Free AI Voice Cloning Online Websites in 2022

The development of an artificial simulation of a person’s voice is known as voice cloning. Today’s AI software approaches can produce synthetic speech that sounds quite similar to a certain human voice. In some situations, the difference between a real and a phony voice can be imperceptible to the typical individual.

Text-to-speech (TTS) systems can translate written language into spoken communication. TTS systems are far more limited in terms of the outputs they create when compared to other voice cloning methods.

The training data, a key component of any artificial media, inform the synthesis of a voice output in a TTS system. The voice you hear, on the other hand, is the one that was recorded in the data set.

To provide a more in-depth analysis and extraction of a target voice’s properties, voice cloning AI technology is being created. These characteristics will be suitable for other speech waveforms, allowing for voice modification.

Free AI Voice Cloning Online Websites

Users may clone any voice and produce dynamic, iterable, and unique voice content with Custom Voices are created by Resemble AI utilizing unique Deep Learning techniques that deliver realistic Speech Synthesis.

With this voice cloning service, users can create unique voices which make users stand out from the crowd. It has Obtained access to Voice Builder.

Cloning a voice takes about 45-60 minutes on average. Resemble AI has released a speech synthesis platform and a tool to detect deepfakes. Deep Fake Voice, also known as voice cloning or synthetic voice, uses artificial intelligence to create a voice clone. The technology has developed to the point where it can accurately duplicate a human voice in tone and likeness.

  • It has AI Assistants Personalized voices for Alexa and Google Home Entertainment AI Assistant apps. Voiceovers for animated movies.
  • Iterate rapidly when it comes to script adjustments in post-production.
  • They are extremely beneficial to marketing agencies since they provide personalized, unique voices for marketing content.

The features of are

  • High-quality, domain-specific AI voices.
  •  IVR Voice Call Center Agent.
  • Game Character Voice are just a few of the capabilities.

To do cloning, open your browser to and choose a voice cloning option. Now, enter the name of your project and the text you want to clone, then hit the play button to get instant and real-time voice cloning.

Resemble AI cost starts at $30.00 per month, based on use. A free version is available. A free trial is available from Resemble AI.



Descript overdub is used to generate an ultra-realistic voice cloning. Overdub from Descript allows you to construct a text-to-speech model of your voice or choose from a library of ultra-realistic stock voices. Descript is also an all-in-one audio transcription, podcasting, screen recording, audio, and video editing program. Descript is an all-in-one software package for video, audio, screen recording, and transcription. While several tools exist with similar features, they are frequently overly complicated.

It provides the best audio editing experience for podcasts.

It is awesome for recording, editing, and producing audiograms for English-speaking podcasts. It features a decent transcribing feature that reduces the workload of typical manual speech-to-text methods greatly.

Features of Descript are 

  • Improved word accuracy. Descript switched to Google Cloud Speech, the same toolset that enables the speech recognition functions in Google Assistant, to deliver the best degree of word accuracy available. Customers’ audio recordings are uploaded to Google Cloud Storage by Descript, and the files are then fed into Google Cloud Speech.
  • Transcription in many languages. For a long time, Descript developers have been requesting transcriptions in languages other than English; it was by far our most-requested upgrade. It’s finally here. Today, the company added 22 more languages to the transcribing service. They have also added Hindi support, although it’s only available in the app’s Beta version.
  • Security. Your data is secured through HTTPS, the industry standard for safe online transactions, whenever it is “in transit.” This means that even if your network isn’t secure, such as when using a public Wi-Fi network, the data you transfer to and from Descript is secure.

On Free and Creator accounts, the new version of Descript includes a trial version of Overdub. On those accounts, Overdub Voices will have 1,000 common words in their vocabularies ( they will leave it to you to figure out what happens if you write something else). Voices with a pro membership have an infinite vocabulary.

A Descript watermark will appear in the lower right-hand corner of any videos produced from projects kept on a Free drive or exported by Basic members of a team drive. The drive owner can remove the watermark by doing one of the following: Upgrade to a premium subscription from the free drive.



Respeecher is a platform for content creators alone. It generates speech that is undetectable from that of the original speaker. Perfect for post-production voice dubbing, bringing back the voice of a deceased actor, and other issues content makers face. Although it appears to be sorcery, it is high-tech artificial intelligence. Simply speak and add your voice conversion; this technology will change your voice into something else.

It simply works flawlessly, and the synthetically manufactured voices are a wonderful match. It is equipped with a Natural Never Robotic system that captures every nuance and emotion from the original speech pattern and digitally recreated sounds. It has Creative Control over content throughout the entire creative process without having to re-record the original voice.

Respeecher has the following features:

  • It saves time because there’s no need to bring a high-demand actor back to the recording studio multiple times.
  • As it is difficult to book great actors for voiceover or dubbing work, you’ll need to be flexible. This method enables users to scale any voice and allows you to record new lines at any time.
  • Bring back the voice of a deceased actor by resurrecting voices from the past. Users who want to add a historical voice to a project can utilize Respeecher to breathe fresh life into old voices.
  • Any voice, in any language, can be recorded. As a result, users may effortlessly communicate with audiences who speak different languages. Users can record in any language due to this language-agnostic technology. It doesn’t matter if they’re Chinese, Spanish, or Italian.
  • When the user decides to add a few lines after filming, they can do it at any time. They don’t need to summon an actor back into the studio; they can simply turn on the microphone and begin speaking. With the actor’s agreement, AI voice synthesis can assist in replicating voices.
  • It’s simple to get started right now.
  • To get started, it gives us a high-quality recording of the voice customers want to imitate, and the deep fake voice software takes care of the rest.
  • Respeecher serves as a backup plan for your thoughts, so think of it as idea insurance. Use this technology to keep your movie on track if you don’t like an actor’s performance or something goes wrong during filming.
  • If the user requires a certain region, localize any voice. Speech synthesis allows you to modify accents so your audience receives your voice perfectly.



With some of the greatest voice clone tools available, you can quickly clone your voice or turn your text-to-speech into another person’s voice. So, instead of losing time, use this real-time voice cloning software to meet your specific requirements.

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