What is Tableau? Various Applications of Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization tool that helps to create an interactive dashboard that helps the stakeholders to make business decisions. 

Tableau helps to create charts and graphs with our data which can be provided from databases. These charts and reports can be understood by the stakeholders easily. 

The tableau does not require much coding or programming skill, it requires the skill of storytelling with visualization. The tableau helps to convert complicated data into digestible reports and dashboards which can be then used to make decisions. The whole concept of the tableau is that it can make data into a visual format so that it becomes easier to make decisions based on data.

Tableau has become an important tool for business and finance as there is a lot of data that is generated by the users. For the stakeholders, this data is completely meaningless until some analyst uses data visualization to convert this data into an understandable format. 


What is a tableau desktop? 

Tableau Desktop is the software version of the tableau which can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Unlike the tableau public which can be only operated on the tableau server. Although you can use tableau desktop to publish the report and charts on the tableau server. The tableau desktop also offers you the option of connecting the tableau to the database. In tableau public you cannot the MySQL server, you will be able to connect the tableau desktop to the MySQL server. 

There are two versions of tableau desktop one is the tableau desktop personal which keeps your work private and your work cannot be published online. And the other one is the tableau professional where you can publish your work in the public and all your work is visible to everyone. 


What is tableau public?

The tableau public is built for the users who want their data to be saved in the tableau cloud and can be accessible to everyone. The tableau public does not allow the users to store their work locally but you can share your dashboard with the tableau public. This is the best version of tableau for the person who has just started to learn the tableau basics and wants to use tableau for some small purpose without big data inventory. 


What is a tableau server?

The tableau server can be used to publish reports. If you want your work to be visible to everyone from the tableau desktop then you have to first create an account on the tableau server. This account will be then used to access from the tableau desktop where you can then upload your reports to be available to everyone. 


What is tableau online?

Tableau online is similar to the tableau server where you can share your work on the tableau cloud. There is no storage limit in the tableau online and it is also connected to 40 data sources such as MySQL, amazon, spark, and many more. 

Many big companies use tableau servers such as google analytics and salesforce that allows their web application to display the statistical report.

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