10 Best App Review Sites 2022

App review refers to the feedback that a mobile app receives from its users. Users on the App Store, Play Store, or any other mobile app marketplace where the app was downloaded and installed provide these ratings. App rating refers to the feedback that a mobile app receives from its users. Users on the App Store, Play Store, or any other mobile app marketplace where the app was downloaded and installed provide these ratings.

As the app industry grew, it aided bloggers and others in creating app review websites to assist users in finding cool and useful apps. People go to these sites to read app evaluations and download new ones to get the most out of their gadgets. Most app reviews are cross-platform, covering iOS, Android, and Windows. At the same time, some are platform-specific, covering only iOS or Android, or even niche-specific, such as gaming or productivity app reviews.

If you’re an app developer or have an app that you’d like to get in front of the correct audience, you should submit it to major app review websites.

App review websites create a lot of focused traffic through SEO, so if you can get your app included on a few of them, you’ll receive a lot of early adopters and devoted users. To make your job easier, we’ve put together a hand-curated list of the best app review websites to start with.

The procedure is straightforward: visit each site and submit your app for assessment to the administrator. If there is no way to submit your app, look for the website email address on the contact us or about us pages and send a personalized email explaining why the admin should spend his valuable time assessing your app.

It’s time to have a look at our collection on the best app review websites.


Best App review websites

Product hunt

On this list, Product Hunt is one of the greatest app review websites. The platform contains technology from all across the world. You can promote your app here regardless of its underpinning technology.

If you have a health-related Android or iOS app, please submit it to Product Hunt for consideration. People, on the other hand, make a lot of requests on the platform. As a result, make sure your software is one-of-a-kind and answers a widespread need.

Read through these suggestions for getting your product featured on Product Hunt

  • Create an account and be active on the forum at least a month before pitching your idea to the Product Hunt team or submitting your app to the marketplace.
  • Upvote other products and participate in discussions with the community. This activity will assist you in developing relationships with others on the platform.
  • You can respectfully ask these folks to upvote your app and share it with others after it is released on the website.
  • Make sure your software is bug-free and has a great UI/UX.



TechCrunch does not require an introduction. The website is extremely popular among both technologists and non-techies. If you can have your app recognized on TechCrunch, it will be a huge boost for your app startup. You may simply achieve this if your software stands out and provides a distinct benefit. Otherwise, you should not pitch TechCrunch.



Another one of the best app review sites on our list is MobileAppDaily. The website includes comprehensive reviews of apps in a variety of genres, ranging from productivity to photography. It’s the ideal place for your app to gain downloads and devoted users, with 145k email subscribers and a sizable social media following.

If you have a marketing budget, you can also employ their paid promotion efforts to improve your app’s brand awareness and downloads. Best of all, they do it with flair, producing content such as instructional videos, press releases, and social media marketing to wow users.



Another wonderful website to get your app in front of a large audience is Mashable. The website covers a wide range of issues in technology, science, entertainment, and other areas. You can contact Mashable’s editorial staff to have a story or an educational piece about your app highlighted.



Another app review website is 148Apps. The website solely features app reviews for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If you’re an iPhone app developer, publishing your app to 148Apps can help you enhance your user acquisition strategy by bringing in targeted website traffic.



GetApp is a great resource for finding and comparing apps. The best aspect about this platform is that it makes it simple for consumers to find apps, making it an excellent candidate for showcasing your app.

The website covers business intelligence, billing & invoicing, project collaboration, customer service, campaign management, and more for app reviews.



Another wonderful app review website for iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps is AppAdvice. We enjoy the website’s user interface, the evaluations are short and to the point, and the app is visually appealing. Visit the website and contact the administrator to get your app reviewed.



Another global app review platform where you can publish your next app to gain consumers is FeedMyApp. The site supports all mobile operating systems and genres. On their homepage, they provide a list of popular tags. You can determine whether or not to submit to the platform based on popular tags.



9to5Mac is a website dedicated to all things Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Music, and Television. So, whether you have a Mac or iOS app, 9to5Mac is one of the greatest places to go for an app review. It will help you obtain more downloads by increasing your app’s visibility to the relevant audience.



Truely is a reliable product comparison website. They utilize artificial intelligence to gather evaluations from all across the internet to give you the most comprehensive look into how software and services perform. They focus on the facts and values of integrity and responsibility, ensuring fair reviews.



This concludes our list of top app review websites where you may submit your app and present it to the appropriate audience. You can do a similar technique on several other app review internet sites. Submitting your app to review websites will expand its reach and provide backlinks to your Google Play or App Store page, both of which will help your app rank higher in SERPs. This method of app marketing is highly recommended.

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