What is OpenSea platform? What is OpenSea used for?

OpenSea is one of the popular online platforms for buying, selling, and creating NFTs. It was founded in 2017 and became the busiest website NFT marketplace online. Since users connect their non-custodial wallets, the OpenSea is decentralized and transparent. Your NFT is displayed to you, and it will be safely stored in the blockchain.

 You are allowed to track all your transactions on the platform easily. Is it more enjoyable? We will discuss more on the OpenSea platform and its features in detail. In addition to that we have explained how to make your account on OpenSea in an understandable way. 


Types of NFTs you can get in OpenSea

Most platforms like OpenSea will provide a specific niche in the NTF community. But OpenSea delivers you with various niches. It is the best place for both creators and collectors to buy, sell, and create all kinds of NFTs. We have provided you with some of the types of NTFs you deal with on the OpenSea platform. 

  1. Art
  2. Collectibles
  3. Music
  4. Sports
  5. Trading Cards
  6. Utility-based 
  7. Virtual worlds
  8. Web3 domain names


Requirements for creating an OpenSea account

You require some essential items before creating a new OpenSea account for you. We mentioned it below,

Ethereum wallet

You require an Ethereum wallet to save all your cryptocurrency and NFTs. Metamask is the famous and common NFT wallet used by many people.


Once you are done creating your wallet, you have added some cryptocurrency to it. You can add any cryptocurrency as you wish. ETH/WETH is the most commonly used common currency for trading NFT. 

Steps to connect your wallets to OpenSea

The OpenSea platform allows you to handle multiple non-custodial wallets integrated into the browser or mobile devices. Here we make use of Metamask as an example to explain. 

Step 1: Get into  OpenSea.io.

Step 2: Don’t worry if you do not have a wallet before. OpenSea offers you to create one here. In case you had one, skip this step.

Step 3: Now, choose the non-custodial wallet you want to create.

Step 4: Click the wallet icon available in the top right corner. Then click Metamask. Now type your password to connect with your platform. 


Steps to create an NFT on OpenSea

OpenSea’s core feature is creating NFTs for you. This platform offers you to create NFTs on the image, video, audio, and even a 3D model.

  • Once you enter the website on the main page, you can note the create button.
  • Once you click on that, you can see specific information about the NFT you create. Decide which collection your NFT has to present. We recommend you to go with Polygon instead of Ethereum in the Blockchain field, as it is faster and cheaper.
  •  At last, you have to pay money for purchasing it.


Unique features provided in OpenSea

With Referral awards in OpenSea, earn ETH

To find what are the referral awards you can get in OpenSea, follow the steps given below,

  1. Go to the official website of OpenSea.
  2. Get into your Profile
  3. Click the “referrals” which you see on the present screen.
  4. Copy or paste your referral link there. 

You are allowed to copy your referral link and share it with your friends. At any time, if your friends buy something on OpenSea, you will earn at least 1% on the sale. It is processed every month.


Make your NFT privacy from others

Some people wish to hide their NFTs from their friends. The reason for hiding your NFTs may be any reason. With the below steps, you can make your NFT hide.  

  1. Get into your respective profile.
  2. Click the three dot-like button on the NFT
  3. Then click the Hide button.
  4. Sign message on Metamask

In order to say to OpenSea, this is your profile, you have to sign in on Metamask. Make sure it’s just that the message received from the OpenSea appears on Metamask, not any other related. 


Ranking method

This feature is my personal favorite from OpenSea. It is available at the top menu bar under the stats. They also provide a filter option to get the relevant things you want. It motivates you to reach higher positions.  


Bid on NFTs

OpenSea offers you to buy NTF in two possible ways. First, you can buy it at the current market price. Or you can bid either on the listed or non-listed items on the OpenSea for sale. If other users accept your bid, it’s the easiest way to earn money through your NTFs. In order to place a bid, make sure you have wrapped Ethereum or stable coins in your wallet. 


Liking an NFT

In order to locate your favorite NFTs, make a like to an NFT. At any time, you can see all those in your profile under the tab “favorited.” This makes your search easier worldwide. When giving a first like, OpenSea might ask you to sign in. 


Tips and Tricks in OpenSea

  • Make sure you make bids in your preferred currency. Don’t offer $1 instead of 1 ETH. This will result in significant loss.
  • Suppose anyone acts as a support team coming from OpenSea and asks for your login credentials. Be aware; this is a common way for scammers to reach you easily.
  •  Never give your personal wallet’s secret phrase to others. Don’t even allow others to access your phone, even if they belong to the OpenSea support team.
  • If any of your user experiences in OpenSea misleads or lags, try closing and reopening it. If that issue continues, you need to reinstall Metamask on that device. 
  • OpenSea is easy to handle, and it’s open 24/7; always be aware of all the happenings in the platform.  



Currently, OpenSea is the first and mainly used NFT marketplace in the crypto world. It’s hard for other platforms to overcome OpenSea because of its strong and active community. Every penny you earn matters. So make sure you know all the procedures, terms, and conditions. We provided you with all the required information to invest. Also, we explained its unique features and the steps for those in an easy way. 

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