s see how these factors determine the agents working. In performance we require that our agent is able safety of journey and the right time for the destination, for the environment we refer to the obstacles it faces in an environment and actions refers to the change in the steering wheel and the brakes that it can perform based on the obstacle in the environment and the last is the sensors, there may be various sensors in the car present for detection of dust present on the windshield so that it can perform the actions of clearing them away. Now we want all these factors to be present in our intelligent agent and this is what determines the effectiveness of the agent.


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