Where are the things in the cloud stored

When you store files in your google drive or browse through the Netflix tv series or even listen to the songs in the Spotify have you ever wonder where do these all files exist, in the end, they are all form of data they have to exists in zeros or one format so where are these files?

The experts might have told you that they exist in the cloud but what exactly is a cloud they are not just pieces of computer floating in the sky.

Cloud is someone else’s computer for example when you browse through the google product such as google drive or google docs all of the text and the files are stored on google’s computer instead of yours. When you open the Gmail all the processing related to the emails is done with the help of google computer.

So when we refer to someone else’s computer we do not refer to the laptop of Google’s employee instead they are computers that are specifically designed for the storage capacity and the processing power that is required for operating things on the internet. These computers generally do not have any form of keyboard or the mouse because the operational work of these computers is done through the devices of the users so the computer may lack the mouse and the keyboard or the screen like the chrome or Spotify. These servers are meant to power 24/7 therefore they cannot waste their resources in incorporating resources that will waste the energy.

These computers are called servers and these piles of servers are kept in the building called the data center, the servers are piled on top of each other and they can form a complete rack of these servers. These servers often get heat up quickly due to all the processing that is going on within those servers and they get heat up quite a lot faster than any traditional computer therefore cooling systems are in place to keep them from heating up. The power supply is very essential in such areas because if the electricity goes out it can shut down the cooling system and thus lead to overheating of these servers and ultimately the failure of the data center facility, to prevent this catastrophe the power supply backup arrangements are the top priority in these data centers.

So how do these servers work? When you view the google docs you ask the google server for the information of the files and then it is retrieved in the google docs. Also, the same follows with the many platforms, they generally rent the servers on the cloud such as Spotify all music is there on the google cloud which they have rented out instead of using their servers which would have required its maintenance and services. Also, a great thing about servers is that they can handle a peak in traffic, if the company had used their server there would have been a limit to the number of users that they can handle but with the cloud server, they can handle as many users as the platform can have. So whenever you play that song on Spotify, Spotify asks Google for that particular song, and then when it receives the song it renders it on the user frontend app interface.

The same follows with web apps. The apps on your mobile device can be a camera app or video player, all the execution or the function are performed on the mobile devices but in web apps, the execution of the computer codes is done on the server for example in Gmail or Facebook. All the code that runs in a web app is through the cloud servers and the buttons and the other websites elements are just a query to know what server has to put into action.

So, with the help of cloud computers you just have to let the files sync with the cloud and then forget about it, you can have peace of mind with the information that is present on the laptop and if you lose your laptop then all that hard-worked data may get lost without the cloud mechanism.

Also, one problem that comes with this technology is the presence of the internet, for example, if the app like google map works with when you are online then it brings with the necessity of being online but when you are in the situation where there is no internet or you are in an airplane where the wifi is very expensive then it will a bigger problem to deal with. The developers are now including the feature to make the assets offline which can be downloaded and then used by the person on their apps.


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