Applications of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming)

Today many languages require the need for object-oriented programming to function. One of the best cases of object-oriented programming is the C++ which is specifically designed to incorporate the OOP programming into the model and that’s how the C language changed to C++. There are many examples of the application of Object-oriented programming which are used in the real world.

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Real-time system

Real-time systems are those in which the input parameters that are provided to the system are changing continuously and the change in the input parameters are causing the output parameter to change instantaneously. These systems are dynamic for example thermal power plants and dams where the pressure and temperature will change continuously reflecting in the outputs. Here we can use object-oriented programming to develop a regulatory system. The response time is the key factor behind these systems and C++ and object-oriented programming have 70 percent of the market share of real-time applications. 


Simulation and modeling

Simulation and modeling are imitations of the real world product. The product working can be checked as well as can be analyzed with the help of object-oriented programming. For example, in the automobile sector, the model of the car structure is developed by the team of engineers and developers which can provide a 360 view of automobile architecture. Once they feel the product is good and eye-catching then they can release the product. 


Office Automation System

There are various works in the office for which the employees can be replaced by automated robots and these works are generally time-consuming and hard work. The company can reduce its cost expenses by developing such a system. The Robot Programming Automation or RPA is widely used for this purpose and it heavily includes the usage of object-oriented programming.


Computer-Aided Design

There is much computer-aided design software that is available in the market that can help to design systems with only mathematics and programming. One of such system is MatLab, MatLab is a great tool that is used by the programmers to solve difficult mathematical models and use these models in bigger system design or to check whether the system will function as expected only based on the environment that is created on the software, this software revolves around the object-oriented programming. 


Parallel Programming

Parallel programming is a concept where the problem is divided into many subproblems and then they are solved with the help of many processors and memory spaces that are interconnected to each other in a fashion where the transfer of the information can take place faster. The parallel programming works on the same concept of the object-oriented programming and the assembly code for the parallel programming requires the Object-oriented programming to function.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a great field of research, and many technologies are integrating into the benefits that artificial intelligence has to offer. Also, the neural network in one topic on artificial intelligence where the object-oriented programming is in great use because the neural network also refers to the artificial neural network because it is copying the way that our brain uses the neurons in the neural network. Artificial intelligence uses the python language and this language has the feature for object-oriented programming and this feature is heavily used in the creation of the programming requiring the use of neural networks.



The graphics industry has gone through a tremendous change in the last past decade and it has changed the entire appearance of the film industry as well as the media industry. Behind the eye-catching graphics that are used in the software, all is done with the help of object-oriented programming. The object-oriented programming can better render the animations that procedural programming.


Embedded programming

The embedded programming is done on the electronic chips and circuits where the coding requires assembly languages such as C++. For example, embedded programming is used in objects such as refrigerator, microwave, oven, machine, television, etc. which are all products of embedded programming and embedded programming heavily requires the work of object-oriented programming.


Application development

For the development of an application for mobile or web-based, many languages are out there that require the need for the object-oriented programming some of those languages are C++, Java, .NET, PHP, etc. they all supported object-oriented programming language and they are heavily used in making of web-based application and same goes with the mobile application. 


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